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Energy Conservation Measures - Frigidaire 297068500 User Manual

Frigidaire commercial chest freezer ice cream freezer user manual
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Energy Conservation Measures

This appliance is designed for efficiency with heavy foam
insulation. However, there are things that the user can do to
maintain the appliance in operating condition.
• Do not operate the appliance any colder than necessary to
maintain safe, product storage temperatures.
• Make sure the appliance is located to prevent direct exposure
to sunlight, air ducts, etc.
• Keep the lid closed except for normal use. Inspect the lid often
to see that it self-closes and the gaskets are in good condition.
• Do not overstock the product in the cabinet because it will
block the normal air flow. See illustration below.
• Have at least annual inspections by a qualified service
company to see that the refrigerant charge is correct.
• This appliance operates more efficiently in a cooler ambient
than in a hot ambient. Try to maintain an ambient below 80ºF
(27ºC) and 65% RH (Relative Humidity) for maximum efficiency.
Periods of Non-use and Moving Tips
Leave the freezer operating during periods of non-use of less
than three (3) weeks.
Long Periods of Non-use
If the freezer will not be used for several months:
• Remove all food and unplug the power cord.
• Clean and dry the interior thoroughly.
• Leave the freezer lid open slightly, blocking it open if necessary,
to prevent odor and mold growth.
When moving the freezer, follow these guidelines to prevent
• Disconnect the power cord plug from the wall outlet.
• Remove foods, then defrost, and clean the freezer.
• Secure all loose items such as base panel, baskets, and
shelves by taping them securely in place to prevent damage.
• In the moving vehicle, secure freezer in an upright position to
prevent movement. Also, protect outside of freezer with a
blanket or similar item.

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