Care And Cleaning Guidelines; Exterior Panels (Daily Cleaning); Mirrors, Fluorescent Lamps, Drain Trap (Monthly Cleaning); Anels (D Aily C Leaning ) - Sanyo CVW-EXA284 Installation & Service Manual

Multi-deck fresh produce cases
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6 Care and Cleaning Guidelines

In order to keep SANYO Cases sanitary and in good working order, we recommend thorough periodic cleaning as follows:

Exterior Panels (Daily Cleaning)

Exterior panels should be cleaned with water only. Wet a soft cloth and wring it out to wipe down panels.
If required, you may use a mild detergent and warm water to remove stains. You should follow by wiping down with
water only in order to prevent discoloration.
Take particular care to clean areas that may be exposed to salt or saline solutions.
DO NOT use scrapers, blades or other sharp objects to remove adhesive, as you may damage panels. You may use
rubbing alcohol to remove adhesive if water and mild detergents alone are insufficient.

Mirrors, Fluorescent Lamps, Drain Trap (Monthly Cleaning)

When cleaning mirrors and fluorescent lamps,
Turn off the fluorescent lamps prior to cleaning.
DO NOT place your weight on the shelves. If mirrors or lamps are difficult to reach, use a stepladder or other
means to safely reach them.
Clean mirrors with a mild detergent and water, then dry
with a non-abrasive cloth.
Wipe fluorescent lamps with a soft, dry cloth. If
required you may use a water-dampened cloth that has
been squeezed well to remove almost all moisture.
At this time you may also wish to check for lamps
needing replacement.

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