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Motorola MSP3-STGPR-SW-ED - Mobility Services Platform Provision Edition Software Installation Manual: Uninstalling And Reinstalling Msp Server 3.3 To Change Your Configuration

Software setup guide.
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During the install you will see components being installed that are related to SQL
Server 2008.
There is a possibility that one of the installed components will force a system restart.
If this occurs, log in again and launch the install from the CD again. The installation
process will resume without having to repeat the Interviewer process.
If an error occurs while installing MSP Server that requires changing an answer
provided during the interview process then you will need to uninstall the Install Point
installation and reinstall it.
21. When you receive the Install Succeeded message, the installation is finished. Please
see Understanding MSP 3.3 and Using MSP 3.3 for details about enabling non-default
configuration options, such as:
Enter License keys to enable Provision and Control Editions (Using MSP 3.3 –
Administrative Setup).
Configure Authentication Sources and MSP Users (Using MSP 3.3 – Administrative
Re-enable optional settings through the MSP Administration Program (Using the
MSP 3.3 Administration Program).
22. Depending on your need for various features in MSP, you may need to import one or
more MSP Addons. Please see the Bulk Import for Addons section in Using the MSP
3.3 Administration Program for more information. You will need to import them from the
MSP 3.3 Installer CD which contains the .zip files for each of the default Addons. You can
also check for updated Addon files at Support Central. It is important to note that there
are some commonly used Addons that must be imported before you are able to use the
functionality they provide. Some examples include:
Motorola SSL VPN
Uninstalling and Reinstalling MSP Server 3.3 to
Change Your Configuration
MSP Install Point is a separate program that controls the installation of MSP 3.3. Install Point
keeps track of the configuration files used to install MSP 3.3. You can make changes to the
following now by reinstalling MSP Server via MSP 3.3 Install Point:
Addition or Removal of support for Long Term Analysis
The MSP runtime connection to the MSP Core Database
The User under which MSP runs
The initial MSP Users
Completely wipe the database clean.
Chapter 3 – Installing MSP 3.3 -- 13


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