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Before Setting Surface Controls - Frigidaire FFEC3624PB Use & Care Manual


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Ceramic Glass Cooktop
The ceramic cooktop has radiant surface elements
located below the surface of the glass. The design of
the ceramic cooktop outlines the area of the surface
element underneath. Make sure the diameter of the
pan matches the diameter of the element outline on the
Heat is transferred up through the surface of the cooktop
to the cookware. Only fl at-bottom cookware should
be used. The type and size of cookware, the number
of surface elements in use and their settings are all
factors that will affect the amount of heat that will
spread to areas beyond the surface elements. The areas
surrounding the elements may become hot enough to
cause burns.
The cooktop should not be used as a cutting board or
work surface.
Dropping heavy or hard objects on the cooktop may crack it.
Pans with rough bottoms may scratch the cooktop surface.
Placing foods directly on the smoothtop surface
(without cooking utensil) is not recommended as
diffi cult cleaning will result and foods may smoke and
cause a potential fi re hazard.
Never use the griddle or similar cooking sheet on the
ceramic glass cooktop.
Please read detailed instructions for ceramic glass
cooktop cleaning in the General Care & Cleaning
section and Before You Call checklist section of this
Use and Care Guide.


(some models)
About the Radiant Surface Elements
The element temperature rises gradually and evenly.
As the temperature rises, the element will glow red. To
maintain the selected setting, the element will cycle ON
and OFF. The heating element retains enough heat to
provide a uniform and consistent heat during the OFF
cycle. For effi cient cooking, turn OFF the element several
minutes before cooking is complete. This will allow
residual heat to complete the cooking process.
Types of the heating elements used
Your cooktop is equipped with radiant surface radiant
elements with different wattage ratings. The ability to
heat food quicker and in larger volumes increases as the
element wattage increases.
types of heating units may be found under the ceramic
glass cooktop:
– Regular (single coil) radiant elements of various
diameters or shapes.
– Expandable type (double circuits) radiant elements of
various diameters or shapes.
– Bridge Expandable type (triple circuits) radiant
elements of various diameters or shapes.
Depending on model, three


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