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This handbook contains information on the Triumph America and Speedmaster motorcycles.
Always store this owner's handbook with the motorcycle.
Warnings, Cautions and
presented in the following form:
This warning symbol identifies special
instructions or procedures, which, if not
correctly followed, could result in personal
injury, or loss of life.
This caution symbol identifies special
instructions or procedures, which, if not
strictly observed, could result in damage to,
or destruction of, equipment.
This note symbol indicates points
of particular interest for more
efficient and convenient operation.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Foreword

    Foreword FOREWORD This handbook contains information on the Triumph America and Speedmaster motorcycles. Always store this owner's handbook with the motorcycle. Warnings, Cautions and Notes Caution Throughout this owner's handbook This caution symbol identifies special particularly important information instructions or procedures, which, if not...
  • Page 2: Warning Labels

    Maintenance To ensure a long, safe and trouble free life for your motorcycle, maintenance should always be carried out by an authorized Triumph dealer. Only an authorized Triumph dealer will have the necessary knowledge, equipment and skills to maintain your Triumph motorcycle correctly.
  • Page 3 Motorcycle Safety Foundation at: 2, Jenner Street, Irvine, California 92718. is based on the latest information available at the time of printing. Triumph reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice, or obligation. Not to be reproduced wholly or in part without the written permission of Triumph Motorcycles Limited.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Foreword Table of Contents This handbook contains a number of different sections. The table of contents below will help you find the beginning of each section where, in the case of the major sections, a further table of contents will help you find the specific subject required. Foreword .
  • Page 5: The Motorcycle

    Foreword - Safety First FOREWORD - SAFETY FIRST The Motorcycle Warning Warning This motorcycle is designed for use as a two-wheeled vehicle capable of carrying a This motorcycle is designed for on-road rider on his/her own, or a rider and one use only.
  • Page 6 Foreword - Safety First Fuel and Exhaust Fumes Warning Warning Never start your engine or let it run for any length of time in a closed area. The GASOLINE IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE: exhaust fumes are poisonous and may Always turn off the engine when refuelling. cause loss of consciousness and death Do not refuel or open the fuel filler cap within a short time.
  • Page 7 Foreword - Safety First Riding Warning Warning This Triumph motorcycle should operated within the legal speed limits for Never ride the motorcycle when fatigued the particular road travelled. or under the influence of alcohol or other Operating a motorcycle at high speeds can drugs.
  • Page 8 (close fitting around the knee and Caution ankle) and a brightly colored jacket. Brightly colored clothing will considerably This Triumph motorcycle is not fitted with increase a rider's (or passenger's) visibility spark arresters. Operation in forests, brush to other operators of road vehicles.
  • Page 9 Foreword - Safety First Handlebars and Footrests Warning Warning A helmet is one of the most important pieces of riding gear as it offers protection The rider must maintain control of the against head injuries. You and your vehicle keeping hands passenger's helmet should be carefully handlebars at all times.
  • Page 10 By removing the key, the risk conversions for any Triumph motorcycle of use of the motorcycle by unauthorized are those which carry official Triumph or untrained persons is reduced. approval and are fitted to the motorcycle by an authorized dealer.
  • Page 11 Foreword - Safety First Maintenance/Equipment Warning Warning Ensure all equipment that is required by law is installed and functioning correctly. Consult your authorized Triumph dealer removal alteration whenever there is doubt as to the correct motorcycle’s lights, mufflers, emission or safe...
  • Page 12: Warning Labels

    Foreword - Safety First Warning Label Locations - America and Speedmaster The labels detailed on this and the following pages draw your attention to important safety information in this handbook. Before riding, ensure that all riders have understood and complied with all the information to which these labels relate.
  • Page 13: Warning Labels

    Warning Labels WARNING LABELS Warning Label Locations - America and Speedmaster (continued) Helmet Unleaded Fuel (page 9) (page 29) Gear Position (page 42)
  • Page 14: Parts Identification

    Parts Identification PARTS IDENTIFICATION Parts Identification - America and Speedmaster 1. Front turn signal 9. Front brake caliper 2. Headlight 10.Fuel tank 3. Brake/Tail light 11. Fuel filler cap 4. Oil cooler 12.Battery 5. Rear turn signal 13.Rear brake caliper 6.
  • Page 15 Parts Identification PARTS IDENTIFICATION Parts Identification - America and Speedmaster (continued) 17. Steering lock 22.Oil level sight glass 18.Drive chain 23.Front fork 19.Rear brake fluid reservoir 24.Rear suspension unit 20.Rear brake pedal 25.Muffler 21. Oil filler plug...
  • Page 16 Parts Identification Parts Identification - America and Speedmaster (continued) 2 3 4 T9080006USA 1. Clutch lever 7. Warning lights 2. Headlight dimmer switch 8. Front brake fluid reservoir 3. Turn signal switch 9. Front brake lever 4. Horn button 10.Engine stop switch 5.
  • Page 17: Serial Numbers

    Serial Numbers SERIAL NUMBERS Vehicle Identification Engine Serial Number Number (VIN) ccil 1. Engine serial number cebr The engine serial number is stamped on the 1. VIN number stamping crankcase, immediately above the drive chain sprocket cover. Record the vehicle identification number in the space below.
  • Page 18 Serial Numbers This page intentionally left blank...
  • Page 19: General Information

    America and Speedmaster ........
  • Page 20 America Handbook Storage ........
  • Page 21: Instruments

    General Information Instruments America and Speedmaster cekv 1. Speedometer 6. High beam indicator light 2. Trip meter 7. Turn signal indicator light 3. Low fuel level indicator light 8. Neutral indicator light 4. Engine management malfunction 9. Low oil pressure warning light indicator light (MIL) 10.Trip meter reset knob...
  • Page 22: Speedometer

    General Information Speedometer Tachometer (Speedmaster only) The speedometer indicates the road speed of the motorcycle. The tachometer shows the engine speed in revolutions per minute - rpm (r/min). On the Odometer right side of the tachometer face is the 'red zone'. Engine rpm (r/min) in the red In the speedometer face is the odometer.
  • Page 23: Warning Lights

    Contact an authorized switch is set to 'high beam', the high beam Triumph dealer as soon as possible to have warning light will illuminate. the fault checked and rectified. Neutral...
  • Page 24: Ignition Key

    Your authorized Triumph dealer can supply a replacement key cut from details of the key number or can cut a new key using the original as a master.
  • Page 25: Ignition Switch

    General Information Ignition Switch Ignition Switch Positions Engine off. All electrical circuits off. Engine electrical equipment can be used. Engine off. Tail, side and license plate lights on, all other electrical circuits cut off. Warning For reasons of security and safety, always 1.
  • Page 26: Steering Lock Key

    (at safe place away from the motorcycle. which point the lock will turn and move Your authorized Triumph dealer can supply a inwards). replacement key cut from details of the key To disengage the steering lock, insert the key,...
  • Page 27: Right Handlebar Switches

    4. Starter button and a gear is engaged. Engine Stop Switch • Light switches are no longer fitted to any Triumph model. Instead, In addition to the ignition switch head tail lights being turned to the ON position,...
  • Page 28: Left Handlebar Switches

    General Information Left Handlebar Switches Brake and Clutch Lever Adjusters cbmk 1. Headlight dimmer switch cbmi 2. Turn signal switch 3. Horn button 1. Lever adjuster wheel Headlight Dimmer Switch An adjuster is fitted to the front brake and clutch levers on both models. The adjusters High or low beam can be selected allow the distance from the handlebar to the with the headlight dimmer switch.
  • Page 29: Fuel

    Fuel Grade loss of control and an accident. This Triumph motorcycle is designed to run After adjusting the levers, operate the on unleaded gasoline with a CLC or AKI motorcycle in an area free from traffic to octane rating (R+M)/2 of 87 or higher.
  • Page 30: Oxygenated Gasoline

    This Triumph motorcycle will give its best performance when using unleaded gasoline. However, the following should be Caution used as a guide if you use any oxygenated fuels.
  • Page 31: Refuelling

    General Information Refuelling Fuel Tank Cap Warning To help reduce hazards associated with fuel handling, always observe the following fuel safety instructions: Gasoline (fuel) is highly flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions. When refuelling, turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
  • Page 32: Filling The Fuel Tank

    General Information Filling the Fuel Tank Avoid filling the tank in rainy or dusty Warning conditions where airborne material can Overfilling the tank can lead to fuel contaminate the fuel. spillage. If gasoline (fuel) is spilled, thoroughly wipe Caution off the spilled fuel immediately and dispose of the cleaning cloth safely.
  • Page 33: Side Cover: Right Hand Side Cover

    To prevent damage to the seat cover, care necessary to remove the right hand side must be taken not to drop or lean the seat cover from the America and Speedmaster against any surface which may damage the models, except for major service or repair seat or seat cover.
  • Page 34: Seat - America

    Warning Note: The motorcycle is fitted with an interlock • On America models, under normal system to prevent it from being ridden circumstances, it is not necessary with the side stand in the down position. to remove the seat to gain access to rider-serviceable items.
  • Page 35: Owner's Handbook

    T908021USA beneath the seat. To store the handbook, place it back in the 1. Owner’s handbook storage - America space beneath the seat, then install the seat The motorcycle owner's handbook is stored as described under 'seat' (see page 33).
  • Page 36: Breaking-in

    General Information Breaking-in Both during and after breaking-in has been completed: Breaking-in is the name given to the process • Do not over-rev the engine when that occurs during the first hours of a new cold. vehicle's operation. • Do not lug the engine. Always In particular, internal friction in the engine will downshift before the engine begins be higher when components are new.
  • Page 37: Safe Operation

    Maintenance and (page 71). Adjustment section or see your authorized Brake Pads: There should be more than Triumph dealer for the action required to 0.06 in (1.5 mm) friction material return the motorcycle to a safe operating remaining on all the pads (page 71).
  • Page 38 General Information This page intentionally left blank...
  • Page 39: How To Ride The Motorcycle

    How to Ride the Motorcycle HOW TO RIDE THE MOTORCYCLE Table of Contents To Stop The Engine ............40 To Start The Engine .
  • Page 40: To Stop The Engine

    How to Ride the Motorcycle 1. Engine stop switch To Start The Engine 2. Starter button • Release the steering lock. 3. Neutral indicator light • Check that the engine stop switch is 4. Choke in the RUN position. 5. Ignition switch •...
  • Page 41 Caution • If the side stand is extended while This Triumph motorcycle is air cooled and the engine is running, and the consequently requires air-flow over the transmission is not in neutral then cylinders and head to maintain correct the engine will stop regardless of engine operating temperature.
  • Page 42: Moving Off/shifting Gears

    How to Ride the Motorcycle Moving Off/Shifting Gears Warning Take care to avoid opening the throttle too far or too fast in any of the lower gears as this can lead to the front wheel lifting from the ground ('pulling a wheelie') and the rear tire breaking traction (wheel spin).
  • Page 43: Braking

    T908025 area. Incorrect brake technique could result in 1. Front brake lever loss of control and an accident. Triumph strongly recommend that all riders take a course of instruction which includes advice on safe brake operation.
  • Page 44 How to Ride the Motorcycle Warning Warning For your safety, always exercise extreme When descending a long, steep gradient, caution when braking, accelerating or use engine braking by down-shifting and turning as any improper action can cause use the brakes intermittently. Continuous loss control accident.
  • Page 45: Parking

    How to Ride the Motorcycle Parking Warning Do not park on a soft or on a steeply inclined surface. Parking under these conditions may cause the motorcycle to fall over causing damage to property and personal injury. Warning Gasoline is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions.
  • Page 46: Considerations For High-speed Operation

    A problem which may not be noticed at normal Warning operating speeds greatly Only operate this Triumph motorcycle at exaggerated at high speeds. high speed in closed-course on-road competition or on closed-course racetracks. General High-speed operation should only then be...
  • Page 47: Brakes

    How to Ride the Motorcycle Brakes Engine Oil Check that the front and rear brakes are Make certain that the oil level is correct. functioning properly. Ensure that the correct grade and type of oil is used when topping-off. Tires Electrical Equipment High-speed operation is hard on tires, and good tires are crucial for riding safely.
  • Page 48 How to Ride the Motorcycle This page intentionally left blank...
  • Page 49: Accessories, Loading And Passengers

    Accessories and Loading ACCESSORIES AND LOADING The addition of accessories and carrying additional weight can affect the motorcycle's Warning handling characteristics causing changes in stability and necessitating a reduction in Do not install accessories or carry luggage speed. The following information has been that impairs the control of the motorcycle.
  • Page 50 The rider should instruct the passenger as follows: Warning • It is important that the passenger Only operate this Triumph motorcycle at sits still while the motorcycle is in high speed in closed-course on-road motion and does not interfere competition or on closed-course racetracks.
  • Page 51 Accessories and Loading Warning Warning Do not carry a passenger unless he or she If the passenger seat is used to carry small is tall enough to reach the footrests objects, they must not exceed 11 lbs (5 kg) provided. in weight, must not impair control of the motorcycle, must be securely attached and A passenger who is not tall enough to...
  • Page 52 Accessories and Loading This page intentionally left blank...
  • Page 53: Maintenance And Adjustment

    Maintenance and Adjustment MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT Table of Contents Scheduled Maintenance............55 Recording Scheduled Maintenance .
  • Page 54 Maintenance and Adjustment Suggested Suspension Settings ..........77 Tires.
  • Page 55: Maintenance And Adjustment

    Only an authorized scheduled maintenance chart. Triumph dealer will have this knowledge information that follows describes and equipment. procedures to follow when carrying out the...
  • Page 56 Maintenance and Adjustment Operation Description Odometer Reading in Miles (Kms) or Time Period, whichever comes first First Service A Service B Service C Service D Service Every 6,000 12,000 18,000 24,000 (800) (10,000) (20,000) (30,000) (40,000) 1 month 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years...
  • Page 57 Maintenance and Adjustment Operation Description Odometer Reading in Miles (Kms) or Time Period, whichever comes first First Service A Service B Service C Service D Service Every 6,000 12,000 18,000 24,000 (800) (10,000) (20,000) (30,000) (40,000) 1 month 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years...
  • Page 58: Recording Scheduled Maintenance

    Triumph dealer carry out the scheduled maintenance of Service Handbook Entry this motorcycle. Each time you visit your authorized Triumph Triumph Motorcycles cannot accept any dealer for scheduled servicing, always present responsibility for damage or injury resulting...
  • Page 59: Engine Oil

    Maintenance and Adjustment Engine Oil T908027 Warning 1. Filler Motorcycle operation with insufficient, 2. Sight glass deteriorated, or contaminated engine oil 3. Oil level (correct level shown) will cause accelerated engine wear and 4. Crankcase oil level lines may result in engine or transmission seizure.
  • Page 60: Oil Level Inspection

    Maintenance and Adjustment Oil Level Inspection Oil and Oil Filter Change • Start the engine and run at idle for approximately five minutes. • Stop the engine, then wait for at least three minutes to allow the oil to settle. •...
  • Page 61 • Unscrew and remove the oil filter seizure. Only raise engine speed after using the Triumph service tool running the engine for 30 seconds to allow T3880313. the oil to circulate fully. •...
  • Page 62: Disposal Of Used Engine Oil

    Caution If the engine oil pressure is too low, the low oil pressure warning light will illuminate. If Triumph high performance engines are this warning light stays on when the designed to use semi or fully synthetic engine is running, stop the engine 10W/40 or 15W/50 motorcycle engine oil immediately and investigate the cause.
  • Page 63: Throttle Grip

    Triumph dealer. checked by an authorized Triumph dealer However, in an emergency, throttle if any changes are detected. Changes can adjustments made be due to wear in the mechanism, which follows: could lead to a sticking throttle.
  • Page 64: Adjustment

    To avoid incorrect adjustment, incorrect routing, or continued use of a sticking or damaged throttle, always have the throttle checked and adjusted by your authorized Triumph dealer. Note: ccip1 • Minor adjustments can be made 1.
  • Page 65: Clutch

    Triumph dealer and have cable-operated clutch. them check the throttle system If the clutch lever has excessive free play, the thoroughly before riding again. clutch may not disengage fully and could then cause the engine to stall and create difficulties when shifting gear.
  • Page 66: Inspection

    Maintenance and Adjustment Inspection Adjustment cbmy T908034 1. Lever 1. Adjuster (engine end) 2. Adjuster (lever end) • Loosen the knurled locknut at the 3. 0.08 - 0.12 in (2 - 3 mm) lever end of the clutch cable and turn the adjuster sleeve until the •...
  • Page 67: Drive Chain

    Maintenance and Adjustment Drive Chain Chain Lubrication Lubrication is necessary every 200 miles For safety and to prevent excessive wear, the (300 kms) and also after riding in wet drive chain must be checked, adjusted, and weather, on wet roads, or any time that the lubricated in accordance with scheduled chain appears dry.
  • Page 68: Chain Free-movement

    Maintenance and Adjustment Chain Free-Movement Adjustment • chain free-movement measurement incorrect, adjustments must be made as follows: • Loosen the wheel spindle nut. • Moving both adjusters by an equal amount, turn the adjuster bolts clockwise increase chain free-movement counter-clockwise to reduce chain free-movement.
  • Page 69: Chain Wear Inspection

    Maintenance and Adjustment both sides of the motorcycle. Adjust Chain Wear Inspection as necessary if incorrect. • Rotate the rear wheel and repeat the chain adjustment check. Re-adjust if necessary. Warning Operation of the motorcycle with a loose wheel spindle may result in impaired stability and handling of the motorcycle.
  • Page 70 Either condition could lock the rear wheel, severely damaging the motorcycle and causing loss of control and an accident. For safety, use a genuine Triumph supplied chain as specified in the Triumph parts catalog. Never neglect chain maintenance and always have chains installed by an authorized Triumph dealer.
  • Page 71: Brakes

    It is dangerous to operate the motorcycle under such conditions and remedial action must be taken by your authorized Triumph dealer before riding. Riding with defective brakes may lead to loss of motorcycle control and an accident.
  • Page 72: Brake Light Switches

    Triumph dealer pressed, ask your authorized Triumph dealer before riding. Riding with depleted brake to investigate and rectify the fault.
  • Page 73: Front Brake Fluid Level Inspection And Adjustment

    Maintenance and Adjustment Front Brake Fluid Level Inspection Rear Brake Fluid Level Inspection and Adjustment and Adjustment ccit T908040 1. Upper level, rear brake 2. Lower level, rear brake 1. Upper level line, front brake • The rear brake fluid level is visible 2.
  • Page 74: Steering/wheel Bearings

    Maintenance and Adjustment • Install the reservoir cap ensuring that Steering/Wheel Bearings the diaphragm seal is correctly positioned between the cap and Steering Inspection reservoir body. Lubricate and inspect the condition of the • Locate the black reservoir cover, steering head (steering) bearings...
  • Page 75: Wheel Bearings Inspection

    If the wheel bearings in the front or rear wheel allow play in the wheel hub, are noisy, or if the wheel does not turn smoothly, have your authorized Triumph dealer inspect the wheel bearings. The wheel bearings must be inspected at the...
  • Page 76: Front Suspension

    Turn the adjuster ring clockwise to increase control and an accident. spring pre-load, and counter-clockwise to decrease spring pre-load. Suspension Setting The America and Speedmaster models both have non-adjustable front suspension. Warning Ensure that the adjusters are set to the Warning same setting on both rear suspension units.
  • Page 77: Suggested Suspension Settings

    Maintenance and Adjustment Suggested Suspension Settings Tires Rear adjuster settings are counted from one with position one being with the adjuster turned fully counter-clockwise. There are five adjuster positions in total. Position one gives the minimum amount of spring pre-load. Loading Rear Adjuster Condition...
  • Page 78: Tire Inflation Pressures

    Check tire pressures daily and adjust if tread depth specified in the table below: necessary (see Specification section for correct inflation pressures). Alternatively, ask your authorized Triumph dealer to inspect Under 80 mph 0.08 in (2 mm) your wheels and tires.
  • Page 79: Tire Replacement

    It is essential that approved tires, Triumph dealer to inspect the tire both fitted in approved combinations, are used internally and externally. Remember, tire when purchasing replacement items. The use...
  • Page 80 Warning When replacement tires are required, Tires that have been used on a rolling road consult your authorized Triumph dealer dynamometer may become damaged. In who will arrange for the tires to be some cases, the damage may not be visible selected, in a correct combination, from the on the external surface of the tire.
  • Page 81: Battery

    Maintenance and Adjustment Battery Battery Disposal Warning Under some circumstances, the battery can give off explosive gases; keep sparks, flames cigarettes away. Provide adequate ventilation when charging or using the battery in an enclosed space. battery contains sulphuric acid (battery acid). Contact with skin or eyes may cause severe burns.
  • Page 82: Battery Removal

    Maintenance and Adjustment Battery Removal • Ease the cover outwards from the motorcycle releasing a stud, located at the rear of the cover, from its grommet. • Remove the fastener from the battery cover strap. • Detach the strap from its lower hinge and remove the battery cover.
  • Page 83: Battery Maintenance

    Maintenance and Adjustment Battery Maintenance of battery discharge. Disconnecting the battery from the motorcycle during storage Clean the battery using a clean, dry cloth. Be will reduce the rate of discharge. sure that the cable connections are clean. Battery Discharge During Storage and Infrequent Use of the Warning Motorcycle...
  • Page 84: Battery Charging

    Maintenance and Adjustment Battery Charging Should the battery Voltage fall below 12.7 Volts, the battery should be charged For help with selecting a battery charger, using a Triumph approved battery charger. checking the battery Voltage or battery Always remove battery...
  • Page 85: Battery Installation

    Maintenance and Adjustment Battery Installation • Assemble the airbox cover and finisher, tightening all fasteners to • Ensure the Engine Control Module 26.5 lbf in (3 Nm). Ensure the (ECM) and its rubber cover are airbox cover stud is correctly located. correctly located behind the battery.
  • Page 86: Fuse Replacement

    Maintenance and Adjustment Fuse Replacement A blown fuse is indicated when all of the systems protected by that fuse become If a fuse fails during operation, inspect the inoperative. When checking for a blown fuse, electrical system to determine the cause, and use the table below to establish which fuse then replace it with a new fuse of the same has blown.
  • Page 87: Headlight

    Maintenance and Adjustment Headlight Headlight Adjustment • Horizontal adjustment headlight beam is controlled by the Warning position of the bracket on which the headlight is mounted. To adjust the Adjust road speed to suit the visibility and horizontal position of the headlight, weather conditions in which the motorcycle loosen the bracket retaining bolt and is being operated.
  • Page 88: Headlight/position Light Bulb Replacement

    Maintenance and Adjustment Headlight/Position Light Bulb • Installation is the reversal of removal. Replacement T908049 cebs 1. Wire retainer 2. Headlight bulb 1. Headlight rim screws 3. Position light 2. Headlight bowl • Disconnect the battery, negative (black) lead first. Warning •...
  • Page 89: Brake/tail And License Plate Light

    Maintenance and Adjustment Brake/Tail and License Plate Turn Signal Lights Light T908051USA T908050USA 1. Turn signal lens 2. Bulb 1. Brake/tail light lens screws 2. Bulb Bulb Replacement Bulb Replacement • The lens on each turn signal light is held in place by screws. •...
  • Page 90: Cleaning

    Maintenance and Adjustment Cleaning dust, which may then scratch painted or polished surfaces, if the same sponges or Frequent, regular cleaning is an essential part cleaning cloths are used. of the maintenance of your motorcycle. If regularly cleaned, the appearance will be Where to be Careful preserved for many years.
  • Page 91: After Washing

    Maintenance and Adjustment After Washing Cleaning of Exhaust System • Remove the rubber bands, plastic All parts of the exhaust system of your bags and tape, and clear the air motorcycle must be cleaned regularly to intakes. avoid a deterioration of its appearance. •...
  • Page 92: Accessory Windshield Cleaning

    Maintenance and Adjustment If the transparency of the windshield is reduced by scratches or oxidation which Caution cannot be removed, the windshield must be replaced. The use of products containing silicone will cause discoloration of the chrome and must not be used. Similarly, the use of Warning abrasive cleaners and polishes will damage the system and must not be used.
  • Page 93: Storage

    Storage STORAGE Preparation for Storage unpainted metal surfaces to prevent rusting. Prevent oil from getting on rubber parts, Clean the entire vehicle thoroughly. brake discs or in the brake calipers. Fill the fuel tank with the correct grade of Lubricate and if necessary adjust the drive unleaded fuel and add a fuel stabilizer (if chain (see page 67).
  • Page 94 Storage This page intentionally left blank...
  • Page 95: Specifications

    Specifications SPECIFICATIONS America Speedmaster Performance Maximum Power ....60.2 hp (61 PS) 60.2 hp (61 PS) @ 6,800 rpm @ 6,800 rpm Maximum Torque ....
  • Page 96 Specifications America Speedmaster Engine Type ......Air cooled parallel twin Air cooled parallel twin cylinder 270°...
  • Page 97 Specifications All Models Fuel System Type ....... . . Sequential electronic fuel injection Fuel Pump .
  • Page 98 Specifications America Speedmaster Transmission Transmission Type ....5 Speed, Constant 5 Speed, Constant Mesh Mesh Clutch Type ..... . .
  • Page 99 Specifications America Speedmaster Tire Tire Pressures (Cold) Front ......36 lb/in (2.50 bar) 36 lb/in (2.50 bar)
  • Page 100 Specifications All Models Electrical Equipment Battery ....... 12V 10 Ah Alternator.
  • Page 101 Inspection ..... . 68 Removal - America and Speedmaster 82 Brake/Tail Light..... 89 Bulb Replacement .
  • Page 102 Index Gears Safe Operation ..... 37 Moving Off/Shifting Gears ..42 Safety First ......5 Fuel and Exhaust Fumes .
  • Page 103 Tire Wear ..... . 78 America and Speedmaster ..11 Turn Signals Lights ....89 Warning Lights.
  • Page 104 Index This page intentionally left blank...

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