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Using Menus; Specifying The Calculation Mode; Configuring The Calculator Setup - Casio Fx-96SG User Manual

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Important: For some type of calculation that takes a long time to execute,
the display may show only the above indicators (without any value) while it
performs the calculation internally.

Using Menus

Some of the calculator's operations are performed using menus. Pressing
N or w, for example, will display a menu of applicable functions.
The following are the operations you should use to navigate between
• You can select a menu item by pressing the number key that corresponds
to the number to its left on the menu screen.
• The $ indicator in the upper right corner of a menu means there is another
menu below the current one. The ` indicator means another menu above.
Use c and f to switch between menus.
• To close a menu without selecting anything, press A.

Specifying the Calculation Mode

When you want to perform this type of
General calculations
Statistical and regression calculations
Equation solution
Calculations involving specific number systems
(binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal)
Note: The initial default calculation mode is the COMP Mode.

Configuring the Calculator Setup

First perform the following key operation to display the setup menu:
1N(SETUP). Next, use c and f and the number keys to configure
the settings you want.
Underlined ( ___ ) settings are initial defaults.
1MthIO 2LineIO
Natural Display (MthIO) causes fractions,
irrational numbers, and other expressions to be
displayed as they are written on paper.
MthIO: Selects MathO or LineO. MathO displays
input and calculation results using the same format as they are written on
paper. LineO displays input the same way as MathO, but calculation results
are displayed in linear format.
Linear Display (LineIO) causes fractions and
other expressions to be displayed in a single
Note: • The calculator switches to Linear Display automatically whenever
you enter the STAT or BASE-N Mode. • In this manual, the B symbol
next to a sample operation indicates Natural Display (MathO), while the b
symbol indicates Linear Display.
Specifies the display format.
Perform this key

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