Using Your Coffeemaker - GE 106721 Instruction Manual

General electric coffeemaker owner's manual
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Using Your Coffeemaker

How To Make Coffee
1. Plug in coffeemaker and set clock if
clock model. See "To Set the Clock
and Program Automatic Brew."
2. Before first use, wash carafe. See
"To Clean the Coffeemaker Parts."
Then run one full carafe of clean
water through a complete cycle by
following steps 6 through 10.
3. To make coffee, swing open remov-
able filter basket. Place disposable
paper filter in filter basket. Use a
good quality cupcake (basket) style
filter, 8 to 12 cup size. A permanent
filter may also be used.
4. For each cup of coffee being made,
place one level measuring tablespoon
of ground coffee into filter.
5. Close filter basket, making sure it is
securely snapped closed.
Control Panel
On Indicator
(for clock model)
PM Indicator
Off Auto
Automatic Brew Indicator
6. Fill carafe with the desired amount
of cold water. Flip open reservoir
cover and pour into reservoir. Flip
reservoir cover down to close.
7. Place carafe with carafe lid attached
8. Turn coffeemaker ON.
9. If clock or auto shutoff model, the
coffeemaker will shut off in 2 hours.
10. When finished, turn OFF and
Hour Minute Program
on Keep-Hot
Plate. Select
Mild to Strong
coffee by turn-
ing the Brew
Select Knob
to desired



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