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Power Cord (Mains Lead); Safety Precautions - Hitachi HDB71 Instruction Manual

Digital terrestrial tv receiver
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Do not place the product where a piece of furniture or other heavy object could trap the power cord (mains lead).
Handle the power cord by the plug. Do not pull out the plug by tugging the cord and never touch the power cord
when your hands are wet as this could cause a short circuit or electric shock. Never make a knot in the cord or tie it
with other cords. The power cords should be routed in such a way that they are not likely to be stepped on. A
damaged power cord can cause fire or give you an electrical shock. Check the power cord periodically to see if it is
damaged. If it is damaged, please ask an approved service agent to replace it.
For your own safety read following instructions carefully before attempting to connect this device to the mains.
This unit is designed to operate on a 220V-240V AC - 50Hz supply only. Connecting it to other power sources
may damage it. Ensure that the supply corresponds to the information on the rating label on the bottom of the unit.
This digital terrestrial receiver is supplied with a moulded mains plug. This plug must not be cut off as it may
contain a special radio interference filter, the removal of which could lead to impaired performance. If you wish to
extend the lead, obtain an appropriate safety approved extension lead or consult your dealer.
Observe the manufacturers instructions when connecting extension leads to the set. Check the fuse rating on the
new plug, this should be fitted with a 5 Amp fuse which conforms to either ASTA or BSI (BS1362) approvals, these
are easily identifiable by either the
symbols. If you are in any doubt about the installation of an
extension lead, please consult a competent electrician.
This symbol means that this unit is double insulated. An earth connection is not required.
To prevent electric shock, do not remove the cover. No user servicable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified
service personnel. Disconnect from the mains supply before cleaning.


Power Source.
This unit should only be connected to a 220-240V AC 50-60 Hz power supply. Do not connect to any other supply.
Power Lead.
Do not place the lead where it may be stepped on or tripped over. Do not place heavy objects on the lead. If the
lead becomes cut or damaged, please disconnect the unit from the mains supply.
The mains plug or the appliance coupler is used as the disconnect device, the disconnect device shall remain readily
Place on a solid base such as a shelf or in a TV cabinet or similar. Do not place near heat sources such as
radiators, fires or similar.
Do not block ventilation holes or place in a location that does not allow a free airflow.
Do not place the unit near water or in high humidity areas. Avoid splashing. If the unit does get wet please call an
approved service agent.
Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be
placed on the apparatus.



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