Joining Instructions; Applying Gasket (For Connecting Cases Or Installing Side Panels) - Sanyo CVW-EXA284 Installation & Service Manual

Multi-deck fresh produce cases
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Joining Instructions


Applying gasket (for connecting cases or installing side panels).

Make sure that all SANYO Cases are resting level.
Make sure that all required parts for joining are present (gasket, bolts, joint covers, nuts, etc.).
Remove all Rear Interior Panels, Wire Racks, Deck Pans, and Front Air Grilles from the far right and left ends of
each case being joined.
Thoroughly clean all surfaces where the gasket will be placed to remove anything that might affect adhesion.
Place gasket along the areas shown in bold in the drawing at bottom. When connecting two cases, apply gasket to
one case only.
Perimeter gasket is required by NSF.
Do not stretch or twist gasket when applying.
Do not leave gaps. Always overlap gasket rather than leaving gaps.
Gasket ends that are open must be sealed off by applying silicone at the installation site.
Insufficient or improper sealing may lead to insufficient cooling and condensation.
Important for
Preventing Condensation

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