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Installation; Add New Channels; Automatic Search; Manual Search - Hitachi HDB71 Instruction Manual

Digital terrestrial tv receiver
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When you leave the Configuration menu by pressing [MENU] the favourite mode is activated. Now, changing
channel using the [P+] or [P-] keys will switch to only those channels marked as favourites in the channel list.
You can still access all the channels in the channel list by keying in their channel list number or by selection from
the Channel List screen. Alternatively you can switch off the favourite mode from the Favourite Mode line of the
Configuration menu.
NOTE: The favourite mode can only be activated if one or more channels in the channel list are marked as
favourites. Similarly, if the favourite status is removed from all the channels in the Channel List, the favourite mode
is turned off automatically.


The options located in Installation Menu are:

1. Add New Channels

- Automatic Search

- Manual Search

2. First Time Installation
The receiver can search for channels automatically (searching all the broadcast
channels) or manually (searching one specified broadcast frequency only for any channels to be found there).Press
the [MENU] key to display the Main Menu and using the
press [SELECT] to display the Installation Menu. Highlight the Add New Channels line and press
the options. Select Automatic Search with the
displayed. This starts the automatic tuning process and searches through all the available broadcast frequencies
for free-to-air channels. Previous channels will be replaced on automatic search. AUTOMATIC SEARCH
Automatic search is started by selecting YES in the auto-search pop
up menu. All the multiplexes are searched and a channel table is
created automatically. All channels found are stored in a sorted form
with respect to their channel numbers. MANUAL SEARCH
In manual search the number of the multiplex is entered
manually and only that multiplex is searched for the channels.
In manual and auto search, any existing channel in the
database is not re-stored to avoid redundant duplicates of that
keys and press [SELECT]. A warning message is
frequencies for free-to-air
keys, highlight the Installation line and
to display



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