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Kenmore 911.40161 Owner's Manual

24" built-in wall oven
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all its Safety
• Safety
• Operation
• Care
and Cleaning
• Problem
_. _rs, Roebuck
and Co,, Hoffman
IL 60179
(SR- 10342)



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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore Kenmore 911.40161

  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL MODEL 24" BUILT-IN WALL OVEN 911.40161 911.40168 911.40169 CAUTION: • Safety Instructions Before using this range, read this manual • Operation • Care and Cleaning follow all its Safety Rules • Problem Solving Operating instructions. _. _rs, Roebuck and Co,, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    24" BUlLT-IN WALLOVEN Tableof Contents Oven Interior ......Oven Safety ......3-4 Control Panel ......Broiler Pan and Grid ....16 Oven Light Bulb ...... Removal of Packaging Tape ..5 Oven Racks ......Features of Your Oven ....5 Oven Door ......
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. When using gas or electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: • NEVER USE a towel or other bulky cloth as a potholder make sure the potholder is dry.
  • Page 4 READ UNDERSTAND THIS INFORMATION NOW! IMPORTANT S AFETY Be sure everyone in your home INSTRUCTIONS knows what to do in case fire. Never use water on a • DO NOT touch heating elements, grease fire; it will only spread surfaces near them, or interior oven the flames.
  • Page 5: Featuresof Youroven

    OPERATION FEATURESOF YOUROVEN Range Con_ol Clock Pad Oven Vent 4 utornatic Oven " " _1 Element _witch Oven Temperature (location may vary) Oven Rack Guides Grid Removable Oven Racks Number Location Bake Element Removable Oven Door To remove the adhesive left from packaging tape, use household dishwashing liquid, mineral oil or cooking oil.
  • Page 6 OPERATION Clock, Timer and Oven Control i88"88 TIMER OVEN VJTOHEN @ @@ TIMER TEMP HOUR MIN @ QQ Your new touch pad oven control will allow you to set oven functions with ease. Below are the different types of The HOUR/MIN UP anc functions and a description of each.
  • Page 7: Controldisplay

    OPERATION ControlDisplay Indicator To Let You Oven Temperature Know the Oven Has Indicator Turned Flashing Location For The Indicator - Time Of Day Clock, Alert You Kitchen Timer, A Tmperat Delay Start Time, Or A Time Or Oven Cooklng Oven Function Oven Function Indicator...
  • Page 8: Clock

    The Kitchen Timer is used to time OPERATION cooking processes or other Clock andTimer household activities. It does not control the oven. It can be set for up to 9 hours and 59 minutes. It will count down in minutes until the LAST The clock must be set for the correct S0 SECONDS is reached, then the...
  • Page 9: Tones

    If you would like to return the 6 second beep, repeat steps above until the display shows your choice and press Start. OPERATION ATTENTION TONE--This tone will Oven Control, Clock and Timer sound if you make an error or an oversight is made while setting an oven function.
  • Page 10: Baking

    Preheating is bringing the OPERATION temperature up to the temperature you will be using during baking. Let Oven Cooking Tips the oven preheat thoroughly when recipes call for preheating. It is normal to have some odor when using your oven for the first time, To help eliminate this odor, ventilate In the back of the oven you will notice the room by opening...
  • Page 11: Ovencooking Tips

    GLASS, DARK NON-STICK DARKENED BY AGE BAKE- WARE, absorb heat, and can be used OPERATION for yeast breads, pie crust or foods that need a brown crust. The oven OvenCooking Tips temperature, when using these pans should be reduced by 25°F. The Qven Temperature Sensor at the back of the oven continuously senses The oven racks are designed with stop...
  • Page 12 OPERATION To set the oven to turn on at a later time of day, cook for a specific Baking amount of time and turn off automati- cally. 1• Press the BAKE pad. 1. Press the BAKE pad. 2. Press the TEMP and/or DOWN arrow 2, Press the TEMP UP...
  • Page 13 The U.S. Department of Agriculture notes that meat cooked rare is popular, but meat cooked to only 140°F (rare) OPERATION means that some food poisoning organisms may survive. Broiling The closer you place foods to the broil Broiling is cooking by direct heat from element, the faster foods brown on the the upper element.
  • Page 14: Special Features

    2, (a) Press the BROIL pad. The control display will show the degrees sign and F. OPERATION (b) Press the BROIL pad again, This will change F (Fahrenheit) to C Setting SpecialFeatures (Celsius). Your new touch pad control has 3. Press the START pad. additional features that you may choose to use.
  • Page 15 OPERATION This special feature will allow you to Setting Special Features change the speed; #1 means speed of change is slow up to #5 which means speed of change is fast. To set the speed you prefer, follow these steps: Your new control has a cook and hold 1, Press and hold.
  • Page 16 CARE ANDCLEANING CleaningAndRemovableParts the oven light switch CAUTION: Be sure is in the off position. Do not touch a hot light bulb with wet hands or a wet cloth• CLEANING MATERIALS Wait until the bulb has cooled • Dishwashing detergent and use a dry cloth.
  • Page 17 Broil Stop Position CAREAND CLEANING Removable P arts CLEANING MATERIALS Hinge • Dishwashing detergent • Warm water TO REMOVE • Scouring pad or soap-filled steel wool 1. Open the door to the broil stop position. 2. Grasp the door at each side and lift Raised Back up and off the hinges, DO NOT...
  • Page 18 BEFORECALLINGFORSERVICE To save you time and money, before making a service caII, check the list below for any problem you may feel you have with the performance of your range. If the problem is something you cannot repair, use the Consumer Service Numbers located at the back of this manual.
  • Page 19: Broiling

    BEFORECALLINGFORSERVICE PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION Oven temperature Oven control calibration, See oven cooking section. seems inaccurate, Oven light does not a, Light switch is in off a. Check switch setting. work, position. b, Bulb needs to be b, Check or replace light replaced, bulb.
  • Page 20: Temperature Adjustment

    Press and hold down "DO IT YOURSELF" both the BAKE and TEMPERATURE BROIL pads for 3 seconds, until the ADJUSTMENT display shows $F. You may feel that your new oven cooks differently than the oven it replaced. We recommend that you use your new oven Press the BAKE pad.
  • Page 21: Warranty

    If,within one year f rom thedate ofinstallation, anypart, o ther t hana gtass part, f ailstofunction properly d uetoadefect i n material orworkmanship, Sears w il!repair orreplace i t, free ofcharge. FULL 3R-DAY WARRANTY ONGLASS P ARTS ANDFINISH OFPORCELAIN ENAMEL,...
  • Page 22 1-800-4-REPAIR (1-800-473-7247) For the location of a Searsparts and Repair Center in your area Call24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-488-1222 For informationon purchasinga Sears MaintenanceAgreementor to inquire aboutan existingAgreement Call9 arn- 5 pm,Monday-Saturday 1-800-827-6655 SEARS America's Repair Specialists...

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