Setting Surface Controls - Frigidaire 318203658 Use & Care Manual

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oPerating tHe gas surFace controls
1 Place cooking utensil on surface burner.
2 Push the surface control knob down and turn
counterclockwise out of the OFF position.
3 Release the knob and rotate to the LITE position (see
figure 1). Note: All four electronic surface ignitors will
spark at the same time. However, only the burner
you are turning on will ignite.
4 Visually check that the burner has a flame.
5 Turn the control knob counterclockwise to the
desired flame size. The control knobs do not have to
be set at a particular setting. Use the knob indicator
settings to adjust the flame as needed. do not
cook with the surface control knob in the LITE
position. (The electronic ignitor will continue to spark
if the knob is left in the LITE position.)
do not place plastic items such as salt and
pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic
wrappings on top of the range when it is in use.
These items could melt or ignite. Pot holders, towels
or wood spoons could catch fire if placed too close to a
do not operate the burner for an extended period
of time without cookware on the grate. The finish
on the grate may chip without cookware to absorb the
In the event of an electrical power outage, the surface
burners can be lit manually. To light a surface burner,
hold a lit match to the burner head, then slowly turn
the surface control knob to LITE. After burner lights
turn the knob to desired setting. Use caution when
lighting surface burners manually.
Figure 1

setting surFace controls

setting ProPer surFace Burner
Flame siZe
For most cooking - start on the highest control
setting and then turn to a lower one to complete the
process. Use the recommendations below as a guide
for determining proper flame size for various types
of cooking. The size and type of utensil used and the
amount of food being cooked will influence the setting
For deep fat frying - use a thermometer and adjust the
surface control knob accordingly. If the fat is too cool, the
food will absorb the fat and be greasy. If the fat is too
hot, the food will brown so quickly that the center will be
under cooked. Do not attempt to deep fat fry too much
food at once as the food will neither brown nor cook
*Flame size
type of cooking
High Flame
Start most foods; bring water to a boil;
pan broiling.
Medium Flame Maintain a slow boil; thicken sauces,
gravies; steaming.
Low Flame
Keep foods cooking; poach; stewing.
Never extend the flame beyond the outer edge of the
utensil. A higher flame simply wastes heat and energy,
and increases the risk of being burned by the gas
*Note: Settings are based on using medium-
weight metal or aluminum pans. settings may
vary when using other types of pans. The color
of the flame is the key to proper burner adjustment. A
good flame is clear, blue and hardly visible in a well-
lighted room. Each cone of flame should be steady and
sharp. Clean burner if flame is yellow-orange.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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