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Frigidaire 318200563 Use & Care Manual page 11

Frigidaire gas cooktop use & care manual
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General Cleaning
To Clean the Ceramic-glass Cooktop
The cooktop is designed to make cleaning easier. Because the burners are sealed, cleanups
are easy when spillovers are cleaned up immediately. To clean, wipe with a clean, damp cloth
and wipe dry.
Correct and consistent cleaning is essential to maintaining your heat-resistant glass top. Spills
and spatters should be wiped up using a clean paper towel and sudsy water. This should be
done either as soon as possible after the spill occurs, after cooking is completed, or at the
latest, before using the cooktop again. Use caution if the cooktop is hot. For heavy spills,
spatter or burned-on materials, use a razor blade scraper. Hold the razor blade scraper at a 30°
angle and remove food spills or burned on food residue.
For sugary spillovers:
Sugary spills can cause pitting of your cooktop surface. Therefore, you must begin cleaning the
spills while the cooktop is still hot.
Finish the cleaning process by applying a recommended heat-resistant glass cooktop
cleaning cream. Apply cleaner with clean, damp paper towel. Rinse with a paper towel
dampened with clean water and wipe dry. Always wipe the cooktop thoroughly to avoid
heating any cleaner residue.
Note: THIS COOKTOP IS NOT REMOVABLE. Do not attempt to remove or lift the cooktop.
DO NOT use a cooktop cleaner on a hot cooktop. The fumes can be hazardous to your health, and can chemically
damage the ceramic-glass surface. Be sure the controls are turned to OFF. Do not use commercial oven cleaners on any part of
the cooktop. Damage to the finish or parts could result.
Special Caution for Aluminum Foil and Aluminum Cooking Utensils
1) Aluminum foil
Use of aluminum foil will damage the cooktop. Do not use under any circumstances.
2) Aluminum utensils
The melting point of aluminum being much lower than that of other metals, care must be taken when aluminum pots or pans
are used. If allowed to boil dry, not only will the utensil be ruined, but also permanent damage in the form of breakage, fusing
or marking may affect the ceramic glass surface.
Things to Remember
1. Avoid using bleach and do not use ammonia to clean the ceramic surface.
2. Do not put plastic items on warm cooking areas.
3. Never slide oven racks across cooktop surface. They may scratch or metalmark the cooktop.
4. If cooktop should break, do not use cooktop or attempt to clean it. Call your Sears Service Center immediately.
5. Never use rivet or metal stand between the cooking utensil and the ceramic cooktop. The ceramic surface may be
scratched, metal marked or etched by such items.
6. Sugary spills can cause pitting of your cooktop surface. Therefore, you must begin cleaning the spills while the cooktop is still
hot. Use caution when following the steps below.
a) Turn off all surface units and remove all pans immediately.
b) Wearing an oven mitt, use a razor to scrape the hot spill out of the cooking zone to cooler area on the cooktop.
c) Allow the cooktop to cool.
(some models)
Sliding aluminum or copper clad bottom pans on the cooktop can cause metal
markings on the cooktop surface. These marks should be removed immediately
after the cooktop has cooled using the cooktop cleaning cream. Metal marks can
become permanent if not removed prior to future use.
Cookware (cast iron, metal, ceramic or glass) with rough bottoms can mark or scratch
the cooktop surface. Do not slide anything metal or glass across the cooktop. Do
not use your cooktop as a cutting board or work surface in the kitchen. Do not cook
foods directly on the cooktop surface without a pan.
Do not drop heavy or hard objects on the glass cooktop, they may cause it to crack.
Heavy burned-on spills can
be removed with a razor blade
scraper. Use caution to avoid
damaging surface.



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