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Dell™ Vostro™ 1510
Setup and Quick Reference Guide
Model PP36L
w w w . d e l l . c o m | s u p p o r t . d e l l . c o m


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    Dell™ Vostro™ 1510 Setup and Quick Reference Guide Model PP36L w w w . d e l l . c o m | s u p p o r t . d e l l . c o m...

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    Trademarks used in this text: Dell, the DELL logo, Dell MediaDirect, DellConnect, and Vostro are trademarks of Dell Inc.; Intel, Core, and Celeron are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries; Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista, and the Windows Vista start button logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents About Your Computer ......... . Front View .

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    Restoring Your Operating System ..Using Microsoft Windows System Restore Using Dell™ PC Restore and Dell Factory ....Image Restore .

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    Before You Call ..... Contacting Dell A Appendix ......

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  • Page 7: About Your Computer

    About Your Computer Front View About Your Computer...

  • Page 8: Back View

    display power button device status lights keyboard status lights media controls(volume, keyboard forward, reverse, stop, play, eject) security cable slot optical device/media bay USB connectors (2) IEEE 1394 connector 11 fingerprint reader (optional) touch pad 13 touch pad buttons (2) 8-in1 card reader slot 15 audio connectors (2) power and battery charge...

  • Page 9: Battery Removal

    Using an incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. Replace the battery only with a compatible battery purchased from Dell. The battery is designed to work with your Dell™ computer. Do not use a battery from other computers with your computer.

  • Page 10: Wireless Switch

    For more information about the battery, see the Dell Technology Guide on your computer or at Wireless Switch Use the wireless switch to locate networks or to enable or disable wireless network devices. For more information about the wireless switch, see the Dell Technology Guide on your computer or at

  • Page 11: Setting Up Your Computer

    Setting Up Your Computer Quick Setup CAUTION: Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions that shipped with your computer. CAUTION: The AC adapter works with electrical outlets worldwide. However, power connectors and power strips vary among countries. Using an incompatible cable or improperly connecting the cable to the power strip or electrical outlet may cause fire or equipment damage.

  • Page 12

    3 Connect USB devices, such as a mouse or keyboard (optional). 4 Connect IEEE 1394 devices, such as a media player (optional). 5 Open the computer display and press the power button to turn on the computer. NOTE: It is recommended that you turn on and shut down your computer at least once before you install any cards or connect the computer to a docking device or other external device, such as a printer.

  • Page 13: Connecting To The Internet

    6 Connect to the Internet (optional). See "Connecting to the Internet" on page 13 for more information. Internet service cable or DSL modem wireless router laptop computer with network adapter laptop computer with wireless network card Connecting to the Internet NOTE: ISPs and ISP offerings vary by country.

  • Page 14: Setting Up Your Internet Connection

    NOTE: If you cannot connect to the Internet, see the Dell Technology Guide. If you have successfully connected in the past, the ISP might have a service outage. Contact your ISP to check the service status, or try connecting again later.

  • Page 15: Transferring Information To A New Computer

    ® Microsoft Windows Vista 1 Save and close any open files, and exit any open programs. 2 Click the Windows Vista Start button → Control Panel 3 Under Network and Internet, click Connect to the Internet. 4 In the Connect to the Internet window, click either Broadband (PPPoE) or Dial-up, depending on how you want to connect: •...

  • Page 16

    Running the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard With the Operating System Media NOTE: This procedure requires the Operating System media. This media is optional and may not be included with certain computers. To prepare a new computer for the file transfer: 1 Open the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard: click Start→...

  • Page 17

    To transfer data to the new computer: 1 On the Now go to your old computer screen on the new computer, click Next. 2 On the Where are the files and settings? screen, select the method you chose for transferring your settings and files and click Next. The wizard reads the collected files and settings and applies them to your new computer.

  • Page 18: Microsoft Windows Vista

    ® Computer To My New Dell™ Computer Using the Microsoft Windows Operating System?). NOTE: Access to the Dell™ Knowledge Base document may not be available in certain countries. ® Microsoft Windows Vista 1 Click the Windows Vista Start button , and then click Transfer files and settings→...

  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications NOTE: Offerings may vary by region. For more information regarding the configuration of your computer, click Start→ Help and Support and select the option to view information about your computer. Processor ® Processor type Intel Core™2 Duo (1.4–2.6 GHz) ®...

  • Page 20

    8-in-1 Memory Card Reader 8-in-1 memory card controller O2MICRO OZ129 8-in-1 memory card connector 8-in-1 combo card connector Cards supported • Secure Digital (SD) • SDIO • MultiMediaCard (MMC) • Memory Stick • Memory Stick Pro • xD-Picture Card • Hi Speed-SD •...

  • Page 21

    Mini-Card slot for WLAN one additional Mini-Card slot for ® Intel Flash Cache one USB-based daughter card with ® Bluetooth wireless technology (Dell™ Wireless 360) Network adapter RJ-45 port four USB ports Video 15-pin VGA video connector Communications Modem external USB modem...

  • Page 22

    Audio Audio type high-definition audio (HDA) Audio codec Realtek ALC268 Stereo conversion 24-bit (analog-to-digital and digital-to- analog) Speaker two 4-ohm speakers Internal speaker amplifier Internal microphone single digital microphone Volume controls program menus, media controls Display Type (active-matrix TFT) WXGA anti-glare WXGA+ anti-glare WXGA+ TrueLife WUXGA TrueLife...

  • Page 23

    Display (continued) Pixel pitch: WXGA 0.258 mm (0.010 inch) WXGA+ with TrueLife 0.23 mm (0.009 inch) Controls Brightness can be controlled through keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Number of keys 84 (U.S. and Canada); 85 (Europe); 88 (Japan) Layout QWERTY/AZERTY/Kanji Size full sized maximum size: 283.1 mm x 118.9 mm x 5.2 mm (11.146 x 4.681 x 0.205 inches) Touch Pad...

  • Page 24

    Battery (continued) Ampere hours 6-cell (2.6 AHr) primary battery 9-cell (2.6 AHr) primary battery Voltage 11.1V (6 cell and 9 cell) Operating time (approximate) 4–5 hours (6 cell) 7 hours or more (9 cell) NOTE: Battery operating time varies depending on operating conditions and can be significantly reduced under certain power-intensive conditions (see "Power Problems"...

  • Page 25

    AC Adapter (continued) Dimensions (90 W): Height 33.8–34.6 mm (1.34–1.36 inches) Width 60.9 mm (2.39 inches) Depth 153.4 mm (6.04 inches) Weight (with cables) 0.46 kg (1.01 lb) Temperature range 0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F) Physical Height 26.2–38 mm (1.031–1.496 inches) Width 357 mm (14.055 inches) Depth...

  • Page 26

    Environmental (continued) Maximum shock (measured with hard drive in operating status and a 2-ms half-sine pulse for operating. Also measured with hard drive in head-parked position and a 2-ms halfsine pulse for storage): Operating 142 G Storage 163 G Camera (Optional) Still resolution 1.3 mega-pixel Specifications...

  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting CAUTION: To guard against the likelihood of electric shock, laceration by moving fan blades, or other expected injuries, always unplug your computer from the electrical outlet before opening the cover. CAUTION: Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions that shipped with your computer.

  • Page 28

    If your computer beeps during start-up: 1 Write down the beep code. 2 Run the Dell Diagnostics to identify a more serious cause (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 34). Code Description Suggested Remedy (repetitive short beeps) BIOS checksum Contact Dell.

  • Page 29: Error Messages

    The hard drive failed initialization. Run the I S K F A I L E D I N I T I A L I Z A T I O N — hard drive tests in the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 34). Troubleshooting...

  • Page 30

    Manual at, and boot the computer from a CD. Then, shut down the computer, reinstall the hard drive, and restart the computer. Run the Hard Disk Drive tests in the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 34). The hard drive does not respond...

  • Page 31

    E Y B O A R D S T U C K K E Y F A I L U R E — cable connection. Restart the computer, and avoid touching the keyboard or keys during the boot routine. Run the Stuck Key test in the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 34). Dell™...

  • Page 32

    O T I M E R T I C K I N T E R R U P T — malfunctioning. Run the System Set tests in the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 34). O T E N O U G H M E M O R Y O R R E S O U R C E S X I T S O M E P R O G R A M S A N D T R Y A G A I N —...

  • Page 33

    A chip on the system board may be malfunctioning. H U T D O W N F A I L U R E — Run the System Set tests in the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 34). Troubleshooting...

  • Page 34: Dell Diagnostics

    When to Use the Dell Diagnostics If you experience a problem with your computer, perform the checks in Lockups and Software Problems (see "Lockups and Software Problems" on page 39) and run the Dell Diagnostics before you contact Dell for technical assistance. Troubleshooting...

  • Page 35

    Start the Dell Diagnostics from your hard drive or from the Drivers and Utilities media. Starting the Dell Diagnostics From Your Hard Drive NOTE: If your computer cannot display a screen image, see "Contacting Dell"...

  • Page 36: Solving Problems

    If an error message occurs in a program, see the program documentation. NOTE: The procedures in this document were written for the Windows default view, so they may not apply if you set your Dell computer to the Windows Classic view. Troubleshooting...

  • Page 37: Power Problems

    • Ensure that the processor power cable is securely connected to the system board power connector (see your Service Manual at • Ensure that the main power cable and the front panel cable are securely connected to the system board connector (see your Service Manual at Troubleshooting...

  • Page 38: Memory Problems

    • See the software documentation for minimum memory requirements. If necessary, install additional memory (see your Service Manual at • Reseat the memory modules (see your Service Manual at to ensure that your computer is successfully communicating with the memory.

  • Page 39: Lockups And Software Problems

    Lockups and Software Problems CAUTION: Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety information that shipped with your computer. The computer does not start up N S U R E T H A T T H E P O W E R C A B L E I S F I R M L Y C O N N E C T E D T O T H E C O M P U T E R A N D T O T H E E L E C T R I C A L O U T L E T The computer stops responding NOTICE:...

  • Page 40

    ® ® A program is designed for an earlier Microsoft Windows operating system U N T H E R O G R A M O M P A T I B I L I T Y I Z A R D —...

  • Page 41: Dell Technical Update Service

    2 Ensure that the Show icon on the taskbar option is checked. NOTE: If the Dell Support Utility is not available from the Start menu, go to and download the software. The Dell Support Utility is customized for your computing environment.

  • Page 42

    Dell Support Utility, and view Dell Support settings. For more information about the Dell Support Utility, click the question mark (?) at the top of the Dell Support screen.

  • Page 43: Reinstalling Software

    43). Reinstalling Drivers and Utilities NOTICE: The Dell Support website at and your Drivers and Utilities media provide approved drivers for Dell™ computers. If you install drivers obtained from other sources, your computer might not work correctly. Reinstalling Software...

  • Page 44

    Returning to a Previous Device Driver Version Windows XP: 1 Click Start→ My Computer→ Properties→ Hardware→ Device Manager. 2 Right-click the device for which the new driver was installed and click Properties. 3 Click the Drivers tab→ Roll Back Driver. Windows Vista: 1 Click the Windows Vista Start button , and right-click Computer.

  • Page 45

    Drivers and Utilities media and click Finish to restart the computer. 4 When you see the Windows desktop, reinsert the Drivers and Utilities media. 5 At the Welcome Dell System Owner screen, click Next. NOTE: The Drivers and Utilities program displays drivers only for hardware that came installed in your computer.

  • Page 46: Restoring Your Operating System

    NOTE: The procedures in this document were written for the Windows default view, so they may not apply if you set your Dell™ computer to the Windows Classic view. NOTE: Set your Dell™ computer to the Windows Classic view.

  • Page 47

    Starting System Restore Windows XP: NOTICE: Before you restore the computer to an earlier operating state, save and close any open files and exit any open programs. Do not alter, open, or delete any files or programs until the system restoration is complete. 1 Click Start→...

  • Page 48: Using Dell™ Pc Restore And Dell Factory Image Restore

    If possible, back up the data before using these options. Use PC Restore or Dell Factory Image Restore only if System Restore did not resolve your operating system problem.

  • Page 49

    Windows XP: Dell PC Restore Using PC Restore: 1 Turn on the computer. During the boot process, a blue bar with appears at the top of the screen. 2 Immediately upon seeing the blue bar, press <Ctrl><F11>. If you do not press <Ctrl><F11> in time, let the computer finish starting, and then restart the computer again.

  • Page 50

    NOTICE: Removing Dell PC Restore from the hard drive permanently deletes the PC Restore utility from your computer. After you have removed Dell PC Restore, you will not be able to use it to restore your computer operating system. Dell PC Restore enables you to restore your hard drive to the operating state it was in when you purchased your computer.

  • Page 51: Using The Operating System Media

    User name field, then click OK. 5 Click Dell Factory Image Restore. NOTE: Depending upon your configuration, you may need to select Dell Factory Tools, then Dell Factory Image Restore. The Dell Factory Image Restore welcome screen appears. 6 Click Next.

  • Page 52

    To reinstall Windows, you need the Dell™ Operating System media and the Dell Drivers and Utilities media. NOTE: Drivers and Utilities media contains drivers that were installed Dell Drivers and Utilities media during the assembly of the computer. Use the load any required drivers.

  • Page 53: Finding Information

    • Drivers for your computer or DVD that may have shipped with your NOTE: Drivers and documentation updates computer. can be found at • Notebook System Software (NSS) • Readme files NOTE: Readme files may be included on your media to provide last-minute updates...

  • Page 54

    • How to troubleshoot and solve problems Dell Technology Guide • About your operating system The Dell Technology Guide is available on • Using and maintaining peripherals your hard drive and at • Understanding technologies such as ®...

  • Page 55: Getting Help

    1 See "Solving Problems" on page 36for information and procedures that pertain to the problem your computer is experiencing. 2 See "Dell Diagnostics" on page 34 for procedures on how to run Dell™ Diagnostics. 3 Fill out the "Diagnostics Checklist" on page 60.

  • Page 56: Technical Support And Customer Service

    Dell's support service is available to answer your questions about Dell™ hardware. Our support staff uses computer-based diagnostics to provide fast, accurate answers. To contact Dell's support service, see "Before You Call" on page 59, and then see the contact information for your region or go to DellConnect™...

  • Page 57: Autotech Service

    "Contacting Dell" on page 61. Automated Order-Status Service To check on the status of any Dell products that you have ordered, you can go to, or you can call the automated order-status service. A recording prompts you for the information needed to locate and report on your order.

  • Page 58: Product Information

    If you need information about additional products available from Dell, or if you would like to place an order, visit the Dell website at For the telephone number to call for your region or to speak to a sales specialist, see "Contacting Dell"...

  • Page 59: Before You Call

    Service Tag (located on the back or bottom of your computer). Remember to fill out the Diagnostics Checklist (see "Diagnostics Checklist" on page 60). If possible, turn on your computer before you call Dell for assistance and call from a telephone at or near the computer. You may be...

  • Page 60

    Address: Phone number: Service Tag (bar code on the back or bottom of the computer): Express Service Code: Return Material Authorization Number (if provided by Dell support technician): Operating system and version: Devices: Expansion cards: Are you connected to a network? Yes No...

  • Page 61: Contacting Dell

    NOTE: If you do not have an active Internet connection, you can find contact information on your purchase invoice, packing slip, bill, or Dell product catalog. Dell provides several online and telephone-based support and service options. Availability varies by country and product, and some services may not be available in your area.

  • Page 62

    Getting Help...

  • Page 63: A Appendix

    NOTICE: The FCC regulations provide that changes or modifications not expressly approved by Dell Inc. could void your authority to operate this equipment. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

  • Page 64: Macrovision Product Notice

    The following information is provided on the device or devices covered in this document in compliance with the FCC regulations: Product name: Dell™ Vostro™ 1510 Model number: PP36L Company name: Dell Inc. Worldwide Regulatory Compliance & Environmental Affairs One Dell Way...

  • Page 65: Index

    Index drivers, 43 identifying, 43 beep codes, 27 reinstalling, 43 Drivers and Utilities media about, 44 Dell Diagnostics, 34 operating system, 53 computer beep codes, 27 ergonomics information, 54 crashes, 39-40 error messages, 29 restore to previous state, 46 beep codes, 27...

  • Page 66

    51 reinstalling, 53 Operating System CD, 53 software problems, 39-40 specifications, 19 Starting the Dell Diagnostics PC Restore, 48 From the Drivers and Utilities CD, 36 phone numbers, 61 Starting the Dell Diagnostics power From Your Hard Drive, 35...

  • Page 67

    61 transferring information to a new computer, 15 troubleshooting Dell Diagnostics, 34 restore to previous state, 46 User’s Guide, 54 Windows Vista Factory Image Restore, 48 Program Compatibility wizard, 40 System Restore, 46 Windows XP Device Driver Rollback, 44...

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