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Front Panel - M-Audio Torq Xponent User Manual

Advanced dj perfomance/production system
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32. Speed Slider – This slider controls the playback speed of each deck within Torq.
NOTE: Torq has a unique "time-stretching" ability that can change the speed of a song without changing its pitch. This is
something that is impossible to do with traditional turntables and it is something that many DJs will find extremely useful.
Due to this feature, we refer to this slider as a "speed" control rather than a "pitch" control.
33. Channel Volume Fader – This slider controls the volume of each deck in Torq.
34. Sync Buttons
35. Cue
– Use this button to place a temporary marker in the song. This allows DJs to access this point quickly
without having to seek through the track to find it. Please refer to the Torq User Guide to find out more about this button.
36. Loop Control Buttons
buttons found on each deck of Torq. Please refer to the Torq User Guide to find out more about these buttons.
37. Play/Pause Button
38. Transform Button
39. Crossfader – This slider controls the crossfader in Torq. Use this control to transition between songs.

Front Panel

40. Headphone Output – Connect your headphones to this 1⁄4" output. The volume of this output is controlled with the
Phones knob (28).
Note that the Headphone output is separate from the Booth and Master outputs and
receives its signal from USB outputs 3-4 (the Booth and Master outputs receive their
source signals from USB outputs 1-2). This feature allows most DJ applications to
set up a separate headphone or "cue" mix that is only heard by the DJ and is used for
cueing and beat matching songs.
41. Bank Select Switch – Xponent contains two programmable memory banks. This switch selects between memory bank
A (left setting) and memory bank B (right).
The Bank Select Switch can be used in conjunction with the Deck Knobs (24)
and Deck Buttons (25) to control the effects for each deck in Torq. See items 24
and 25 above for more information about this.
Torq Xponent User Guide
– Press these buttons to engage the Auto-Sync feature of each Deck.
– This button starts and pauses each deck.
– This button controls the Transform or "punch-in" feature of the mixer.
– These buttons control the corresponding looping

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