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Optional Features

How to Make Tea
The tea infusor displaces some of the
water in the carafe so we recommend
making not more than 10 cups of tea.
Before first use of the tea infusor, wash
and rinse.
If you use the unit to make coffee,
make sure that all washable parts of
the coffeemaker have been washed to
remove any coffee residue or taste.
When using tea bags, you may leave
the string attached but remove the
paper label.
Do not use Auto Pause 'N Serve while
brewing tea. Do not remove carafe until
brewing cycle is complete.
Plug in coffeemaker and set clock
2. Fill carafe with desired amount of
cold water. Do not exceed the 10-cup
level. Flip open reservoir cover and
pour into reservoir.
3. Place desired amount of tea bags or
Water Level in Carafe
10 cup
8 cup
6 cup
4 cup
4. Place carafe with carafe lid attached
on Keep-Hot Plate.
5. Press the On button or switch.
6. When the unit has finished brewing
tea, the tea is ready to serve. For
strong tea, let steep for several min-
utes before serving. To serve, open
the carafe lid and carefully remove
the tea infusor before pouring from
the carafe.
CAUTION: Escaping steam may burn.
Empty infusor immediately to avoid
7. The tea is now ready to serve.
8. If a clock model, the coffeemaker will
shut off in 2 hours. When finished,
press the Off button or switch. Then
9. The tea infusor should be washed in
hot, soapy water. Then rinse and dry.
The infusor can also be washed in the
top rack of the dishwasher.
Tea strength is a personal choice. The
loose tea into
following amounts are only guidelines.
tea infusor. If
using tea bags,
gently push
bags to bottom
of tea infusor.
Place inside
carafe as illus-
trated. Close
carafe lid.
Standard Tea Bags
(available on selected models)
Loose Tea
10 teaspoons
8 teaspoons
6 teaspoons
4 teaspoons



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