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To Clean the Inside of the Coffeemaker
1. Place empty carafe on Keep-Hot
Plate. Firmly close filter basket.
2. Pour one pint of plain white vinegar
into the reservoir.
3. Plug in coffeemaker and turn ON.
4. After 30 seconds turn OFF.
5. Wait 30 minutes to allow the vinegar
to clean. Then turn ON again. When
the brew cycle is finished, turn OFF.
To Clean the Coffeemaker Parts
1. Unplug coffeemaker and allow to
cool before cleaning.
2. Wipe Keep-Hot Plate with a clean,
damp cloth. Do not use abrasives.
3. Occasionally wipe the water spreader
area, located above the filter basket,
with a clean, damp cloth.
4. To remove the carafe lid, push the
hinge part of the lid to one side,
then twist and lift the other side.
The pin will release from the hinge.
Then remove lid.
6. Empty carafe and rinse. Pour one
carafe of cold tap water into the reser-
voir. Place carafe on Keep-Hot Plate.
7. Turn ON. When the brew cycle is
finished, empty the carafe. Repeat
this process with one more carafe
of cold tap water.
8. Turn OFF when complete.
9. Wash carafe and filter basket.
5. The carafe, carafe lid, and removable
filter basket may be washed in the top
rack of automatic dishwasher or in
hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry.
6. To remove stains on the carafe, scrub
with baking soda or a mild cleanser.
For hard-to-remove stains, fill the
carafe with hot tap water and add
2 tablespoons of automatic dishwasher
detergent. Let this sit overnight; then
wash and rinse.
7. All other outside surfaces of the
coffeemaker can be cleaned with
a clean, damp cloth.



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