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Viewer Troubleshooting

Refer to the following whenever Viewer operations are not what you expect.

Memory Devices

Viewer does not appear when I
connect USB memory to the Data
Projector's USB port.
Some folders and/or files are not
displayed in the file menu.
There are multiple devices
connected to the Data Projector via
a USB hub or USB card reader, but
some of the devices are not
When I connect my digital camera
to the Data Projector via USB,
digital camera memory contents do
not appear.
Cause and Required Action
The USB memory you are connecting may have a format that cannot be
recognized by the Data Projector. Connect the USB memory to your
computer to check if its file system is FAT or FAT32. If it isn't, reformat the
USB memory to FAT or FAT32. Note that doing so will delete all of the data
currently in USB memory.
If the Data Projector cannot recognize the USB memory even though its
file system is FAT or FAT32, the USB memory itself may be incompatible.
Try using different USB memory.
"Off" may be selected for the Data Projector's "Plug and Play" setting. Use
the procedure in the "Configuring Advanced Projector Settings" section of
the "User's Guide" (UsersGuide_English.pdf) to change the "Plug and
Play" setting to "On".
All the folders and/or files contained in a folder will not be displayed if there
are more than 999 folder and/or files inside the folder. If this happens, reduce
the number of folders and/or files in the folder.
The Data Projector can recognize up to four drives. If the number of
connected drives is greater than four, the Data Projector will not recognize
the fifth and subsequent drives. Connect memory devices while ensuring that
no more than four drives are connected.
The digital camera's USB mass storage class setting may not be
configured correctly, or you may need to perform some operation on the
camera. Consult the user documentation for your digital camera for
information about the required settings and operations.
The digital camera may not support USB mass storage class. If it does not,
you will not be able to use Viewer to view digital camera memory contents.


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