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Parental Settings; Menu Lock; Set Lock Key; Timers Menu - Hitachi HDB71 Instruction Manual

Digital terrestrial tv receiver
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Use "5/6" buttons to go to Parental Settings option. Press
SELECT button to enter Parental Settings Menu. A box asking
for the lock key is displayed. There is only one key which is set to
"0000" initially. Enter lock key. If it is incorrect, it is returned back.
If it is correct, the Parental Settings Menu including following
items is displayed: There you can set/reset locking for the Main Menu, or the Installation Menu to restrict access. If
the menu lock is disabled, there will be free access to the menu system. You can change the lock key.
5.3.10.i. Menu Lock
Use "5/6" buttons to go to Menu Lock option. Use "3/4"buttons to toggle Menu Lock Mode.
DISABLED : All menus are unlocked.
MAIN MENU : Main Menu is accessible only with the correct lock key. So the user can't add, delete, rename,
channels, can't set timers.
INSTALLATION: Installation menu is locked. So the user can't add channels.
Changes will be updated after exiting 'Configuration Menu'.
5.3.10.ii. Set Lock Key
Use "5/6" buttons to go to Set
Lock Key option. Use SELECT
button to enter new password.
New Password Menu is displayed.
Use NUMERIC buttons to enter new password. New Password is asked twice for confirmation. If both passwords
are four digits long and the same, the password is changed. It is updated after exiting the Parental Menu.


Timer Menu is entered from the Main Menu. There is a five
column summary information, such as timer no, channel
name, start time, end time, start date and mode, for each
of the five timers.
There are two ways to set a timer. If the start/end time and
date are valid numbers, the timer can be set directly by
changing the mode from "Inactive" to "Active" using
"3/4"cursors. If the start/end times and date are invalid or
if the set values are to be changed totally, OK must be
pressed while the desired timer is highlighted in the
summary list. A new window where the timer details are to
be entered will be displayed on the lower part of the
screen. The timer details are as follows:
Name: According to the type that is chosen above, "3" /
"4" keys will navigate the user through the TV or Radio list and name of
the program is selected.
Start: By using "0,1,2...,9" keys start time of the timer is entered.
End: By using "0,1,2...,9" keys end time of the timer is entered.
Date: By using "0,1,2...,9" keys date of the timer is entered.
Mode: By using "3" / "4" keys, timer mode is selected as "Once", "Daily"
or " Weekly" .



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