Product Registration; Important Safety Instructions - Frigidaire 297068500 User Manual

Frigidaire commercial chest freezer ice cream freezer user manual
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Product Registration

These instructions include information which is intended to
assure the operator of correct installation, operation and service.
Before attempting installation, adjustment or maintenance, be
certain of the following:
• That you have read and fully understand the instructions.
• That you have all the tools required and are trained to use
• That you have met all installation and usage restrictions and
are familiar with the functions and operations of the unit.
• That you follow all instructions exactly as given.
All the fittings, measurements, recommendations and procedures
are significant. Substitutions and approximations must be
avoided. Improper handling, maintenance, installation and
adjustment, or service attempted by anyone other than a qualified
technician, may void the future warranty claims and cause
damage to the unit and/or result in injury to the operator and/or
Record your Model and Serial Numbers
Record the model number and serial number of this appliance
in the space provided below (the serial plate is located on the
outside left wall of the freezer).
Model No.
Serial No.
Installation Date
Invoice Date
Start-up Date
Telephone for Service
Register Your Product
The self-addressed PRODUCT REGISTRATION CARD (shown
above) should be filled in completely, signed and returned to the
address provided.

Important Safety Instructions

Read all instructions before using this appliance
For Your Safety
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and
liquids in the vicinity of this unit or any other appliance. Read
product labels for flammability and other warnings.
Child Safety
• Destroy carton, plastic bags, and any exterior wrapping material
immediately after the appliance is unpacked. Children should
never use these items for play. Cartons covered with rugs,
bedspreads, plastic sheets or stretch wrap may become airtight
chambers and can quickly cause suffocation.
• A child might suffocate if he crawls into the appliance to hide
or play. Remove the door/lid of the appliance when not in use,
even if you plan to discard the appliance. Many communities
have laws requiring you to take this safety precaution.
Proper Disposal of Freezer
Risk of Child Entrapment
Child entrapment and suffocation are not problems of the past.
Junked or abandoned refrigerators or freezers are still dangerous
– even if they will sit for "just a few days". If you are getting rid of
your old refrigerator or freezer, please follow the instructions
below to help prevent accidents:
• Remove the lid.
• Have the refrigerant removed by a qualified technician.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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