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Optional Features
Pause 'N Serve
This feature allows you to pour a cup of
coffee before the entire brew cycle has
completed. By removing the carafe, the
flow of coffee from the bottom of the
filter basket will stop.
10-Cup Removable Water Reservoir
Please wash before first use. Hand wash
and raise the removable reservoir handle.
Lift out the removable reservoir and fill
with water to desired level.

Automatic Shutoff

The Automatic Shutoff feature
shuts off the Keep-Hot Plate 2 hours
after brew cycle begins. Always turn
coffeemaker OFF and unplug
when finished.
Permanent Filter
The Permanent Filter takes the place of
disposable paper filters. Simply place
the Permanent Filter in the filter basket.
Please rinse the Permanent Filter in hot
water before first use. Clean Permanent
Filter under hot running water. Let dry.
CAUTION: The carafe should be replaced
within 20 seconds. The flow of coffee
will resume when carafe is returned to
the Keep-Hot Plate.
Carefully place removable reservoir back
or place in top
into the coffeemaker's reservoir. Make
rack of automatic
sure the removable reservoir is fully seat-
dishwasher. The
ed for proper water flow. When using
10-cup reservoir
the removable reservoir it is only possi-
can be removed
ble to make a 10-cup pot of coffee, as
for easy filling
the water level marks indicate. To make
or occasional
a full 12-cup carafe, remove the remov-
washing. Simply
able reservoir and fill the coffeemaker's
flip open
reservoir cover
NOTE: The coffeemaker's water window
indicates the water level when the
removable reservoir is NOT used.
The Permanent Filter can be washed in
the top rack of automatic dishwasher.
NOTE: If grinding coffee in a coffee mill
for use in a permanent filter, do not
grind too finely. This may clog the filter,
causing overflow.



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