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¡Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use.
¡Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung vor der Verwendung dieses Produktes aufmerksam durch und bewahren Sie sie danach
für spätere Nachschlagzwecke sorgfältig auf.
¡Prière de lire ces instructions attentivement avant d'utiliser le produit et garder ce manuel pour l'utilisation ultérieure.
¡Leest u deze instructie alstublieft zorgvuldig door voor u dit product in gebruik neemt en bewaar deze handleiding voor later gebruik.
¡Läs igenom denna bruksanvisning noga innan produkten tas i bruk. Spara bruksanvisningen för framtida behov.
¡Si prega di leggere attentamente queste istruzioni prima di usare questo prodotto e di conservare questo manuale per usi futuri.
¡Lea con atención estas instrucciones antes de utilizar el producto y guarde este manual para poderlo consultar en el futuro.
Cassette Player/Receiver with Changer Control

Operating Instructions

Manuel d'instructions
Manuel d'instructions
Manuale di istruzioni
Manuale di istruzioni
Manual de Instrucciones
Manual de Instrucciones


   Summary of Contents for Panasonic CQ-FX321N

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Cassette Player/Receiver with Changer Control CQ-FX421/FX321N CQ-FX421N OPEN CASSETTE PLAYER/RECEIVER WITH CHANGER CONTROL BAND TUNE TRACK SOURCE Operating Instructions RANDOM SCAN DISP B·S SUB·W Bedienungsanleitung Bedienungsanleitung Manuel d’instructions Manuel d’instructions Gebruiksaanwijzing Gebruiksaanwijzing Bruksanvisning Bruksanvisning Manuale di istruzioni Manuale di istruzioni Manual de Instrucciones Manual de Instrucciones ¡Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Page Contents Precautions (ISO Connector)....... 4 Precautions ........... 6 Remote Control Unit Preparation....7 Power and Sound Controls......8 Radio Basics ..........10 RDS (Radio Data System) ......12 Seite Inhaltsverzeichnis Vorsichtsmaßnahmen (ISO-Stecker)... 4 Vorsichtsmaßnahmen ........28 Vorbereitung der Fernbedienung ....29 Stromversorgung und Klangregler .....

  • Page 3

    Clock Set ............15 Speaker Connections ........26 Cassette Tape Player Basics ....... 16 Fuse ............... 26 CD Changer Basics ........18 Maintenance ..........26 Installation............. 20 Specifications ..........27 Anti-Theft System ......... 23 Electrical Connections ......... 24 Uhrzeit (CT) ........... 37 Elektrischer Anschluß...

  • Page 4: Precautions (iso Connector)

    Precautions (ISO Connector) ¡The pin arrangement of the power connector conforms to ¡For car types A and B, change the wiring of the red and yel- ISO standard. low leads as shown at right. ¡The pin arrangement of ISO connectors in some cars may ¡After connection, insulate the portions marked (C) with differ from the ISO standard.

  • Page 5

    Standard ISO (Red) (Red) (Rot) (Rot) ¡IGN or ACC (Rouge) (Rouge) switched 12V supply (Rood) (Rood) ¡Zündschalter (Röd) (Röd) (ACC/IGN) (Rosso) (Rosso) ¡Sélecteur ACC/IGN (Rojo) (Rojo) ¡ACC/IGN schakelaar ¡tändningsomkopplare ¡Interruttore ACC/IGN ¡Llave ACC/IGN BATTERY 15A (Yellow) (Yellow) ¡+12 V Battery (Gelb) (Gelb) (Permanent supply)

  • Page 6: Precautions

    Note: The preset memory is cleared to return to the original factory setting when the power connector or battery is disconnected. Note: This operating instruction manual is for two models CQ-FX421N and CQ-FX321N. The differences between these models are mentioned below. All illustrations throughout this manual repre- sent model CQ-FX421N unless otherwise specified.

  • Page 7: Remote Control Unit Preparation

    Remote Control Unit Preparation (CQ-FX421N: Supplied / CQ-FX321N: Option) Battery Installation q Remove the battery holder. (Back side) Take hold of the holder at position B and pull it out Lithium battery by pushing position A in the direction shown by the arrow.

  • Page 8: Power And Sound Controls

    Power and Sound Controls Power Turn the key in the ignition until the accessory Anti-Volume-Blast indicator lights. Circuit Power on : Press [SOURCE] (PWR). When the power is switched Power off : Press [SOURCE] (PWR) again off and on again, the volume and hold.

  • Page 9

    Loudness S•HDB LOUD (Super High Definition Bass) (Only for CQ-FX321N) (Only for CQ-FX421N) Press and hold [LOUD] for more than 2 seconds to enhance bass and treble tones at low or medium vol- Especially for music, the bass-sound will be more powerful.

  • Page 10: Radio Basics

    Radio Basics Mode Selection (SOURCE) Press [SOURCE] to change to the radio mode. Radio Cassette Tape Player (When a tape is inserted) CD changer control (When a CD changer is connected) Band Press [BAND] to change the bands. Band AM (LW/MW) FM stereo indicator CQ-FX421N OPEN...

  • Page 11

    Preset Station Setting Caution: To ensure safety, never attempt to preset stations while you are driving. Up to 6 stations each can be saved in the FM1, FM2, FM3 and AM (LW/MW) preset station memories. Band Press [BAND] to select a desired band. Page 10) CQ-FX421N OPEN...

  • Page 12: Rds (radio Data System)

    RDS (Radio Data System) RDS Basics The following functions are available when receiving RDS stations. PS Display CT Service (Program Service name) (Clock Time) (Alternative Frequency list) The name of station is displayed When receiving an RDS station, the When reception is poor, an RDS sta- instead of the frequency.

  • Page 13

    Traffic Announcements Some RDS FM stations periodically provide traffic information. (Traffic Program identification) (Traffic Announcements identification) Broadcasting of traffic information Radio announcements on traffic condi- tions TA Mode TA on Press [TA] to switch TA mode on and off. TAon TA off CQ-FX421N OPEN...

  • Page 14: Rds (radio Data Systeem)

    RDS (Radio Data System) (continued) PTY Reception (Program Type) RDS FM stations provide a program type identification signal. Example: news, rock, classical music, etc. PTY Mode Press [PTY] to switch PTY display mode on or off. PTY on When there is no corresponding program PTY off type, “NO PTY”...

  • Page 15: Clock Set

    Clock Set When RDS CT service is not available, set the clock as follows. PTY Type Preset BAND Program types are stored in memory under preset buttons [1] to [6] as shown in the table below. To tune in the desired program type, press any of preset but- CQ-FX421N tons [1] to [6].

  • Page 16: Cassette Tape Player Basics

    Cassette Tape Player Basics Tape Insert and Playback Listening to a Cassette Tape Open q Open the front panel. w Insert a cassette tape. Mode Selection e Close the front panel manually. OPEN OPEN Play back will start automatically. Press [SOURCE] to change to Cassette tape play mode.

  • Page 17: Repeat Play

    Lights when a tape is in the deck CQ-FX421N OPEN BAND BAND TUNE TUNE TRACK TRACK SOURCE SOURCE S•HDB CASSETTE RECEIVER WITH CHANGER CONTROL RANDOM SCAN B·S B·S DISP SUB·W Metal Tape Mode Repeat Play ¡Press [6](REP) to repeat the current ¡...

  • Page 18: Cd Changer Basics

    CD Changer Basics Mode Selection Press [SOURCE] to change to the CD changer mode. Track Number Source Disc Number Playing Time Radio Cassette Tape Player CQ-FX421N OPEN (When a Tape is inserted) BAND TUNE TUNE CD changer control TRACK TRACK SOURCE SOURCE (When a CD changer is connected)

  • Page 19: Track Scan

    Note: The CD Changer functions are designed for an optional CD changer unit. Various Way of Listening CQ-FX421N OPEN BAND TUNE TRACK SOURCE S•HDB CASSETTE RECEIVER WITH CHANGER CONTROL RANDOM SCAN B·S B·S DISP SUB·W Track Random ¡Press [4] (RANDOM). All tracks on all discs in the magazine are played in random order.

  • Page 20: Installation

    This product should be installed by a professional installer, if pos- sible. In case of difficulty, please consult your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center. 1. This system is to be used only in a 12-volt, DC battery system (car) with negative ground.

  • Page 21

    Supplied Hardware ¡When bending the mounting tab of the mount- Item Diagram Q’ty ing collar with a screwdriver, be careful not to injure your hands and fingers. Mounting Collar Insert Mounting Collar q into Mounting Bolt (5 mmø) the dashboard, and bend the mounting tabs out with a screw- driver.

  • Page 22

    Installation (continued) To Remove the Unit Open Contact Remove the removable w Push q Open face plate. (a) Open the face plate. OPEN OPEN (b) Push the face plate to either the right e Pull out or left, then pull it out toward you.

  • Page 23: Anti-theft System

    Anti-Theft System This unit is equipped with a removable face plate. Removing this face plate makes the radio totally inoperable. r Removable Face Plate Case Place Removable Face Plate into Case q Switch off the power of the unit. w Remove the removable face plate. Page 22) e Gently press the bottom of the case and open the cover.

  • Page 24: Electrical Connections

    Electrical Connections Cable Wiring Diagram Example : Connection with CD changer CX-DP88N (Option). CD Changer Ground Lead CX-DP88N To a clean, bare metallic part of the car chassis Extension Cord (DIN/BATT/RCA/GND) (Black) Battery Lead To the car battery, continuous +12V DC (Yellow) Fuse (3A) Changer Control DIN Cord...

  • Page 25

    Note: The telephone mute lead is only for connection to the radio mute lead. Output other than telephone will not be muted Navi Mute Lead (**) To the Navi Mute lead of the Panasonic car navigation system. * Telephone Mute The sound from the speakers cannot be heard while the tele- phone conversation is in progress.

  • Page 26: Speaker Connections

    Use fuses of the same specified rating (15 A). Using different substitutes or fuses with higher ratings, or connecting the unit directly without a fuse, could cause fire or damage to the unit. If the fuse replacement fails, contact your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center. Maintenance Your product is designed and manufactured to ensure the minimum of maintenance.

  • Page 27: Specifications

    Specifications General FM Stereo Radio Power Supply : DC 12 V (11 V - 16 V), Test Frequency Range : 87.5 - 108 MHz Voltage 14.4 V, Negative Usable Sensitivity : 6 dB/µV(S/N 30 dB) Ground Stereo Separation : 35 dB (at 1 kHz) Tone Controls : Bass;...

  • Page 28: Vorsichtsma├čnahmen

    Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Central P.O. Box 288, Osaka 542-8588, Japan P.T. National Gobel JI.Raya Jakarta-Bogor Km.29 P.O.BOX 6000, Jakarta 13710 INDONESIA YEFM283652 NAB0201-0 Printed in Indonesia...

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