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Frigidaire 318200563 Use & Care Manual page 14

Frigidaire gas cooktop use & care manual
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General Cleaning
To Clean the Burner Grates, Contoured Burner Pans, Burner Cap, and Burner Base
The burner grates, contoured burner pans, burner cap, and burner base should be routinely cleaned. Keeping the burner ports
clean will prevent improper ignition and an uneven flame. Follow instructions below.
To Clean the Contoured Burner Pans
The burner pans are attached to the cooktop and are not removable. The burner pan forms a recessed well area located
around each burner unit. If a spill occurs in one of the well areas, blot up spill with an absorbent cloth. Rinse with a clean,
damp cloth and wipe dry.
To Clean the Burner Cap
Remove burner cap. Use a soap-filled scouring pad or a mild abrasive cleanser to clean burner caps. If necessary, cover
stubborn spots with an ammonia-soaked paper towel for 30 minutes. Rub gently with a soap-filled scouring pad and rinse with
a mixture of clean water and vinegar. Wipe dry. Remove all cleaners or the porcelain may become damaged during future
To Clean the Removable Burner Base and Gas Opening
The ports (or slots) around the burner base must be routinely cleaned. Use a small-gauge wire or needle to clean small slots or
holes. Use care to prevent damage to the electrode. If a cleaning cloth should catch the electrode, it could break or damage
the electrode. If the electrode is damaged or broken, the surface burner will not light because it will not spark. Manual
lighting with a match is still possible.
For proper flow of gas and ignition of the burner—DO NOT ALLOW SPILLS, FOOD, CLEANING AGENTS OR ANY OTHER
MATERIAL TO ENTER THE GAS OPENING. Gas must flow freely through the small hole in the brass orifice for the burners to
light properly. If the gas opening orifice becomes soiled or clogged, use a small-gauge wire or needle to clean. ALWAYS keep
the burner cap in place whenever a surface burner is in use.
To Clean the Grates
Be sure burners and grates are cool before you place your hand, a potholder, cleaning cloths or
other material on them. The cast iron burner grates can be washed in dishwasher or hot soapy
water. Rinse thoroughly and dry the grates with a cloth. Do not put them on the cooktop while
still wet. Be sure the grates are positioned securely over the burners.
To remove burned food, place the grates in a covered container or plastic bag. Add 1/4 cup
ammonia and soak for 30 minutes. Wash, rinse well and dry. An abrasive cleaner can be used
for stubborn stains.



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