Performing A Presentation Using The Yc-400/Yc-430 Document Camera; Yc Camera Application Function And Operation Overview; Connecting The Document Camera To The Data Projector - Casio XJ-H1750 Function Manual

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Performing a Presentation Using the YC-400/YC-430
This section explains how to connect the CASIO YC-400/YC-430 Multi Projection Camera (document
camera) to the Data Projector in order to project the images of documents placed on the document
stage of the document camera. The Data Projector's built-in application named YC Camera is used to
project document images.
A YC-400 document camera can be connected to the Data Projector only if it is running firmware
version 1.1 or higher. For more information about firmware updating software, see "Installing the
Software" (page 8).
YC Camera Application Function and Operation
YC Camera is an application built into the Data Projector that makes it possible to control the YC-400/
YC-430 document camera from the Data Projector. With the YC Camera application you can project
the image of documents placed on the document stage of the document camera. Connecting the
document camera to the Data Projector's USB port and turning on the document camera will cause
the YC Camera application to start up automatically.

Connecting the Document Camera to the Data Projector

This section provides the basic steps you need to perform in order to connect the document camera
to the Data Projector and project the image of documents placed onto the document camera's
document stage.
The procedure below assumes that the Data Projector's plug-and-play feature is turned on
(which is the initial default setting). If you have turned off plug-and-play, turn it back on before
performing the procedure below. For more details about the plug-and-play setting, see "Setup
Menu Contents" in the "User's Guide" (UsersGuide_English.pdf).
The resolution of recorded images is fixed at 4 megapixels when a YC-400/YC-430 Document
Camera is connected to the Data Projector. The resolution setting cannot be changed in this
Document Camera


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