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Frigidaire 318200563 Use & Care Manual page 12

Frigidaire gas cooktop use & care manual
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General Cleaning
To Clean the Ceramic-Glass Cooktop
Use and Care of Glass Surface
Fine "brown
lines" (tiny
scratches or
abrasions which
have collected
Metal marking
(mark or black
Brown streaks
and specks.
Note: Due to the high intensity of heat generated by the surface elements, the glass surface will turn green when the element will
be turned off. This phenomenon is normal and the glass will come back to its original white color after it has completely cooled
down. (White glass cooktops only).
Cleaning Materials for Ceramic Glass Cooktop
Some cleaning materials may contain an ingredient which can damage the cooktop. Use recommended materials only (see below).
Cleaner cream should be used regularly. First use recommended products listed below, then use cleaner cream.
Use only recommended cleaning products and follow these basic cleaning suggestions.
1. Before the cooktop is used, thoroughly clean and saturate the cooktop with cleaner cream.
A) Dampen clean paper towel and clean unit.
B) Wipe off with another clean, damp paper towel; then wipe dry.
2. For normal daily cleaning, apply a dab of cleaner cream. Start with approximately 1/8 teaspoon (apply more if needed). Then,
proceed as stated above in A and B.
3. Make sure bottom of cookware and cooking areas are clean and dry.
4. Select heat settings and cookware large enough for food and liquid.
5. Wipe up food spills and spatters before they burn into surface.
IMPORTANT : Regularly use cleaner cream. If you run out of cleaner cream, use one of the
cleaners listed. Be sure to get a new supply of cleaner cream.
Never mix cleaning products! Mixtures may interact, with damaging or
hazardous results.
(some models, Continued)
Coarse particles (salt,
sand, sugar or grit)
between bottom of
cookware and cooktop
that are not removed
before cooking.
Using incorrect cleaning
Sliding or scraping
metal utensils or oven
shelves across cooktop.
Cleaning with a
sponge or dishcloth
that has been used
for other kitchen tasks.
To Prevent
Clean cooktop after
every use.
Daily use of cleaner
Do not slide cookware
across cooktop.
Use cleaner creme
with clean, damp paper
To Remove
Tiny scratches are not removable.
They can be minimized by
continual use of cleaner creme.
Such scratches do not affect
Apply cleaner creme
with dampened paper
towel to a cooled surface.
Use a small amount of cleaner
creme with clean, damp paper



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