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Philips 22PFL5557/V7 Service Manual

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"PHILIPS and the PHILIPS' Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. and are used under license from
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  Summary of Contents for Philips 22PFL5557/V7

  • Page 1 3. SOFTWARE UPGRADE PROCEDURE VOLTAGE CHART BLOCK DIAGRAM CIRCUIT DIAGRAM TROUBLESHOOTING PCB LAYOUT EXPLODED VIEW "PHILIPS and the PHILIPS' Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of 2012-June-7 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. and are used under license from Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V."...
  • Page 2: Safety Precaution

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: Read all of these instructions. Save these instructions for later use. Follow all Warnings and Instructions marked on the audio equipment. 1. Read Instructions- All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. 2.
  • Page 4 PROTECTION AND LOCATION OF YOUR SET Do not use this television set near water ... for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, etc. Never expose the set to rain or water. If the set has been exposed to rain or water, unplug the set from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
  • Page 5 OPERATION OF YOUR SET 18. This television set should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply at your home, consult your television dealer or local power company. For television sets designed to operate from battery power, refer to the operating instructions.
  • Page 6: Service Procedure

    2. Service Procedure 2.1. Factory Menu Follow the below steps to pop-up the Factory Menu in case of “Factory Key” is disabled : - press Remote Control key “MENU” to display main menu. - press the subsequence Remote Control keys “ 2 ”, “5”, “ 8 ” and “ 0 . ” Press Remote Control “OK”...
  • Page 7 2) Smart Picture Item Sub-item Value/Sub-item Note MODE Vivid/Cinema/Personal/Bright Select the signal from the source. Adjust the picture brightness from 0 0~100 BRIGHTNESS 100. Adjust the picture contrast from 0 to CONTRAST 0~100 100. PICTURE MODE COLOR 0~100 Adjust the picture color from 0 to 100.
  • Page 8 SPECIAL SET Item Sub-item Value/Sub-item Note ON/OFF 2HOUR OFF The switch to close TV after 2 hours. WHITE OFF/White/Red/Green/ Send out the five pattern picture. PATTERN Blue/Black SPECIAL Factory Settings The PM mode select. Power OFF/ON/Last The factory mode select. Aging ON/OFF Software Update(USB)
  • Page 13: Software Upgrade

    3. Software Upgrade METHOD - 1 : 1. Save the new software file(*.bin) in the root directory of USB, and modify it’s name as MERGE.pkg. 2. Plug in the USB. 3. Power on the set. 4. Connect the USB to TV set. 4.
  • Page 14 5. Press “Read” button to select the SW that you want to update as the picture 2; select the corresponding SW bin file to upload Picture 2 6. Press “Auto” and "Run" button to update the SW as the picture 3,and then wait it finish, it is about four minute.
  • Page 15 4. Voltage Measurement INFO: All tests and measurements mentioned hereafter have to be carried out at a normal mains voltage (220 ~ 240 VAC), All voltages have to be measured with respect to ground, unless otherwise stated, All final tests have to be done on a complete set including LED panel in a room with temperature of 25+/-7°C, The White Balance (color temperature) has to be performed into subdued lighted room after at least 1 hour of warm-up/burn-in.
  • Page 16: Block Diagram

    5. Block Diagram POWER SUPPLY HDMI I2C TUNER I2C PANEL Download LVDS_OUT Software StandBy KEY & IR Module U703 INPUT KEY IR TPA3113 (32inch) FLASH U701 MEMORY SPEAKER 32Mbit PT2308P U201 U702 YD1517 Main IC (22inch) CRYSTAL 24MHz HDMI1 U401 HDMI HDMI SWITCH...
  • Page 17 Power Supply Flow Diagram 12VA 5Vstb (LCD:AC110V~240V)/ LED:12V/3A POWER Module RT8296A +3.3V_Standby 5Vstb U102 AMS1117-ADJ +3.3V_Normal +2.5V_Normal U103 D101 1N4001 SY8008B 1.32V U101 SY8008B AVDD_DDR U105 SY8008B 5V-Tuner L611 120uH-660mA FS301 5VUSB SMD1206P050TF 12VA(32inch)/5VA(22inch) Q101 VCC-Panel AO3407 I2C BUS Flow Diagram I2C BUS HDMI HDMI...
  • Page 18: Circuit Diagram

    6. Main Board Circuit Diagram Main Chip POWER DDR_POWER ATV:117mA(max) L102 L102 1.32V 1.32V DC-DC 2.2uH_1.5A 2.2uH_1.5A C111 C111 10uF(X5R) 10uF(X5R) U101 U101 C151 C151 10uF/1206(板底) 10uF/1206(板底) SY8008B SOT-23 SY8008B SOT-23 R102 R102 C113 C113 0.1uF(X7R) 0.1uF(X7R) 113K 113K L101 L101 10uH_1.5A 10uH_1.5A...
  • Page 19 +2.5V_PGA RESET CIRCUIT DDR2 VREF VDDC AVDD_DDR AVDD_33 ADC2P5 AVDD_33_PM AVDD_DDR R201 R201 主IC为MST6M181VG、MST6M182VG时, R104 1K_1% 1K_1% 主IC为MST6M181VG、MST6M182VG时, 5Vstb R201、R202、C203要焊接; 增加RESET时间:110ms BALL D5到BALL B4为NC PIN; MDDR_VREF R106 C113 C114 主IC为MST6M161LG时, Normal Power 1.2V 只有MST6M161LG这些PIN 才为HDMI INPUT R202 R202 C202 C202 C203 C203 D201...
  • Page 20 AV & YPBPR INPUT USB Interface J301为卧式; 5VUSB FS301 FS301 SMD1206P050TF SMD1206P050TF J301 J301 YPbPr-JACK-3 YPbPr-JACK-3 R301 R301 RGB2-HDTV_GIN RGB2-HDTV_GIN 2 R302 R302 RGB2-HDTV_SOGIN RGB2-HDTV_SOGIN 2 R303 R303 RGB2-HDTV_BIN RGB2-HDTV_BIN 2 J302 J302 R305 R305 RGB2-HDTV_RIN RGB2-HDTV_RIN 2 R307 R307 5.1R 5.1R USB1_D-...
  • Page 21 3.37V/160mA +3.3V_Normal +3.3V_HDMI_VDD 靠近IT6633 FB401 FB401 FB/0603 FB/0603 C408 C408 C407 C407 C409 C409 C410 C410 C411 C411 C412 C412 C413 C413 10uF 10uF 47uF 47uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF 0.1uF +3.3V_HDMI_VDD +3.3V_HDMI_VDD +3.3V_HDMI_VDD J401 J401 HDMI2-RX2+ DATA2+...
  • Page 22 VGA IN RGB SWITCH U501 U501 J501 J501 SCART_R SC1_Ri R502 R502 RGB0_Pr+ SCART_R RGB0_Pr+ SCART_B SC1_Bi R503 R503 RGB0_Pb+ SCART_B RGB0_Pb+ SCART_G SC1_Gi R504 R504 RGB0_Y+ SCART_G RGB0_Y+ SC1_FB VGA_VS SC1_FB VGA_VS R505 R505 RGB0_Y-SOG RGB0_Y-SOG VGA-Bin FB501 FB501 C501 2.2uF/0603 2.2uF/0603 VGA-B#...
  • Page 23 Tuner Connector Tuner U601 U601 F35WT-3-E F35WT-3-E 使用CDT-3SP5I2-36时,C364、C367、C359和L32 上件,C357=0.1uF,C365=0.1uF,R313=33R, BPF FOR 38.9MHz OR 38MHZ R314=33R,R312=51R,R315=51R C604 C604 C364 C357 R313 R312 C358 NC/56pF NC/56pF C606 C606 IF-IN- 0.1uF C605 0.1uF C605 BPF_OUT- VIFM VIFM TUNER AGC,Close TUNER R603 R603 R611 R611 0.1uF 0.1uF...
  • Page 24 TDA1517 PRE-AMP:PT2308 R703 R703 12VA R701 R701 R702 R702 EC701 EC701 VCC_AMP 0R-0402 0R-0402 220uF/16V 220uF/16V FB701 FB701 C701 10uF(X5R) C701 10uF(X5R) AMP_LIN PH_L 56-4A-1206 56-4A-1206 AMP_AUOUTL0 R706 R706 5V_EAR 10R-0603 10R-0603 R704 R704 5V-Tuner 4.7K 4.7K 5V_EAR FOR 2X3W CLOSE TO IC C704 C704...
  • Page 25 Q806 Q806 AO4435 AO4435 D806 D806 T102 T102 EFD25 EFD25 TO-220B TO-220B SBR20100 SBR20100 T103 T103 EFD25 EFD25 +12VB C1040 C1040 C1041 C1041 12VA 0.1uF-0603 0.1uF-0603 223/25V/0805 223/25V/0805 D803 D803 D804 D804 +12V L806 L806 2A06 2A06 2A06 2A06 +12VB 10uH/3.8A 10uH/3.8A EC31...
  • Page 26 一体机:L807(插件); 其它:L805(贴板); 220pF/0805 220pF/0805 220pF/0805 220pF/0805 22Ω-1206 22Ω-1206 L807 L807 SR360 DO-15 SR360 DO-15 47uH/3.8A 47uH/3.8A C1023 C1023 SR360 DO-15 SR360 DO-15 220uF/16V 220uF/16V FB114 FB114 L805 L805 12VA 56-4A-1206 56-4A-1206 22uH/3.8A 22uH/3.8A LED+ R720 R720 C1021 C1021 1uF-0603 1uF-0603 R823 R823 220uF/16V...
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    7. Troubleshooting Standby power OK, no Power ON signal Check U104 Replace U104 3.3V OK? Check U201 Update Software Replace U201 Check Q808 C(low voltage?) Replace Q808 Check and repair the Peripheral components...
  • Page 28 Power OK no backlight no raster Check Q6 C Replace Q6 high voltage Check Q7 C high Replace Q7 voltage Check Q106 C Replace Q106 high voltage ? Check Q110 Replace Q110 Pin3 5V or 12V Check and repair the CN201...
  • Page 29 Power OK backlight OK,no raster Check Q110 C Replace Q110 high voltage ? Check Q101 Replace Q101 Pin3 5V or 12V Check voltage LVDS signal Replace LVDS cable or T-CON board...
  • Page 30 AV no picture All source no picture Check circuit from AV to U201 Software of U202 Update replace software of U202 VGA no picture VGA no picture Replace Q101 Check Q101 OK? Check R512 and R514 replace Check Replace T-CON T-CON board board cable...
  • Page 31 picture Have Connect Connect the Antenna The Antenna ? Check TUNER1 Replace L611 pin_5 is 5V Check TUNER1 Replace TUNER1 pin_10 and 11 Check the components from Replace U201 TUNER1 to U201,...
  • Page 32 Picture ok, all source no sound Check R701 and Replace R701 R712 ok? or R712. Check C701 Replace C701 and C709 ok? or C709. Check U701 Replace R706. pin8 +5V Replace C705 C707, Check C705,C707, C715 or C730 C715 and C730 Check EC704 Replace EC704...
  • Page 33: Pcb Layout

    8. PCB Layout...
  • Page 34 BUTTOM...
  • Page 35: Exploded View

    9.Exploded View 9.1 22LED TV set introduction T-CON Board LVDS Cable Main Board Key-Press Board Receive Board Speaker Speaker 22LED Main board sockets introduction CN202 TO IR & Key Board CN804 to LED J303 AV IN CN701 TO Speaker J305 AV CN201 to LVDS TUNER RF cable...
  • Page 36 9.3 22LED Main board IC introduction U702 AMP(YD1517) U3 LED control IC U104 5Vstb to 3.3Vstb U105 5VA U2 12VA to 5VA to 1.8V U101 5VA U202 FLASH to 1.32V U201 6M182 U103 5VA Y1 Crystal to 3.3V U401 HDMI U701 AMP switch (PT2308)
  • Page 37 9.4 32LED TV set introduction T-CON Board LVDS Cable Main Board Key-Press Board Receive Board Speaker Speaker 9.5 32LED Main board sockets introduction CN202 TO IR & Key Board CN806 to LED Backlight CN804 to LED Backlight CN701 TO J307 AV IN Speaker J308 AV CN201 to...
  • Page 38 9.6 32LED Main board IC introduction U3 LED control IC U3 LED control IC U702 AMP(YD1517) U104 5Vstb to 3.3Vstb U105 5VA U2 12VA to 5VA to 1.8V U202 FLASH U101 5VA to 1.32V U201 6M182 U103 5VA Y1 Crystal to 3.3V U401 HDMI U701 AMP...