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Kenmore 233.55022000 Use And Care/Installation Manual

30"/36"/42" wide
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Use & Care / installation Manual
Manual de use y cuidado /instalaci6n
(30" wide = White)
(30" wide = Stainless)
(30" wide = Biscuit)
(30" wide =Almond)
(30" wide = Black)
(36" wide = White)
(36" wide = Stainless)
(36" wide = Biscuit)
(36" wide = Almond)
(36" wide = Black)
(42" wide = White)
(42" wide = Stainless)
(42" wide = Biscuit)
(42" wide = Almond)
(42" wide = Black)
Patent No,:
US D450,829 S
Sears, Roebuck and Co,, Hoffman Estates, UL60179 U,S,A,



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  • Page 1 Use & Care / installation Manual cocina Manual de use y cuidado /instalaci6n Models 233.55122000 (36" wide = White) 233.55022000 (30" wide = White) Modelos 233.55023000 (30" wide = Stainless) 233.55123000 (36" wide = Stainless) 233.55124000 (36" wide = Biscuit) 233.55024000...
  • Page 2 SECTION ..............PAGE if within 1 year from the date of installation, any part of this range hood fails to function properly due to a defect in mate- Warranty ................rial or workmanship, Sears will repair the part or furnish and Safety Instructions ...............
  • Page 3 etectric shock, disconnect from WARNING: To reduce the risk of Lm_T power suppmy before cleaning, Fan and Lights Amuminum mesh filters 3 push button switches for each. Push any button to select one of 3 fan speeds Clean frequently using hot water and a mild or one of 3 light levels.
  • Page 4 Light Bumb 7-inch Round (2 per hood) Duct Adapter Sears Part No, 57853 OPTmONAL PARTS (purchase separately) 3_A" × 10" DamperlDuct Connector Clean Cooking Filters (Non-ducted hoods only) (2 per hood) Sears Part Nos, 50191 (30") 50192 (36") Aluminum Grease Filter 50193 (42") (2 per hood) 7-inch Round Damper...
  • Page 5 Kenmore range h oods a redesigned toperform efficiently when attached toIong runs ofduct. A sa point ofreference, thishood wilI f unction atapproximately 80% ofitsrated airflow when 2 00 equivalent feet of 7" round ductwork is attached. Use this chart to calculate the equivaIent duct length of your system.
  • Page 6 1. Determine whether hood will discharge vertically (3¼" x 10" ROOF CAP or 7" Round), horizontally (3V4"x 10" only) or non-ducted. 31A'X 10" or 7" ROUND For vertical or horizontal discharge, run ductwork between For vertical discharge) the hood location and a roof cap or wall cap. For best results, use a minimum number of transitions and elbows.
  • Page 7 7"ROUND Remove 7" Round Duct PBate from top of hood. Set duct DUCTPLATE plate aside - with mounting screws. Remove tape holding FHters in place. Pull down on filter tabs and lift filters out. Set filters aside. FILTERS 3. Remove Teflone_-coated bottom cover from hood.
  • Page 8 5. Remove either t oporback wiring knockout andinstall approved Emectrica_ Cabme Cmamp. tf hood is to be installed Non-Ducted: e Purchase a set of Cmean Cooking FHters and attach them to the aBuminum mesh fHterso e Skip to Step 15or_ Page 10. See page 4 for Clean Cooking FHter information.
  • Page 9 Rotate baffle. Reinsert baffle into air chute (as shown) so TABS SLOTS that baffle tabs fit all the way into slots in air chute. An audible "click" wilI be heard when fuIIy instalIed. This will close off the air flow through the non-ducted slots on top of hood.
  • Page 10 UP TO 1" 13. 3¼" x 10" Ducted Discharge Only: Remove _ from TAPE TOP/BACK damper flap and attach DampedDuct Connector over SIDE-TO-SIDE knockout opening with screws removed in Step 4 under ADJUSTMENT "PREPARE THE HOOD". Make sure damper Pivot is nearest to B/Back Edge of hood.
  • Page 11 2. Connect house black to hood black wire, house white to hood white wire, and house ground under Green Ground Screw. Securely tighten cable clamp onto house wiring. GREEN GROUND SCREW 1. Hang hood from (4) Mounting Screws. Slide hood towards walI until mounting screws are engaged narrow end of (4) Keyholes.
  • Page 12 KEY NO. PART NO, DESCRiPTiON R680508 7' RoundDuctPlate(includes hardware) R740013 Damper/Duct Connector ( includes hardware) R602017 Screw, # 8-18x _A Hex*(2 inpackage) R334755 MotorCapacitor ( includes wirenuts& hardware) R501031 Isolation Transformer R627540 Nameplate, W hite R627567 Nameplate, G raphite R627542 Nameplate, B lack R627543 Nameplate, B iscuit...
  • Page 13 SECCION ..............PAG_NA Si dentro de 1 a[io de la fecha de la instalaci6n, cualquier parte de esta campana de cocina deja de funcionar en forma apropiada Garant_a ................debido a defecto en el material o mano de obra, Sears reparara. Instrucciones de seguridad ..........
  • Page 14 ADVERTENCIA: Para reducir el riesgo descarga el_ctrica, desconecte suministro electrico antes de VentHador y luees timpiar ta unidad. 3 conmutadores de pulsadores para cada uno. Presione cualquier pulsador para seleccionar una de Ins tres velocidades del ventilador o una de las tres intensidades FHtros de rnaHa de aluminio luz.
  • Page 15 BornbiHa de laz Adaptador deconducto r edondo (2 par campana) de17.8 cm (7 pulgadas) Pieza Sears No. 57853 PIEZAS OPTATIVAS (compra sepal'aria) Fimtros Iirnpios para cocina (s61o campanas sin conducto) (2 par campana) Piezas Sears Nos. 50191 (30") (36") 50192 FHtro de grasa de amuminio 50193...
  • Page 16 Las campanas de cocina K enmore fueron dise_adas para sudesempeho eficiente cuando selassuieta alargos recorridos deconducto. Como p unto d ereferencia, esta campana funcionara aaproximadamente el80% desufiuio deaire nominal cuando seIssuieta 6 1m (200 pies) e quiva!entes deconducto redondo de17.8 cm(7"). U tilice e sta cuadro para calcular e!largo e quiva!ente deconducto desu sistema.
  • Page 17 Determine si la descarga de la campana serb_vertical (8.3 cm TAPA DE TECHQ x 25.4 cm o 17.8 cm redondo [3¼" x 10" o 7" redondo]), horF CONDUCTO zontal (8.3 cm x 25.4 cm [3¼" x 10"] solamente) o sin conducto. 8.3 cm x 25.4 cm O REDONDO DE I7.8 cm...
  • Page 18 PLACA DEL CONDUCTO 1=Quite l a pmaca del conducto redondo de 17.8 cm _} REDONDO la superior de la campana. Co!6quela aparte, con los !7.8 CM (7") tomillos de montaie. 2. Quite la cinta que sujeta los filtros en su lugar. Tire hacia abajo de las lengQetas de! filtro y saquelos levantb.ndolos.
  • Page 19 5. Quits ei agujero ciego para los cables electricos, ya sea e! superior o e! posterior, e instale una gPapa para cabme em_ctrico aprobada. Si se instamara macampana en un sistema sonduotos: • Compre un fiffro de cocina Hmpio y suj_temo al filtro de mamma de amuminio.
  • Page 20 Gire el deflector. Vuelva a insertar e! deflector en el conducto RANURAS ALETAS para aire de manera (segOn Io demostrado) que las ametas entren totalmente en las ranuras del conducto para aire. Un "tecleo" audible seth. ofdo cuando estA instalado completamente.
  • Page 21 15. Las instabciones don sistemas sin conductos solamente: ALETA Requiren que se conecte un anillo de rendimiento en la i%_iil;_ii!_iiiii_ !i ¸ rueda del soplador. Para instalar el anillo: 1. Saque la rueda del soplador moviendola de lads a !_ji; lads y apNcnado una fuerza leve para separar la rueda iiii iii!_TX* del motor.
  • Page 22 1. Cuelgue lacampana delos (4) tomiilos d e montaje (que se encuentran en la bolsa de piezas). Deslice la campana hacia la pared hasta que los tornillos de monta]e queden conectados en el extremo angosto de los (4) orificios tij_o bocaHave. Apriete fiiamente los tornillos de montaie.
  • Page 23 _,LAVE N?PIEZA N, _ DESCBIPClON R880508 Placa de conducto redondo de 7'(17.7 cm) (inchye herraje) R740013 Regulador de tirdconectador de conducto (incluye herraje) R602017 Tomillo hexagonal, #8-18 x_4 H ex* (2 en el p aquete) R334755 Capacitor del motor (incluyetuercas para alambre yherraje) R501031 Transformador...
  • Page 24 YourHome For r epa_r-_o your h ome-of allmajor brand a ppliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who scrod it! ....iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself....