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Channel Navigation; Volume Control - Hitachi HDB71 Instruction Manual

Digital terrestrial tv receiver
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There are two ways to navigate through the channels:
1. Pressing P+/P- keys will help you to go to the next or the previous channel in the list.
2. Pressing a number key will activate a small digit entry window on the left upper corner of the screen. After a digit
is entered, the box will wait for 2 seconds till you enter another digit. If no digit is entered during these 2 seconds,
then the box will switch to the entered number channel.
If a number that is greater than the maximum number of channels is entered, the box will switch automatically to
the last channel. Each time the box switches to the desired channel, an information window is displayed on the
lower part of the screen. The small bar on top right of the banner indicates the current signal quality. On this
channel info window there are:
Ø Current event name next event name, and their start and end times.
Ø Time
Ø Channel number
Ø Name of the channel
An icon indicating that the channel is set as favourite (if the channel is not set as favourite the field is left empty)
TV / Radio icon
When switching to a locked channel, lock code is requested via a window as shown in
the picture. Only after the correct code is entered, it is allowed to access to this
channel. To skip this channel, P+/P- cursor keys must be used.


The volume level of the sound from the receiver can be altered with
the [V+] and [V-] keys on the remote control handset. Pressing either
key displays a bar graph of the sound volume on the TV screen.The
volume level selected will remain set, even when the receiver is turned
off and on again, until it is altered with the [V+] and [V-] keys.
Please note, that if you decrease the normal volume, the VCR output volume will also be decreased. This will
affect any recording that you are making from your set-top box.
The audio volume adjustment for the receiver is independent of the volume control on your TV set. Be careful that
both volume controls are kept within reasonable levels so that when switching from analogue to digital television
viewing, or when first turning on your TV set, the sound level is not suddenly very high.
You can silence the sound from the receiver by pressing the [MUTE] key. The sound remains muted
until the [MUTE] key is pressed again, the [V+] or [V-] keys are pressed, or until the receiver is turned
off and on again.While the sound is muted in this way, the mute symbol is displayed in the top left of
the TV screen. The symbol is removed after 3 seconds, but the sound will remain muted until the
[MUTE] key is pressed for the second time,and the mute symbol will display for 3 seconds.



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