NEC Express5800 1080Xd User Manual

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  • Page 1 5800/1080Xd/1160Xd/1320Xd XPRESS S i t e P r e p a r a t i o n G u i d e...
  • Page 2 NEC Solutions (America), Inc. To allow for design and specification improvements, the information in this document is subject to change at any time, without notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Safety Notices for Users Outside of the U.S.A. and Canada ......3 If You Need Help .......................3 Site Planning Overview....................4 Choosing the Server Location ................4 Customer Responsibilities..................4 NEC Responsibilities ..................5 Facility Requirements ....................6 Delivery Requirements..................6 Operational Space Requirements ...............7 Clearance and Access Guidelines ..............8 Floor Loading.....................8...
  • Page 5: Using This Guide

    As our customer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the proper facility resources and conditions are maintained. This will allow us to provide support services in accordance with the NEC “ServerCare Service Warranty Program.” This guide includes: A site planning overview...
  • Page 6: Safety Notices

    Safety Notices WARNING To avoid a risk of injuries, installation should be performed by trained technical personnel. It takes two to three people to unpack your server and two people to maneuver the server, after unpacking. A tall rack is quite unstable, especially when not fixed by stabilizers.
  • Page 7: Safety Notices For Users Outside Of The U.s.a. And Canada

    USA those wiring standards are regulated by Underwriter Laboratories (UL); in the U.K., by the Institution of Electrical Engineers, (IEE) and in Canada by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). If You Need Help Contact NEC Technical Support at 1-866-269-1239 Express5800/1080Xd/1160Xd/1320Xd Site Preparation Guide 3...
  • Page 8: Site Planning Overview

    Site Planning Overview Choosing the Server Location You need to be aware of the following requirements whether you are providing computer- room space or other properly prepared space for your server: Locate the server away from high-traffic areas and potential impacts. High-traffic areas include patch panels, experimental equipment, or equipment that needs frequent physical reconfiguration.
  • Page 9: Nec Responsibilities

    Additional environmental requirements Additional electrical requirements. NEC Responsibilities NEC will install your Express5800/1000 Series server, including: Moving all server cabinet containers and accessory boxes shipped with the server to the intended installation site Unpacking the Express5800/1000 Series server and any accessory boxes...
  • Page 10: Facility Requirements

    Facility Requirements This section contains information about clearance and space requirements for your Express5800/1000 Series server. This data should be used as the basic guideline for space plan developments. Other factors, such as airflow, lighting, and power requirements must also be considered. Delivery Requirements There should be enough clearance to move equipment safely from the receiving area to the computer room.
  • Page 11: Operational Space Requirements

    Operational Space Requirements Proper clearance around the cabinets must be provided for proper cooling airflow and service of the system. Reduced airflow around equipment causes overheating, which can lead to equipment failure. Therefore, the location and orientation of air conditioning ducts, as well as airflow direction, are important.
  • Page 12: Clearance And Access Guidelines

    Raised floor loading is a function of the manufacturer’s load specification and the positioning of the equipment relative to the raised floor grid. While NEC cannot assume responsibility for determining the suitability of a particular raised floor system, it does provide information for the customer or local agencies to determine installation requirements.
  • Page 13: Non-Raised Floor

    Non-raised Floor The non-raised floor must be capable of withstanding a uniform load of 1,220 kg/m2 (250 lb/ft2) or a load of 454 kg (1,000 lb) on any 6.5 cm2 (1.0 in.2) with a maximum deflection of 2.5 mm (0.1 in.). The floor must be level within +3.2 mm (1/8 in.) overall and within +1.6 mm (1/16 in.) in any 3.05 m (10 ft) distance.
  • Page 14: Electrical Requirements

    Electrical Requirements You should consider installing a separately derived power system for your Express5800/1000 Series server. This ensures that you can control the hardware grounding, with all grounds brought to a single point, and that uncontrolled equipment, such as coffee makers or floor polishers, cannot be plugged into the same power source as the server hardware.
  • Page 15: System Power Requirements

    System Power Requirements Table 5 shows the electrical specifications for all Express5800/1000 Series server configurations. Make sure your site meets these specifications. Table 5. Server Cabinets Power Requirements Necessary Power Express5800/ Power Dissipation System Power Requirement Capacity (A) (kVA)* Power Drop 1320Xd Main Cabinet 200-240VAC 22.1 min...
  • Page 16: Computer Input Power Conditions

    Computer Input Power Conditions Input Power Specifications The input power source conditions for the power-receiving terminal areas of computers are listed in Table 7. Figure 1 illustrates the electrical connections for the NEMA L6-30R 230 volt power receptacle required for your server. Table 7.
  • Page 17: Grounding Conditions

    (2) Grounding conditions When performing the grounding work, make sure to pay attention to the specifications defined by NEC in addition to the definitions of electric facility technology standards. (a) The thickness of the grounding conductor should be at least 8 mm in terms of the cross section and the same or larger than the main power cable.
  • Page 18: Environmental Requirements

    (c) If it is unavoidable to share the security grounding electrode and the computer grounding electrode, connect them near the ground. Addition of leakage current from the security grounding electrode will result in activating the leakage breaker. The grounding is also aimed at preventing the flow of noises from other devices into computers.
  • Page 19: Air Flow

    Air Flow The servers require that the cabinet air intake temperature be between 59°F and 90°F (15° C and 32°C) at 1271 CFM. Figure 2 illustrates the location of the inlet and outlet air ducts on a single Epress5800/1320Xd and 1160Xd main cabinet. Figure 3 illustrates the location of the inlet and outlet air ducts on the Epress5800/1320Xd I/O expansion cabinet.
  • Page 20 Figure 3. I/O Expansion Cabinet Air Flow Figure 4. 1080Xd Air Flow 16 Express5800/1080Xd/1160Xd/1320Xd Site Preparation Guide...
  • Page 22 456-01682-000...

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