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M-Audio Torq MixLab Getting Started Manual

Digital dj system
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  Summary of Contents for M-Audio Torq MixLab

  • Page 2: Installation

    With the Torq MixLab package, you will DJ using your collection of audio files on your computer. You can even record the results and burn them onto CD, or copy them onto a media player.
  • Page 3 Torq MixLab Getting Started Tutorial Part I: Preparation First, we’ll need to check a few settings required for the following examples Click the icon in the upper right section of the Torq LE window. The Audio Preferences dialog opens. Make sure your soundcard is selected under “Audio Interface”.
  • Page 4 This manual describes the features choosing songs of similar style and feel. and use of the Torq MixLab system and offers insight into the art of DJing. Once you are proficient with Torq MixLab, the sky’s the limit—you’ll be ready to take the step up to the...
  • Page 5 “My Music” in the Browser pane. If and diverse collection of music from you’re using a Mac, click the “+” in front various M-Audio M-Powered artists. of “Music” in the Browser pane. During installation, the installer copies 2. Right-click on the “Torq Traqs” folder...
  • Page 6: Playing Music

    Torq MixLab Getting Started Part III: Action! Playing Music > The next step is to load one of the songs onto a Deck, so you can play it: Click on the song titled “Somnambulist” by BT and drag it up to Deck A on the left side of the screen.
  • Page 7 Torq MixLab Getting Started Previewing the Next Song > Put your headphones on and press the Right Headphone Button on the X-Session Pro. You’ll see the PFL/Headphone icon light up on the right side of the Mixer on screen. Turn down the headphone volume by moving the Headphone Volume slider to the left with the mouse.
  • Page 8 Torq MixLab Getting Started Mixing the Songs > Now that you have Deck B synchronized to Deck A, you can try mixing them together: Slowly move the crossfader on the X-Session Pro from the left towards the center. You’ll hear the Gabriel and Dresden track fade in on top of BT.
  • Page 9 Torq MixLab Getting Started < The next song you’re about to load onto Deck B is not as loud as “Defective” on Deck A. You’ll therefore need to increase the volume of Deck B in order to match the loudness of Deck 1.
  • Page 10 Torq MixLab Getting Started < Your next task is to start the ECB & DJ Heather track at just the right moment so that it will play along with The Crystal Method in a complimentary fashion. We’ve placed a QuickCue Marker in “Defective” to indicate where “Picture Of You” should start.
  • Page 11 Torq MixLab Getting Started < Next, you’ll use the Filter effect to remove the high frequencies from “Picture Of You,” right when the drums stop in “Defective.” We’ve placed a QuickCue Marker in “Picture Of You” to indicate where this should happen.
  • Page 12 Torq MixLab Getting Started < Very soon, you’ll reach the end of the song “Defective.” To help make the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll use the Filter to gradually muffle the song until it ends. 1. When QuickCue 2 of Deck A passes under the Now Line, slowly turn down the Filter on Deck A.
  • Page 13 Torq MixLab Getting Started < Unlike a moment ago, when you started “Picture Of You,” you won’t hear “A Spirit Lost” when you first start playing it. This is because you removed the majority of the frequencies in the song by turning down the Low and Mid EQ knobs. Therefore, to make the song audible, you’ll need to turn up the EQ knobs.
  • Page 14: Additional Information

    In the end, it’s all about what you like to hear. Experiment! These two examples offer only a glimpse of what is possible with Torq MixLab. Please continue reading the complete Torq MixLab user guide on the included CD-ROM to learn the specific details of the Torq LE program, or refer to the interactive manual (press the Help...
  • Page 15: Warranty Terms

    Warranty Warranty Terms M-Audio warrants products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and provided that the product is owned by the original, registered user. Visit for terms and limitations applying to your specific product.
  • Page 16: Technical Support

    M-Audio USA M-Audio Germany 5795 Martin Rd., Irwindale, CA 91706 Kuhallmand 34, D-74613 Ohringen, Germany Technical Support Technical Support web: e-mail: tel (pro products): (626) 633-9055 tel: +49 (0)7941 - 9870030 tel (consumer products): (626) 633-9066 fax: +49 (0)7941 98 70070...