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Samsung SA604C series User Manual page 5

Plasma ionizer
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Do not disassemble, repair or modify the product on your own discretion.
• Potential risk of fire, electric shock or unit malfunction. Call the place of purchase or a
contact center if repairs are needed.
Clean the product after unplugging it.
• Potential risk of injury or electric shock.
Do not install the product in uneven or sloped surface.
• It may cause noise or unit malfunction.
Make sure to clear at least 10cm around the product.
• If you can clear space around the product, it may cause performance decrease.
Do not install the product in a place with oil fume or metallic dust.
• Potential risk of fire or unit malfunction.
If the power cable or the plug is damaged, the manufacturer or a qualified
service technician must replace it.
If the product will not be used for an extended period of time, unplug the
power cable.
• You can save electricity and prevent electric leakage or fire.
Do not spray inflammable gases such as insecticide near the product.
• Potential risk of electric shock, fire or unit malfunction.
Make sure there is no obstacle near air inlet or the outlet.
• It may cause product damage or performance decrease.
Do not spray water directly on the product or use benzene, thinner or
alcohol to clean the product.
• Potential risk of fire or electric shock.
• Surface of the product may deteriorate.
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