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PROFIBUS-DP Option Function Manual
1. Read this manual before installing or operating. Keep this instruction manual on hand
of the end user, and make use of this manual in maintenance and inspection.
2. All information contained in this manual will be changed without notice. Please
contact your Toshiba distributor to confirm the latest information.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Toshiba TOSVERT VF-MB1/S15

  • Page 1 1. Read this manual before installing or operating. Keep this instruction manual on hand of the end user, and make use of this manual in maintenance and inspection. 2. All information contained in this manual will be changed without notice. Please contact your Toshiba distributor to confirm the latest information.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

     E6581738 Contents 1. Introduction ..............................1 2. Connection Information..........................6 2.1. Exterior features...........................6 2.2. Status indicator ..........................7 2.3. VF-MB1/S15 Communication parameters ...................8 3. Profile...............................9 3.1. Telegram ............................9 3.2. STW Control Word Data ......................10 3.3. ZSW Status Word Data......................11 3.4. State Machine ..........................13 3.5.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    This manual describes the supported functions for the “PDP003Z”. In conjunction with this manual, the following manuals are supplied by Toshiba, and they are essential both for ensuring a safe, reliable system installation as well as for realizing the full potential of the “PDP003Z”:...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

     E6581738 Safety precautions On the drive and in its instruction manual, important information is contained for preventing injuries to users and damages to assets and for proper use of the device. Read the instruction manual attached to VF-MB1/S15 along with this instruction manual for completely understanding the safety precautions and adhere to the contents of these manuals.
  • Page 5  E6581738 ■ General Operation Warning ▼ Never disassemble, modify or repair. Doing so could result in electric shock, fire and injury. For repairs, call your sales Disassembly prohibited agency. ▼ Do not attach this option to any drive other than the VF- MB1/S15. Doing so could result in electric shock or fire.
  • Page 6  E6581738 ■ Wiring Warning ▼ Shut off power when installing and wiring this option. Wait at least 15 minutes and check to make sure that the charge lamp (VF- MB1/S15) is Mandatory no longer lit. ▼ Electrical construction work must be done by a qualified expert. Installation or connection of input power by someone who does not have that expert knowledge may result in fire or electric shock.
  • Page 7  E6581738 Notes on use Notes ▼ Do not install the drive where the temperature or the humidity will change rapidly. ▼ Keep a distance of 20cm or more between the drive 's power cable and the data transmission cable. Or the drive might malfunction because of noise.
  • Page 8: Connection Information

     E6581738 2. Connection Information This option allows the VF-MB1/S15 drive to be communicated with the cyclic command transmission and monitoring of the original profile ("Vendor spec.", refer to Section 4) of our company other than application profile "Profile for Variable Speed Drives PROFIdrive (3.072), refer to Section 3"...
  • Page 9: Status Indicator

     E6581738 2.2. Status indicator The PDP003Z has two LEDs, ST (status) and DX (data exchange) to indicate the statuses of PROFIBUS-DP and the PDP003Z itself. ST (status) DX (data Exchange) ST (Status): Red LED Meanings No diagnostics present 8 Hz (Blinking 4 times/1sec.): Waiting for parameterization or configuration Flashes 2 Hz (Blinking 1 times/1sec.):...
  • Page 10: Vf-Mb1/S15 Communication Parameters

     E6581738 2.3. VF-MB1/S15 Communication parameters In a network, VF-MB1/S15 (PDP003Z) serves as a PROFIBUS slave device. PDP003Z configuration is set by the following parameters. Default Parameter Function Adjustment range setting PDP003Z 2 to 126 c150 Station address The station address "126" cannot exchange data. PDP003Z 0: 12 Mbit/s c151...
  • Page 11: Profile

     E6581738 3. Profile 3.1. Telegram Telegram of PDP003Z is set up by the configurator. The figures below show the Telegrams and configurations that the PDP003Z supports . PZD1 PZD2 PZD3 PZD4 PZD5 PZD6 Telegram 1: PROFIdrive (PPO TYPE 3, 2PZD) Telegram 100: Vendor Spec.
  • Page 12: Stw Control Word Data

     E6581738 3.2. STW Control Word Data PDP003Z supports only speed control mode. Bit Value Name Note “Switched on” condition Normal stop. No Coast Stop All "Coast Stop (OFF2)" commands are withdrawn Coast Stop (OFF 2) Coast stop. No Quick Stop All "Quick Stop (OFF3)"...
  • Page 13: Zsw Status Word Data

     E6581738 3.3. ZSW Status Word Data Valure Name Note Ready To Switch-on Power supply is switched on Not Ready To Switch-on Ready To Operate Refer to control word, bit 1. Not Ready To Operate Drive follows setpoint. Operation Enabled (Refer to control word 1, bit 3) Operation Disabled Fault Present...
  • Page 14  E6581738 3.3.1. Tolerance Range (ZSW Bit 8) If the setpoint is changed: 1. ZSW Bit 8 is set 0 2. Calculate the tolerance. 3. Start the timer which will time-out based on parameter Tmax. PDP003Z checks that the timer (Tmax) has not timed-out and if the actual value is within the tolerance.
  • Page 15: State Machine

     E6581738 3.4. State Machine SWITCH-ON ZSW Bit 6 = 1 MAINS OFF INHIBIT Power ON STW Bit 0 = 0 A B C D ZSW Bit 0 = 0 NOT READY TO SWITCH-ON from any state STW Bit 3 = 0 STW: xxxx xxxx xxxx x110 FAULT OPERATION...
  • Page 16  E6581738 3.4.1. Examples of driving by the State Machine When using the PROFIdrive profile, the frequency reference is set to HSW. The setting value “0x0000” - ”0x4000” is equivalent to ”0” - ”Base frequency (parameter )”. When the reverse operation, the frequency reference is set with two's complement of the forward frequency reference.
  • Page 17: Access To The Profibus Parameter

     E6581738 3.5. Access to the PROFIBUS parameter In the cyclic PROFIBUS-DP communication, the parameter data is transferred via Telegram 100, 101. If the requirement is not executed, the cause is distinguished by octet 7 and 8. (Parameter ID/value) Process data (cyclically) PZD1 PZD2 Octet 1 Octet 2 Octet 3 Octet 4 Octet 5 Octet 6 Octet 7 Octet 8...
  • Page 18: Profibus Parameter (Pnu)

     E6581738 3.6. PROFIBUS parameter (PNU) data type Note drive Array [6] PNU 915, IND 0 = the parameter c001 drive Unsigned16 PNU 915, IND 1 = the parameter c002 drive PNU 915, IND 2 = the parameter c003 drive PNU 915, IND 3 = the parameter c004...
  • Page 19  E6581738 3.6.1. Examples of reading the PROFIdrive parameter Example 1. Reading the PNU 922 (Telegram) AK = 1 (Request parameter value) SPM = 0 PNU = 922 (0x039A) Requirement ・・・ ・・・ Response (Value: 0x0065 = 101) ・・・ ・・・
  • Page 20: Access To Vf-Mb1/S15 Parameter

     E6581738 3.7. Access to VF-MB1/S15 parameter When access to VF-MB1/S15 parameter, set “1” to the PNU. The communication number of the drive parameter is set to the subindex IND. Refer to the drive instruction manual about the communication number and unit. * This procedure changes the value of VF-MB1/S15 EEPROM.
  • Page 21  E6581738 Example 3. Reading the status monitor parameter ( (The operation frequency)) fe02 AK = 6 (Request parameter value (array)) SPM = 0 PNU = 1 IND = 0xFE02(fe02 communication number) Requirement ・・・ ・・・ Response (Value: 0x03E8 (= 1000 -> 10.00Hz)) ・・・...
  • Page 22: Vendor Spec. Profile

     E6581738 4. Vendor Spec. Profile Cyclic command transmission (the value of the parameter ) and c001 c006 monitoring (the value of the parameter ) are possible for PDP003Z by c021 c026 the original profile Select the ”Telegram 100”, ”Telegram 101” or ”Telegram 102” as the profile on the configuration.
  • Page 23: How To Use

     E6581738 4.1. How to use The purposes are adjustment by real time command transmission, and the monitor of an operation state by using cyclic communication of PROFIBUS. Example 1: Command transmitting When you want to set "0xC400" to parameter fa06, set “1 (fa06)” to parameter c001 And Since 0 and 1 byte of the PZD1 supports the parameter , if "0xC400"...
  • Page 24: The Overview Of The Vf-Mb1/S15 Parameter

     E6581738 4.2. The overview of the VF-MB1/S15 parameter Refer to a communication functional description (E6581726/E6581913) for details. 4.2.1. fa06 (Communication command1) Function Note Preset speed operation frequencies Preset speed operation is disabled or preset speed operation Preset speed frequencies (1-15) are set by operation frequencies specifying bits for preset speed operation frequencies 1-4.
  • Page 25  E6581738 4.2.2. fa23 (Communication command 2) Function Note (Reserved) Electric power quantity Electric power quantity (fe76, Reset reset fe77) reset (Reserved) (Reserved) (Reserved) (Reserved) (Reserved) Maximum deceleration Normal Enabled forced stop Select acceleration/deceleration Acceleration/decele- 00: Acceleration/deceleration 1 1-4 by combination of two bits.. ration selection 1 01: Acceleration/deceleration 2 AD1: acc, dec...
  • Page 26  E6581738 4.2.3. fa07 (frequency reference from internal option) Frequency reference is set up by 0.01Hz unit and the hexadecimal number. For example, when "Frequency reference" is set up to 80Hz, since the minimum unit is 0.01Hz, 80 / 0.01 = 8000 = 0x1F40 (Hex.) 4.2.4.
  • Page 27  E6581738 4.2.6. fd01 (Inverter operating status 1 (real time)) Function Note Under in Failure FL No output progress Trip status includes rtry and Failure Not tripped Tripped the trip retention status are also regarded as tripped statuses. Alarm No alarm Alarm issued Under voltage (moff) Normal...
  • Page 28  E6581738 4.2.8. fd03 (Output current (real time)) The output current is read into 0.01% of units and by the hexadecimal number. For example, when the output current of the rated current 4.8A drive is 50% (2.4A), 0x1388 (hexadecimal number) is read out. Since the minimum unit is 0.01%, 0x1388 (Hex.) = 5000 (Dec.) * 0.01 = 50 (%) Also about the following parameters, these are the same as this.
  • Page 29  E6581738 4.2.12. fc91 (Alarm code) Remarks Function (Code displayed on the panel) Over-current alarm Normal Alarming c flicking Inverter over load alarm Normal Alarming l flicking Motor over load alarm Normal Alarming l flicking Over heat alarm Normal Alarming h flicking Over voltage alarm Normal...
  • Page 30  E6581738 4.2.14. fd07 (Output TB Status) TB Name Function (Parameter) RY-RC Output terminal function selection 1A (f130) Output TB Function select 2A (f131) Output TB Function select 3 (f132) 3 - 15 (Undefined) Note: The bit described "Undefined" is unstable. Do not use the bit for the judgment. - 28 -...
  • Page 31: Diagnostic

     E6581738 5. Diagnostic When the communication loss occurs, PDP003Z returns the diagnosis telegram including the following information. Byte 1: Station Status 1 Byte 2: Station Status 2 Byte 3: Station Status 3 Byte 4: Master station address Byte 5: PDP003Z Ident Number high byte (0x0C) Byte 6: PDP003Z Ident Number low byte (0x24) Byte 7: Diagnostic data lengh Byte 8: Status Type (Status message = 0x81)
  • Page 32: Dp-V1 Function

     E6581738 6. DP-V1 function DP-V1 acyclic communication is mainly used to read/write the parameter. VF-MB1/S15 parameter and the PROFIBUS parameter can be read/written using PDP003Z. The following setting is necessary in the configuration to communicate DP-V1. (The figure below is a setting for SIMATEC Step7.) Parameter access sequence to VF-MB1/S15 takes place as described in the following figure.
  • Page 33: Example1. Read The Profidrive Parameter

     E6581738 6.1. Example1. Read the PROFIdrive parameter 6.1.1. Write Request data table (Read PNU 964 (0x03C4) IND 4) Field Description Value Header DU0 Function number 0x5F Header DU1 Slot number (0) 0x00 Header DU2 Index (47) 0x2F Header DU3 Length 0x0E Request Header (Byte 1)
  • Page 34: Example 2. Change The Profidrive Parameter

     E6581738 6.2. Example 2. Change the PROFIdrive parameter 6.2.1. Write Request data table (Change, set 0 to PNU 927 (0x039F)) Field Description Value Header (DU0) Function number 0x5F Header (DU1) Slot number (0) 0x00 Header (DU2) Index (47) 0x2F Header (DU3) Length 0x0E...
  • Page 35: Example 3. Read The Vf-Mb1/S15 Parameter

     E6581738 6.3. Example 3. Read the VF-MB1/S15 parameter When access to VF-MB1/S15 parameter, set “1000” to the PNU. 6.3.1. Write Request data table (Read (Input voltage)) fd04 Field Description Value Header DU0 Function number 0x5F Header DU1 Slot number (0) 0x00 Header DU2 Index (47)
  • Page 36: Example 4. Change The Vf-Mb1/S15 Parameter

     E6581738 6.4. Example 4. Change the VF-MB1/S15 parameter When access to VF-MB1/S15 parameter, set “1000” to the PNU. * This procedure changes the value of VF-MB1/S15 EEPROM. 6.4.1. Write Request data table (Change, set 7 to VF-MB1/S15 parameter f130 Field Description Value...
  • Page 37: Profibus Local/Remote Operation

    F-CC terminal short to RUN F-CC terminal open to STOP Output frequency is set up by the VIA signal input. 8. GSD file As for acquisition of an GSD file for VF-MB1 and VF-S15, please contact your Toshiba distributor. - 35 -...
  • Page 38: Appendix

     E6581738 9. Appendix Function number 0x5E: Read Request 0x5F: Write Request 0x5E: Positive response for Read request 0x5F: Positive response for Write request 0xDE: Negative response for Read request 0xDF: Negative response for Write request Request ID 0x01: Request the value 0x02: Change the value Response ID 0x01: Positive response for Request the value...

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