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Installation; Coin Slide Installation - Frigidaire Coin- Operated Commercial Tumble Action Washer Installation And Use Manual

Frigidaire coin- operated commercial tumble action washer installation instructions and use and care guide
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5. On machines equipped with drain pump, form
a U shape on the end of the drain hose, with
the hose pointed toward the drain.
NOTE: If the drain hose is placed in a standpipe
without forming a U shape, a siphoning action
could occur. There must be an air gap around
the drain hose. A snug hose fit can also cause a
siphoning action.
6. Carefully move the washer to its final location.
NOTE: Do not use the dispenser drawer or door to lift washer.
Excessive noise and vibration can be prevented by properly
leveling the washer.
7. For free standing installation and with the washer in it's final
position, place a level on top of the washer. Adjust the leveling
legs so the washer is level front-to-rear and side-to-side, and
stable corner-to-corner.
Press down on alternate corners and sides and feel for the
slightest movement. Adjust the appropriate leg so the washer
is SOLID on the floor on ALL four legs. Keep the leveling leg
extension at a minimum for best performance of thewasher.
8. For pedestal installations, See additional installation
instructions included with the pedestal.
9. Models equipped with drain pump: Place the formed end
of the drain hose in a laundry tub or a standpipe and secure
with the cable tie provided in the enclosure package. NOTE:
The drain pipe or floor drain, into which the drain hose is placed,
MUST be at least 1/2 inch larger in diameter than the drain
hose. This will insure that the sewer line cannot back up into
the washing machine.
10.Plug the power cord into a grounded outlet.
NOTE: Check to ensure the power is off at the circuit breaker/
fuse box before plugging the power cord into an outlet.
10.Turn on the power at the circuit breaker/fuse box.
11.Be sure you have read the "Important Safety Instructions"
before operating this washer.
12.Run the washer through a complete cycle. Check for water
leaks and proper operation.
13. Keep these instructions for future reference.
NOTE: A wiring diagram is located inside the washer on the
side panel.
The tight fit of the money box is set at the factory. Customer may
loosen fit as desired by loosening the slotted nuts. See FIG.2.
Keep A record of all coin-box key numbers.
A lost key can only be replaced by ordering the key numbers from
the place were the unit was purchased. The key number is located
both on the key and behind the end panel of the coin box. If the
key number is not available, the lock must be drilled out to remove
the coin box.
Instructions for Changing Vend Price
• Medium sized slotted screwdriver
• Small slotted Phillips screwdriver
Place all screws and other items removed from coin slide assembly
on a cloth so they will not get lost.
Remove slide mechanism from meter case. (see FUGURE 1).
Remove the coin slide extension from coin slide by removing two
mounting screws and spacers
(2) Mounting Screws
(see FIGURE 2).
Slide Return Spring
and Spacers



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