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To Set the Clock and Program Automatic Brew
(clock models only)
1. Plug in coffeemaker. The numbers
on the clock will flash until the time
is set or the coffeemaker is turned on.
2. Press the H button until the current
hour is displayed. A red dot will glow
to indicate PM. Press the M button
until the current minute is displayed.
The clock is now set.
3. To program coffeemaker to automati-
cally begin brewing, press and hold
the Prog button while pressing the

Tips to Brew Good Coffee

Quality coffee comes from quality
ingredients. For the best coffee, you
should start with freshly ground coffee
from freshly roasted beans. The beans
can be purchased and stored in an
airtight container. Just prior to brewing,
remove the amount needed and grind
the beans. Once the bean is broken, the
intense, rich flavor begins to deteriorate.
If using a blade-type coffee grinder,
shake it occasionally during grinding to
redistribute the whole beans for a more
uniform grind. Experiment to find the
right grind for your coffeemaker and
taste. If the beans are ground too finely,
it will produce a bitter taste. If ground
too coarsely the coffee will taste weak
and watery.
Some specialty coffees recommend
using more than one tablespoon of
ground coffee per cup. Your new
coffeemaker is designed to brew good
quality coffee using less amounts of
ground coffee. One level tablespoon of
ground coffee per cup is recommended.
Of course, the amount of ground
coffee used depends upon your
personal preference.
H button to set hours and then press
the M button to set minutes until the
desired brew time is displayed.
4. To have coffeemaker automatically
begin brewing, move the switch from
Off to Auto. A red dot will glow in
the lower left corner to indicate
the coffeemaker is ready to begin
automatic brewing.
5. The coffeemaker will shut off two
hours after brewing begins.
The quality of your drinking water will
affect the flavor of your coffee. If you
do not drink water straight from the
tap, do not use it to make coffee. If your
water has an off-taste or smell, or if you
have extremely hard water, use bottled
drinking water or filtered water to make
coffee. If the water is from the tap, it
should be freshly drawn and cold for
the best coffee flavor.
The amount of coffee to water depends
upon personal preference. One tablespoon
of ground coffee per cup is recommended.
Automatic coffeemakers generally use
a 5-ounce cup size. The coffeemaker's
carafe and reservoir are marked in
"cups" for easy measuring.
Try different flavored coffees and
flavored creamers available at supermarkets
or specialty coffee stores. Regular coffee
can be flavored at home. Add a sprinkle
of cinnamon* or a drop of a pure
extract–like almond, vanilla, or mint–to
the ground coffee before brewing. For a
mocha flavor, stir a spoon of chocolate
syrup or instant cocoa mix to each cup
of brewed coffee.
* (Too much cinnamon may clog the
filter causing basket overflow.)



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