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Samsung SA604C series User Manual page 2

Plasma ionizer
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features of your new
plasma ionizer
For efficient air cleaning, your plasma ionizer is a great choice. The plasma ionizer will protect your family
from allergy caused by pollens, bacteria and some viruses. The plasma ionizer is truly worth having.
• How does S-Plasma ion (Samsung Super Plasma ion) work?
Micro Plasma discharger generates Hydrogen and Oxygen ion(O - )
- Ceramic electrode (+ electrode): Micro plasma discharger splits water molecules in the air
- Pin electrode (- electrode): High-voltage electric discharger emits electrons which react with
- Hydrogen atom (H) and Oxygen ion (O
• Efficient air purifying technology
Excellent air purifying technology of S-Plasma ion
Hydrogen atom (H) and Oxygen ion (O
surrounds the positively charged biological contaminants then reacts with three hydrogen
elements of its protein structure resulted in forming water vapor. Also, the hydrogen atom (H)
will react with OH-radical to form a water vapor, neutralizing harmful OH-radical.
Virus Elimination Mechanism
Perfect Elimination of Biological Contaminant
S-Plasma ion eliminates biological contaminants (such as bacteria, viruses, molds etc.) more
effectively in airtight area.
Anti Allergen
S-Plasma ion eliminates harmful allergens (such as dust mites, dusts, dog and cat hair) which
can cause rhinitis, asthma or other allergic symptoms.
World Recognized Technology
S-Plasma ion technology is tested from many academic organizations around the world.
The S-Plasma ion technology was applied on Samsung home appliances and effectiveness
of the technology was proven all around the world.
• Luxury Design
Simple and luxury style allow you to place the product in any interior surrounding.
For easy future reference, write the model and serial number
down. You will find your model number on the bottom side of
the plasma ionizer.
02_ features
SA604C@ ステクョチ硺IB_E_30836A-2.indd
and forms positively charged Hydrogen ion (H
and O to form Hydrogen atom (H) and Oxygen ion (O
) together form Hydroperoxy radical (HOO
) together form Hydroperoxy radical (HOO
) which
Model #
Serial #


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