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Samsung AX300T9080S User Manual

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Samsung Air Purifier
User manual
AX300T9080S, AX300T9080W
ꞏ Thank you for purchasing this Samsung air purifier.
ꞏ Before operating this unit, please read this user manual carefully and retain it for future


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Samsung AX300T9080S

  • Page 1 Samsung Air Purifier User manual AX300T9080S, AX300T9080W ꞏ Thank you for purchasing this Samsung air purifier. ꞏ Before operating this unit, please read this user manual carefully and retain it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Information Safety Information Package Content Accessories At a Glance Front side / Rear side Buttons / Display Connecting the power adapter / Disconnecting the power adapter Removing the filters Assembling the filters Operation Features Turning the power on/off / Controlling the fan speed Wind-Free mode / Sleep mode / Lock Clearing the filter replacement reminder Checking the air quality...
  • Page 3 CADR for Dust and the electrical energy it consumes, or CADR/Watt. Qualified model list : AX300T9080S / AX300T9080W FCC Caution: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety Information READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS California Proposition 65 Warning (US) WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - These safety precautions are for owner’s safety and preventions of property damage. Therefore, please read this manual thoroughly before using your product. WARNING Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in severe personal injury or death.
  • Page 5 • Having the cord hanging from above the plug may damage the wires inside, which can lead to electric shock or fire. Please contact your local Samsung Service Center if the power plug or cord is damaged. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Page 6 • This may cause a spark when reconnecting the plug, which can lead to an explosion or fire. Please contact your local Samsung Service Center when you require repair service. • Follow instructions to avoid malfunction, water leakage, electric shock or fire.
  • Page 7 If any of the electric components inside the air purifier has contacted liquid or water, disconnect the product from the power source and contact your local Samsung Service Center. • Follow instructions to avoid electric shock or fire. Do NOT attempt to repair or modify the product.
  • Page 8: Package Content

    • After replacing a replacement filter with a new one, dispose of the old one in a waste bag as general waste. • Use only Samsung authorized filters. Use of non-authorized filters may void product warranty. – When purchasing a replacement filter, be sure to check whether it is the same type of filter.
  • Page 9: At A Glance

    01 Buttons 03 Display 02 Air outlet / Front panel 04 Handle (both bottom sides) Rear side AX300T9080W AX300T9080S Removable sticker 01 Module connector 05 Dust collecting filter 02 Air inlet / Rear panel 06 Deodorization filter 03 Laser PM sensor...
  • Page 10: Buttons / Display

    11 Air quality / Filter reset button 06 Wi-Fi function indicator Bixby is the name of a Samsung AI solution and allows you to control the product with voice. To use the voice recognition function, you must connect the SmartThings app on your smartphone to the product.
  • Page 11: Connecting The Power Adapter / Disconnecting The Power Adapter

    Connecting the power adapter Before using the air purifier, connect the power adapter to the product. Check the vertical direction of the power adapter, and then connect it to the port on the bottom rear of the product. • Slide the power adapter all the way in until it clicks into place.
  • Page 12: Removing The Filters

    At a Glance Removing the filters When using a replacement filter for the first time or replacing it with a new one, be sure to remove the vinyl packaging. STEP 1 Open the rear panel. • Put your fingers in both grooves at the top of the rear panel, and then pull it forward.
  • Page 13 STEP 5 Remove the dust collecting filter. STEP 6 Remove the vinyl packaging from the Deodorization filter deodorization filter and the dust collecting filter. • And also, remove the black cloth inside the vinyl packaging of the deodorization filter. Dust collecting filter English...
  • Page 14: Assembling The Filters

    At a Glance Assembling the filters STEP 1 Insert the dust collecting filter. • Let the filters sit inside the grooves at the bottom. • Check direction of the filters before inserting. STEP 2 Insert the deodorization filter. STEP 3 Insert the pre-filter. •...
  • Page 15 STEP 5 Close the rear panel. • Insert the hook on the panel first into the groove at the bottom of the unit, then slightly push until it clicks. STEP 6 After replacing the filters, reset the filter alarm. • Press and hold the [ ] button for 3 seconds or more.
  • Page 16 – The filters are a consumable part, and will not be replaced free of charge even during the free warranty period. • To purchase a new replacement filters, contact a local Samsung Service Center or visit com on the web.
  • Page 17: Operation Features

    Operation Features If you hear a chime sound when you connect the power cord, it means that the power is normally connected. Turning the power on/off • Press the Power button. The air purifier turns on with a notification sound and automatically begins operation. –...
  • Page 18: Wind-Free Mode / Sleep Mode / Lock

    Operation Features Wind-Free mode Use the Wind-Free mode to purify the air with a gentle wind. When you start the Wind-Free mode, the front panel comes back into the product’s body. • If you cancel the Wind-Free mode while it is running, the product operates in the previous mode.
  • Page 19: Clearing The Filter Replacement Reminder

    Clearing the filter replacement reminder Use the Filter Reset function to reset the filter replacement reminder after replacing the deodorization filter or the dust collecting filters. The product automatically tells you when to replace them. • If you hear a beep and the filter replacement indicator lights up in red while the product is running, replace the replacement filters with new ones.
  • Page 20: Checking The Air Quality

    Operation Features Checking the air quality Example of PM10 cleanliness indications Use the Air quality function to display the cleanliness color indication for PM10 , PM2.5 , PM1.0 , or GAS and the concentration for PM10 , PM2.5 , or PM1.0 on the display. •...
  • Page 21 NOTE • When the air quality level remains the same for a specific period of time during operation, All indicators and displays except for the cleanliness color indicators turn off and the product enters the Energy saving mode. (This does not apply when using the product in Sleep mode.) •...
  • Page 22: Using Combined Air Purifiers / Combining Air Purifiers

    Using Combined Air Purifiers • When combined, the top product will operate both units together. The bottom unit can only be turned on or off, but operational control is ceded to the top unit. – In combined air purifiers, you can operate them using only the top product.
  • Page 23: Decombining Air Purifiers

    Decombining air purifiers STEP 1 Remove the top product. • Hold the bottom handles of the top product and Handle remove it. Caution • Be sure to check whether the bottom product is installed stably. • When moving the top product, hold its handles and be careful not to drop it.
  • Page 24: Precautions When Using Combined Air Purifiers

    Using Combined Air Purifiers Precautions when using combined air purifiers Caution You can combine only two products. • If three or more products are combined, they do not operate and a "beep beep beep" Beep Beep sound is emitted continuously. The products Beep may fall down and cause product damage or personal injury.
  • Page 25 Caution Do not place liquids on the products when each product is used alone or when combined products are used. • Liquids that enter the product may cause product malfunction and filter contamination. Do not combine products or use combined products on a floor that is inclined or not flat.
  • Page 26: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and Maintenance Be sure to disconnect the power plug from the socket before cleaning the product. Cleaning the air purifier exterior • Dampen a soft cloth with lukewarm water and wring it out, and then wipe the product exterior with it. •...
  • Page 27: Cleaning And Drying The Filters

    Cleaning and drying the filters NOTE • For how to remove or assemble the filters, see pages12 and14. Cleaning the pre-filter • If you can see dust accumulations, remove large dust first with a vacuum cleaner, and then rinse the filter with lukewarm water. –...
  • Page 28: Smartthings App

    SmartThings app via Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, 5G or more wireless networks. If the WiFi disconnects, please follow the instructions on the Samsung SmartThings app via your mobile device or tablet. 3 Checking the Internet connectivity Checking the power connections •...
  • Page 29 You do not need to install an additional app. Select NOTE 2 Connecting the SmartThings app to your • If you already have a Samsung account, log in product to the account. If you have a smartphone that • Follow the instructions displayed on the is a Samsung device and you have a Samsung SmartThings app to connect to your product.
  • Page 30 AES is recommended. New Wi-Fi after the last shipment of this product by contacting authentication specifications and Wi-Fi non- our support team via standard authentication methods are not (Please use the “Inquiry” menu.) supported.
  • Page 31 Controlling your air purifier with SmartThings app Smartly control your air purifier using the SmartThings app. Category Function Description Check the indoor air cleanliness. Indoor air Monitoring • Touch the icon to view the PM10 / PM2.5 / PM1.0 levels and gas quality cleanliness.
  • Page 32: Appendix

    Before Requesting Service Check the following before requesting service from the Service Center. Operation The air purifier does not operate. • Check the power supply and turn on the air purifier again. • Make sure that the power plug is plugged in, and then turn on the air purifier again.
  • Page 33 • If the indicator color stays in red after you have followed all the provided instructions and solutions, it may be a sensor issue. In this case, please contact your local Samsung Service Center. • When humidifiers, electric pressure cookers, sprayers and such are being used in the same room, the pollution level may be measured as Poor.
  • Page 34 • Replace the filters with new ones, and then press and hold the [ ] button for 3 seconds or more to reset the filter replacement reminder. Strange indications appear on the display. • If any of the indications C103, C154, C162, C163 appears, contact a Samsung Service Center. English...
  • Page 35 Memo English...
  • Page 36 QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? COUNTRY CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT U.S.A - Consumer 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) Electronics 1-844-SAM-PAYS (726-7297) - Mobile Phones 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) (English) CANADA 1-844-SAM-PAYS (726-7297) (French)

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