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The Hp-15c: A Problem Solver; A Quick Look At V - HP -15C Owner's Handbook Manual

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The HP-15C Advanced Programmable Scientific Calculator is a powerful
problem solver, convenient to carry and easy to hold. Its continuous
memory retains data and program instructions indefinitely until you choose
to reset it. Though sophisticated, it requires no prior programming
experience or knowledge of programming languages to use it.
The new HP-15C is a modern re-release of the original HP-15C introduced
in 1982. While the battery life of the new version is now estimated to be 1
year for normal use, the calculator is now at least 150 times faster than the
original. The low-power indicator gives you plenty of warning before the
calculator stops functioning.
The HP-15C also conserves power by automatically shutting its display off
if it is left inactive for a few minutes. But don't worry about losing data –
any information contained in the HP-15C is saved by Continuous Memory.

A Quick Look at v

Your Hewlett-Packard calculator uses a unique operating logic, represented
by the v key, that differs from the logic in most other calculators.
You will find that using v makes nested and complicated
calculations easier and faster to work out. Let's get acquainted with how this
For example, let's look at the arithmetic functions. First we have to get the
numbers into the machine. Is your calculator on? If not, press =. Is the
display cleared? To display all zeros, you can press | ` that is, press
|, then −.
to separate the first number from the second, then key in the second number
and press +, -, * or ÷. The result appears immediately after you
press any numerical function key.
If you have not used an HP calculator before, you will notice that most keys have three labels. To use the
primary function – the one printed in white on top of the key – just press that key. For those printed in gold
or blue, press the gold ´ key or the blue | key first.
The HP-15C:
A Problem Solver
To perform arithmetic, key in the first number, press v


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