Care & Cleaning - Frigidaire 318203658 Use & Care Manual

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& Burner grates
The cooktop is designed to make cleaning easier. Because
the gas Burners are sealed, cleanups are easy when
spillovers are cleaned up immediately.
The cooktop, Burner Heads and Caps should be routinely
cleaned. Keeping the Burner Head Ports clean will
prevent improper ignition and an uneven flame. Refer to
the following instructions:
tHe COOKtOP IS NOt reMOVABLe. Do not
attempt to remove or lift the cooktop.
Pay attention to not damage electrodes. Damaged
electrodes may cause a delayed ignition or prevent the
burner from igniting.
Any additions, changes or conversions required in order
for this appliance to perform satisfactorily must be
made by an authorized Service Center.
do not remove any parts from the cooktop until they
have completely cooled and are safe to handle. do
not operate the surface Burners without the Burner
caps and Burner Heads properly in place.
to Clean the surface Burner Caps and Burner Heads-
Use a soap-filled scouring pad or a mild abrasive cleanser to
clean the surface Burner Caps and Burner Heads. The ports
(or slots) around the Burner Heads must be routinely checked.
If residue still remains in these ports (or slots), use a small-
gauge wire or needle to clean the slots or holes. For proper
flow of gas and ignition of the burner—do not alloW
sPills, Food, cleaning agents or anY otHer
material to enter tHe gas oriFice Holder
oPening. alWaYs keep the surface Burner Caps in place
whenever the gas Burners are in use or not.
to Clean the Burner Grates- Be sure burners and
grates are cool before you place your hand, a pot
holder, cleaning cloths or other material on them. The
cast iron burner grates can be washed in hot soapy
water. Rinse thoroughly and dry the grates with a cloth -
don't put them on the cooktop while still wet. Be sure the
grates are positioned securely over the burners.
To remove burned on food, place the grates in a covered
container or plastic bag. Add 1/4 cup ammonia and soak for
30 minutes. Wash, rinse well and dry. An abrasive cleaner
can be used for stubborn stains.
care & cleaning
consistent and proper cleaning is
essential to maintaining your ceramic
glass cooktop.
Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the
recommended CERAMA BRYTE® Cleaning Creme to the
ceramic surface. Clean and buff with a non abrasive cloth
or pad. This will make cleaning easier when soiled from
cooking. The special cooktop cleaning cream leaves a
protective finish on the glass to help prevent scratches
and abrasions.
Sliding aluminum or copper clad bottom pans on the
cooktop can cause metal markings on the cooktop
surface. These marks should be removed immediately
after the cooktop has cooled using the cooktop cleaning
cream. Metal marks can become permanent if not
removed prior to future use.
Cookware (cast iron, metal, ceramic or glass) with rough
bottoms can mark or scratch the cooktop surface. do
not slide anything metal or glass across the cooktop.
do not use your cooktop as a cutting board or work
surface in the kitchen. do not cook foods directly on the
cooktop surface without a pan. do not drop heavy or
hard objects on the glass cooktop, or they may crack it.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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