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Using Xponent With Other Programs; The Xponent Control Panel; Mac - M-Audio Torq Xponent User Manual

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Using Xponent with other programs

Many DJ and audio applications (such as Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Native Instruments Traktor, and others) now include
a "MIDI Learn" function. This feature allows you to quickly assign the buttons, knobs, or sliders of Xponent to control specific
parameters within the software. Xponent can control any software that has this functionality.
The "learn" function varies from application to application and you will need to refer to your software's user guide to find out how to
use this feature.
If your software does not have this functionality, it may still be possible to manually assign the program's features to be controlled by
the specific MIDI CC data generated by the knobs, buttons, wheels, and sliders of Xponent. Refer to your software's documentation
to see if this is possible.
If manually assigning features is possible in your software, see Appendix A for a complete listing of MIDI CC information generated
by the knobs, buttons, wheels, and sliders of Xponent.

The Xponent Control Panel

The Xponent control panel is designed to be simple and easy to use.
For PC users, Xponent's audio buffer size is
displayed on the "Latency" tab while additional
information such as the audio driver and device
firmware versions are displayed on the "About"
tab. To adjust the audio buffer size, simply drag
the slider and press the "Apply" button. Please
note that this parameter cannot be changed
while an audio application is running.


For Mac users, the control panel simply displays version numbers of software components such as the audio driver and
device firmware along with links to useful sections of the M-Audio website. Buffer size changes must be made through the
host application on the Macintosh operating system.
Torq Xponent User Guide

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