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Hitachi HDB72 ARGOS Instruction Manual

Digital terrestrial tv receiver
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Digital Terrestrial TV
Instruction Manual
To obtain the best performance and ensure years of trouble-free use,
please read this instruction manual completely.



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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi HDB72 ARGOS

  • Page 1 Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver Model HDB72 Instruction Manual To obtain the best performance and ensure years of trouble-free use, please read this instruction manual completely.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION..............................2 SOME DOS AND DON'TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT ................3 POWER CORD (MAINS LEAD)..........................4 2. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ............................4 YOUR DIGITAL RECEIVER ............................6 3. PREPARING ................................6 3.1. REMOTE CONTROL ............................6 3.2.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    1. INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this product. It will give you good service if you take note of all safety notices and recommendations. Contents supplied : SET TOP BOX INSTRUCTION BOOK QUICK SETUP GUIDE HDB72 Remote controller Batteries RC 2545B 2 x AAA RF CABLE SCART CABLE...
  • Page 4: Some Dos And Don'ts On The Safe Use Of Equipment

    SOME DOS AND DON'TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured. ************** DO read the operating instructions before you attempt to use the equipment.
  • Page 5: Power Cord (Mains Lead)

    POWER CORD (MAINS LEAD) Do not place the product where a piece of furniture or other heavy object could trap the power cord (mains lead). Handle the power cord by the plug. Do not pull out the plug by tugging the cord and never touch the power cord when your hands are wet as this could cause a short circuit or electric shock.
  • Page 6 No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be placed on the apparatus. Do not place any objects into the ventilation slots. Should any of the above take place, do NOT open the unit yourself. You will invalidate your warranty and cause a possible safety hazard, as there are high voltages inside.
  • Page 7: Your Digital Receiver

    YOUR DIGITAL RECEIVER FRONT PANEL: ON/OFF PROG PROG DOWN REAR PANEL: 35021695 ANT. IN TV OUT AUDIO L AUDIO R SCART (TV) SCART (VCR/AUX) AERIAL AERIAL AUDIO OUT SCART SCART LEFT/RIGHT 3. PREPARING 3.1. REMOTE CONTROL First open the battery cover on the underside of the remote control. Put in both batteries 1.5Volt (RO3/AAA) referring to the imprinted symbols (+/-) in the battery case and put on the battery cover again.
  • Page 8: Connection To A Vcr

    3.2.2. CONNECTION TO A VCR 1) Connect one end of a SCART cable to the TV SCART connector on the STB and the other end to a SCART socket on your TV 2) Connect one end of a second SCART cable to the VCR SCART connector on the STB and the other end to a SCART Socket on your VCR (Video Cassette Recorder).
  • Page 9: Aerial Connection

    3.2.3. AERIAL CONNECTION If the lead from your TV aerial is currently connected into your TV, then remove this lead from your TV and connect to the “Antenna In” socket on your STB. Please note that reception of Digital TV requires a good quality external TV antenna. It is not recommended that the STB is connected to an internal aerial.
  • Page 10: Remote Control Functions

  • Page 11 BUTTON FUNCTION Switches the receiver on and into Standby. Standby Mutes received audio. Mute Switches between DTV and STB (see page 20 for TV/DTV details). Displays the Main Menu / Exits menus. Menu Moves between menu items. Up, Down, Left, Right Makes selection in a menu.
  • Page 12: Menu Interface

    5. MENU INTERFACE FIRST TIME INSTALLATION When the box is started from standby for the first time there will be no channels stored in memory. A “First time Installation” menu will be displayed. Select the TV type (screen format). To continue, press the SELECT key. A warning message will appear, which asks you, if you want to start automatic search or not.
  • Page 13: Navigating The Whole List Of Channels NAVIGATING THE WHOLE LIST OF CHANNELS In the channel table moves the cursor to select the previous or next channel. RED and GREEN buttons select page up and down. To watch a specific channel, highlight it using the buttons or the Red/Green buttons, then press SELECT, if the SELECT box is highlighted.
  • Page 14: Installation

    When you leave the Configuration menu by pressing [MENU] the favourite mode is activated. Now, changing channel using the [P+] or [P-] keys will switch to only those channels marked as favourites in the channel list. You can still access all the channels in the channel list by keying in their channel list number or by selection from the Channel List screen.
  • Page 15: First Time Installation

    5.2.2. FIRST TIME INSTALLATION The user can use this item to load default settings, which had been loaded to the receiver at the factory. To install factory settings, highlight ‘First Time Installation’ menu and press SELECT key, then you will be asked to confirm for deleting all channels and settings.
  • Page 16: Favourite Mode

    5.3.5. FAVOURITE MODE This function enables or disables the favourite channel list mode by pressing “3/4” buttons and press OK. If there is no favourite channel, a warning message is displayed. 5.3.6. EPG PREFERENCE Digital terrestrial television channels can broadcast simultaneous Next&Now and 7-Days electronic program. Highlight the EPG Preference line in the Configuration menu and use the “3”...
  • Page 17: Parental Settings

    5.3.9. PARENTAL SETTINGS Use “5/6” buttons to go to Parental Settings option. Press SELECT button to enter Parental Settings Menu. A box asking for the lock key is displayed. There is only one key which is set to “0000” initially. Enter lock key. If it is incorrect, it is returned back. If it is correct, the Parental Settings Menu including following items is displayed: There you can set/reset locking for the Main Menu, or the Installation Menu to restrict access.
  • Page 18: Language

    Start, End and Date field data are entered using number keys. Current time and date are shown on the lower-right part of the screen to help you. After the desired detail fields are filled, one can turn back to the timer info summary list by pressing “OK” to save the settings, or by pressing “Menu”...
  • Page 19: Messages

    Press MENU to view the 7 day EPG. Press “5/6” to navigate in Channels or Programmes. “3/4”key to navigate through the channel and program list. With RED/GREEN keys you can change schedule time. By pressing YELLOW/BLUE you can advance the schedule backward/ forward of a day.
  • Page 20: Channel Navigation

    6.3. CHANNEL NAVIGATION There are two ways to navigate through the channels: 1. Pressing P+/P- keys will help you to go to the next or the previous channel in the list. 2. Pressing a number key will activate a small digit entry window on the left upper corner of the screen. After a digit is entered, the box will wait for 2 seconds till you enter another digit.
  • Page 21: Digital Teletext

    6.5. DIGITAL TELETEXT Many digital terrestrial television channels not only broadcast pictures and sound for programmes but also pages of information on the programmes, the weather, news and many other topics. This digital teletext can be displayed by the receiver.Some channels are entirely given over to digital teletext and carry no normal TV programme at all. These dedicated digital teletext channels will not give a quarter-screen image in the EPG or the Channel List screen.
  • Page 22: Trouble Shooting Guide

    7. TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE TROUBLE POSSIBLE REASONS WHAT TO DO Check if the mains cable is plugged The standby led is not lit. Mains cable is not connected. into the power socket. Check the antenna and SCART No picture or sound. No signal or weak signal.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    8. SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Size 295x170x40 mm Weight 950 g Power consumption Standby Low Power Consumption Less than or equal to 2 W SYSTEM Processor Philips PNX8316 Flash memory 2 Mbyte SDRAM 16 Mbyte MHEG-5 engine compliant with ISO/IEC 13522-5 and UKEngine Profile1 Object carousel support compliant with ISO/IEC 13818-6 and UK DTT Profile RECEPTION Frequency range...
  • Page 24: Important Notice

    9. IMPORTANT NOTICE DIGITAL SWITCHOVER AND YOUR TV EQUIPMENT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO ENJOY WATCHING TV DURING AND FOLLOWING DIGITAL SWITCHOVER Starting in 2008* and ending in 2012, television services in the UK will go completely digital, TV region by TV region.
  • Page 25 10. Product Guarantee This product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 1 Year This does not cover the product where the fault is due to misuse, abuse, use in contravention of the instructions, or where the product has been the subject of unauthorised modifications or alterations, or has been the subject of commercial use In the event of a problem with the product within the guarantee period please return it to your nearest store...
  • Page 26 The mark is in compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE). The mark indicates the requirement NOT to dispose the equipment including any spent or discarded batteries as unsorted municipal waste, but use the return and collection systems available. If the batteries or accumulators included with this equipment, display the chemical symbol Hg, Cd, or Pb, then it means that the battery has a heavy metal content of more than 0.0005% Mercury, or more than 0.002% Cadmium or more than, 0.004% Lead.