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Appliance Start-Up; Features - Frigidaire 297068500 User Manual

Frigidaire commercial chest freezer ice cream freezer user manual
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Glass Lid (Glass Lid Models)
• There are two (2) glass lids, a smaller one that fits in the lower
track of the ice cream freezer and a larger one that fits in the
upper track. The lower track has two (2) round retaining studs
and the upper has four (4) round retaining studs
• Install the lower glass first. Again, the lower glass is the smaller
of the two. It has a flexible vinyl seal and a lock plate. The
flexible seal should be facing up and positioned on the end
away from the two round retaining studs. Place the panel in
the center and slide along the lower track until it is secure
under the two retaining studs.
• Place the upper glass panel over the lower glass panel already
in place. Slide it over the lower lid past the flexible seal. You
will notice a slight resistance with the lower lid gasket. Slide
the upper panel under the four studs on the upper track of the
• When properly installed, there is a seal formed by the flexible
vinyl seal between the two glass lids.

Appliance Start-up

Once the appliance has been located in its permanent location
and the proper power and grounding has been provided, the
following items must be checked or completed:
Cool Down Period
For safe food storage, allow 24 hours for the appliance to cool
down completely before loading with food. The appliance will
run continuously for the first several hours. Do not place any
food in the appliance until after the first 24 hours of operation.
Thermostat Setting
The appliance is shipped from the factory with the thermostat
set at about the mid-point of the operating range. Adjustments
colder or warmer can be made after the appliance has been
running for at least 8 hours. Allow at least 8 hours for temperature
stabilization before re-adjusting the thermostat.


Interior Lighting (Some Chest Freezer Models)
The light comes on automatically when the lid is opened. To
replace the light bulb, turn the temperature control to "OFF" and
UNPLUG THE ELECTRICAL CORD. Replace the old bulb with
a bulb of the same type and wattage.
Four (4) Swivel Casters
The freezer comes with four (4) swivel casters. The casters allow
the appliance to be moved with ease. Refer to the Installation
and Setup section for caster installation instructions.
Commercial Grade Basket
The NSF certified basket helps organize odd-shaped items. To
reach other packages in the freezer, slide the basket aside or lift
Security Lock
This security lock fastens the lid snugly, ensuring that stored
food is secure. To lock or unlock the freezer, slide the key into
the lock and turn. The key pops out of the lock after it has been

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents