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  • Page 1 2-9827 Digital Answer-Phone™ User’s Guide We bring good things to life.
  • Page 2 Play message ... 1 Repeat message ... 8 (during playback) Play previous message ... 7 (during playback) Stop ... 3 (during playback) Erase message ... 0 (during playback) Skip message ... 9 (during playback) Turn answer OFF ... 5 Turn answer ON ... 6 Record outgoing announcement ...
  • Page 3 Play message ... 1 Repeat message ... 8 (during playback) Play previous message ... 7 (during playback) Stop ... 3 (during playback) Erase message ... 0 (during playback) Skip message ... 9 (during playback) Turn answer OFF ... 5 Turn answer ON ... 6 Record outgoing announcement ...
  • Page 4: Fcc R Egistration I Nformation

    FCC R EGISTRATION Your GE telephone equipment is registered with the Federal Communications Commission and is in compliance with parts 15 and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations. 1 Notification to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating, among other information, the FCC Registration number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for the equipment.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    NTRODUCTION Your GE Digital Answer-Phone™ is designed to give you flexibility in use, and high quality performance. To get the most from your new telephone, we suggest that you take a few minutes right now to read through this instruction manual. If you have any questions or problems, consult the Table of Contents, the Trouble- shooting Guide, or the Index for the solution.
  • Page 6: Installation And Setup

    Base unit Phone line cord NSTALLATION AND Your GE Digital Answer-Phone™ can be mounted on the wall or placed on a counter top or table top. After you decide which type of installation you want, refer to the appropriate installation diagram.
  • Page 7: Battery Installation

    ATTERY NSTALLATION In the event of a power loss, the 9-volt battery backup enables the answerer to retain messages stored in memory, the outgoing announcement, and time/day information. 1. Open the battery compartment door with a flat tool. 2. Insert a 9V battery (not included), as shown on the diagram inside the battery compartment.
  • Page 8: Tabletop Installation

    ABLETOP NSTALLATION 1. Plug the telephone line cord into PHONE LINE jack on the back of the unit and the other end into a modular jack RJ11C . 2. Plug the handset cord into the handset and into the telephone jack on the left side of the unit.
  • Page 9: Wall Mount Installation

    OUNT Your phone can be mounted on a wall phone plate (not included). 1. Rotate the handset hook one-half turn. 2. Plug one end of the telephone line cord into the jack marked PHONE LINE on the back of the unit. Wrap the excess cord around the plastic tabs.
  • Page 10 5. Slip the mounting holes over the wall plate posts and slide the unit down firmly into place. 6. Plug one end of the handset cord into the handset and the other end into the unit. Hang up the phone. 7.
  • Page 11: Attery Ow Ndicator

    URNING N THE Press and hold the ANS.ON button to turn the answering machine on and off (the unit beeps twice and a voice prompts "functions on" or "functions off" ). NOTE: The unit takes approximately 10 seconds to emit the voice prompts "functions on"...
  • Page 12: Recording The Outgoing

    ECORDING THE When recording your outgoing announcement, you should be about 9 inches from the MIC, located on the front of the unit, and eliminate as much back- ground noise as possible. 1. Press and hold the ANNOUNCE button. 2. Begin talking after you hear the tone. 3.
  • Page 13: Telephone Operation

    ELEPHONE AKING A 1. Pick up the handset to get a dial tone. 2. Dial the number. ECEIVING A Make sure that the RINGER (on the side of the unit) is set to LO or HI. 1. Pick up the handset when the phone rings.
  • Page 14: Redial Button

    EDIAL UTTON Redial the last number you called by pressing the REDIAL button after you get a dial tone. NOTE: Your phone's memory retains the last phone number you dialed (as many as 32 digits). If you pressed any numbers after dialing the phone number, (for example, when accessing a voice-menu system) those numbers are also redialed.
  • Page 15: Memory Dialing

    EMORY IALING Store as many as 10 numbers in memory for easy dialing. Numbers can be stored in the numbered keys (0-9). TORING A UMBER IN 1. Pick up the handset. 2. Press STORE. 3. Dial the number to be stored. 4.
  • Page 16: Dialing A Number From

    HANGING A TORED Change a stored number by replacing it with a different number (see "Storing a Number in Memory"). Be sure to update your memory directory when you change numbers. IALING A UMBER FROM You can dial numbers from memory when using the handset. When you get a dial tone, press the MEMORY DIAL button followed by the Memory Location (0-9) for the number you want to dial.
  • Page 17: Essage Layback

    NSWERING This section discusses the buttons and features on the answering machine. REVIEW button MEMO button ESSAGE LAYBACK The MESSAGES/ANSWER ON indicator light lets you know when somebody has left a message. When you have new messages the light blinks. If you have old messages that have not been erased, the light stays on.
  • Page 18: Leaving A Memo

    OTAL ESSAGE RASE You can erase all the messages from memory by pressing and holding the ERASE button when the unit is not playing messages (the unit beeps to confirm the messages are erased). Note that total message erase cannot be completed if there are any unplayed messages.
  • Page 19: Toll Saver Feature

    CCESSING THE You can access your answering machine from a touch-tone phone by entering the three-digit, security code after you hear the announcement. The security code is located on the underside of your telephone. 1. Dial the phone number for the answering machine.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting Tips

    ROUBLESHOOTING ELEPHONE ROBLEM No dial tone Can't dial out Phone doesn’t ring Light and tone feedback flutter when dialing in pulse mode. Can’t be heard by other party Memory dialing problems OLUTION • Check hook switch to make sure it pops up. •...
  • Page 21 NSWERING ACHINE Can’t hear messages Time/Day Stamp stuck at 1 a.m Monday Answers on 10th ring Incoming messages are incomplete Won’t respond to commands when you call machine from another location Answer function operates erroneously or not at all. ROBLEM OLUTION •...
  • Page 22: Care And Maintenance

    ARE AND AINTENANCE To keep your GE telephone working and looking good, follow these few simple guidelines: • Avoid putting the phone near heating appliances and devices that generate electrical noise. (i.e., motors, fluorescent lamps.) • Phone should not be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture.
  • Page 23: Index

    NDEX ANS. ON button 7 Answering machine setup 7 Accessing answering machine from another location 15 Battery Installation 3 Battery safety precautions 3 BATT. LOW indicator 7 Care and maintenance 18 ERASE button 13 Erasing messages 13, 14 FLASH button 9...
  • Page 24: Limited Warranty

    IMITED ARRANTY What your warranty covers: • Any defect in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • Two years. (The warranty period for rental units begins with the first rental or 45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first.) What we will do: •...

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