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Disks; Heads; Spindle Mechanism; Actuator - Fujitsu MAM3184MC/MP Product/maintenance Manual

Fujitsu computer drive user manual.
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The disk configuration of each DE is shown in Figure 1.3.
The DE for the MAM3367 series contains 4 disks whose external diameter is 70 mm and
internal diameter is 25 mm.
The DE for the MAM3184 series contains 2 disks whose external diameter is 70 mm and
internal diameter is 25 mm.
Each time disk rotation stops, the read-write heads touch the disk surfaces.
withstand at least 20,000 head touch operations at disk rotation start and stop.


The read/write head configuration is shown in Figure 1.3.
There are 8 read/write heads for the MAM3367 series and 4 for the MAM3184 series. These
heads float up from the surface of the disk automatically when the spindle motor's speed has
reached a certain speed.

Spindle mechanism

The spindle mechanism consists of a disk stack assembly and a spindle motor. The disk stack
assembly is directly driven by the direct drive type DC spindle motor. The rotational frequency of
this spindle motor is 15,000 min
drive current in the spindle motor coil. A fixed rotational frequency of the spindle is maintained
by comparing the frequency of the counter-electromotive voltage with the reference frequency
generated by the crystal oscillator.


The actuator consists of a voice coil motor (VCM) and a head carriage. The voice coil motor
moves the head carriage to the inner or outer side of the disk. The head carriage position is
controlled by feeding back servo information read by the heads.

Air filters

There are two filters in the disk drive, the breathing filter and the circulation filter. The breathing
filter is used to conduct filtered air into and out of the DE. Starting or stopping the disk generates
heat in the spindle motor in the DE, causing temperature variation in the DE. This temperature
variation expands or compresses the air in the DE causing the filtered air to come in or go out of
the DE. At times when the atmospheric air pressure changes, such as when the disk drive is
shipped by airmail, filtered air enters the DE.
The circulation filter catches dust or dirt that may get inside the DE.
circulating inside the drive and passing through the circulation filter, utilizing a closed loop air
circulation system that uses the blower effect of the rotating disks.
8 - 2
(15,000rpm). A counter-electromotive force is generated by the
Disk surfaces
Air is continuously


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