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Cycle Settings; Cycle Options; Washer Features - Frigidaire 134850300A (0702) Operating Instructions Manual

Fridgidaire washer p/n 134850300a (0702) operating instructions


Cycle Selection (Con't)
Perm Press
The Perm Press cycle provides 10 minutes of reversing
tumble wash action for cottons and blends with a no-iron
finish. To minimize wrinkling, the Warm Rinse and
Extended Spin option are not available with this cycle. The
Stain Clean and Extra Rinse options can be selected.
Quick Wash
The Quick Wash Cycle provides 10 minutes of reversing
tumble wash action for lightly soiled items that must be
laundered quickly. To save time, the Extra Rinse and the
Extended Spin option are not available with this cycle.
This cycle provides 10 minutes of gentle reversing wash
action for knits and delicates. To protect your delicate
items, a hot water wash, Heavy Soil, and the Extended
Spin option are not available. The Stain Clean and Extra
Rinse options are available.
Hand Wash
Select the Hand Wash cycle for items labeled "Hand
Washable". Ten minutes of occasional tumbling are
followed by 2 rinses and a slow final spin. To protect your
hand washables, a hot water wash, Heavy Soil, the Clean
Stain and Extended Spin options are not available. The
Extra Rinse option is available.
Spin Only
Use the Spin Only cycle anytime you want to drain water
from the washer and spin out the load or as a follow-up to
a No Spin selection. Select the spin speed appropriate to
the load. To add a rinse prior to spin, select the Extra
Rinse option.

Cycle Settings

Appropriate wash and rinse water temperatures, final spin
speed and soil level settings for each cycle will
automatically be displayed when a cycle is selected. To
change the preset selections, press Temperature , Spin
Speed and Soil level to scroll to the desired setting. If a
setting is not appropriate for that cycle, the indicator
will not light up.
NOTE: Pressing any button during operation of the
cycle will produce flashing indicator
lights, beeping and "Err" will be displayed.
To change a setting after the cycle starts, press Start/
Pause before making the adjustment. Changes made to
the cycle will automatically be remembered each time
that cycle is selected in the future.
Wash / Rinse Water Temperatures
Select a wash water temperature according to fiber
content, colorfastness and soil level. For best results,
follow the care label instructions and use the hottest water
safe for the fabric. A cold water rinse saves energy and
reduces wrinkling.
Hot/Cold Heavily soiled white/colorfast cotton and
perm press loads.
Warm/Cold Normally soiled white/colorfast cotton and
perm press loads.
Warm/Warm Washable woolens.
Cold/Cold Lightly soiled non-colorfast items, knits,
delicates and hand washables.
Auto Temp
Auto Temp improves washing performance. Water
temperature can be affected by the water heater setting
and its distance from the washer, water usage in other
parts of the home and seasonally low ground water
temperatures in some geographic areas. Because most
detergents work best in wash water at a minimum of 65°
F, select Auto Temp settings for regulated wash and final
rinse water temperatures.
Auto Temp Hot
120° F (Only if water heater
temperature is greater than 120° F.)
Auto Temp Warm
78° F
Auto Temp Cold
65° F
Temperature of cold tap water.
NOTE: Final rinse water temperatures are not regulated.
Spin Speed
Maximum, Fast, Medium and Slow speeds are available
for each cycle. The final spin speed and or duration vary
from cycle to cycle.
Increasing spin speed will extract more water and
decrease drying time.
Decreasing spin speed will reduce wrinkling.
Select Slow spin speed to gently spin items that
should be line dried.
Use No Spin to omit the final spin at the end of the
cycle. The load will be very wet. Remove items from
the wash drum to drip dry or select Spin Only to remove
excess water at a more convenient time.
Soil Level
Press Soil Level to increase or decrease the wash time.
Water Level
There is no need to select a water level. The washer
automatically adjusts the water level to the type and size of
wash load.

Cycle Options

To select or delete the Extra Rinse, Extended Spin or
Signal Volume, press Options until the blinking light
indicates the desired option. Then, while it is blinking,
press Select. The indicator will light when the option has
been selected. It will no longer be lighted when the option
has been deleted. To provide the best care for your laundry
items, not every option is available with every cycle.
Stain Clean
Use the Stain Clean option to add a 5-minute soak in the
middle of the wash portion of any cycle except Quick and
Hand Wash.
Extra Rinse
Use this option when additional rinsing is desired to
remove excess dirt and detergent. It is recommended for
heavily soiled loads or if household members have
sensitive skin. Extra Rinse occurs before the final rinse
when the liquid fabric softner is dispensed.
Extended Spin
Use this option to add several additional minutes to the
final spin at the selected speed. This will improve water
extraction and decrease drying time.
Signal Volume
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle this option is
selected. The signal has an adjustable volume level or
can be turned off.

Washer Features

Delay Start
Press Delay Start to select a wash time convenient to your
schedule or during off peak energy hours. The start of the
cycle can be delayed for up to 14 hours. The delay time
selected will be displayed as 30, 60 or 90 minutes or 2
through 14 hrs.
Control Lock
To avoid having someone accidentally start or stop the
washer, press Options and Select at the same time and
hold for 10 seconds until "LOC" is displayed alternately
with the estimated cycle time. To unlock the controls,
press Options and Select at the same time and hold 10
seconds until "LOC" is no longer displayed.
Estimated Cycle Time
The estimated total cycle time will be displayed when the
cycle is selected. The time may increase if water pressure
is low, oversudsing occurs or the load becomes
unbalanced. The approximate time remaining will be
displayed during the cycle.
Status Lights
The following will be displayed at the appropriate times
during the cycle:
Door Lock
Final Spin
Press Start/Pause to start, pause or restart a cycle. "PAU"
will be displayed alternately with the estimated time
remaining when the cycle is paused.
Press Cancel to stop the cycle.
PN 134850300A (0702)