Panasonic CQ-FX721N Operating Instructions Manual

Cassette player/receiver with dot matrix lcd and cd changer control
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Cassette Player/Receiver with Dot Matrix LCD and CD Changer Control
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¡Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and keep this manual for future reference.
¡Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung vor der Verwendung dieses Produktes aufmerksam durch und bewahren Sie sie danach
für spätere Nachschlagzwecke sorgfältig auf.
¡Prière de lire ces instructions attentivement avant d'utiliser le produit et garder ce manuel pour l'utilisation ultérieure.
¡Leest u deze instructie alstublieft zorgvuldig door voor u dit product in gebruik neemt en bewaar deze handleiding voor later gebruik.
¡Läs igenom denna bruksanvisning noga innan produkten tas i bruk. Spara bruksanvisningen för framtida behov.
¡Si prega di leggere attentamente queste istruzioni prima di usare questo prodotto e di conservare questo manuale per usi futuri.
¡Lea con atención estas instrucciones antes de utilizar el producto y guarde este manual para poderlo consultar en el futuro.

Operating Instructions

Manuel d'instructions
Manuel d'instructions
Manuale di istruzioni
Manuale di istruzioni
Manual de Instrucciones
Manual de Instrucciones



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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Cassette Player/Receiver with Dot Matrix LCD and CD Changer Control CQ-FX721N CQ-FX721N REMOTE SET/AUTO·P OPEN BAND DISP CH·C P-SET TUNE MENU Operating Instructions TRACK SOURCE DISC S·HDB MUTE EON PTY CT Bedienungsanleitung Bedienungsanleitung Manuel d’instructions Manuel d’instructions Gebruiksaanwijzing Gebruiksaanwijzing Bruksanvisning...
  • Page 2 Ricezione RDS (Radio Data System) ..122 Pag. Indice Precauciones (conector ISO)..... Precauciones ..........138 Preparativos del controlador remoto..139 Alimentación y controles del sonido ..140 Operación básica de la radio..... 142 Recepción RDS (sistema de datos radiofónicos) ... 144 CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Conexiones de los altavoces..... 158 Operación básica del reproductor de casetes. 148 Fusible ............158 Conocimientos básicos del cambiador Mantenimiento ..........158 de discos de CD ........150 Especificaciones......... 159 Instalación ..........152 Sistema antirrobo ........155 Conexiones eléctricas........ 156 CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Panasonic welcomes you to their constantly growing family of electronic products owners. We endeavor to give you the advantages of precise electronic and mechanical engineering, manufactured with carefully selected components, and assembled by people who are proud of the reputation their work has built for our company.
  • Page 5: Remote Control Preparation

    Battery Notes Remove and dispose of an old battery immediately. Battery Information: ¡Battery Type: Panasonic lithium battery (CR2025) (Included) ¡Battery Life: Approximately 6 months under normal use (at room temperature) Caution: Improper use of batteries may cause overheating, an explosion or ignition, resulting in injury or a fire.
  • Page 6: General

    24) Auxiliary : No sound : Decrease the volume to (When DAB tuner is connected (When AUX-IN setting is set to for DAB control, please refer page 24) 1/10 of previous level. to the attached Operation Guide for CY-DAB2000N) CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 7: Display Change

    Press [DISP] again to cancel. When Power is OFF (when ACC Selection is set to ON) Press [DISP] . Display OFF Clock Display (Back light is on) (Back light is off) Note : See page 24 about ACC Selection setting. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 8: Radio Mode

    LOCAL OFF: Relatively weak stations are picked up. Notes: ¡If no keys have been pressed for more than 15 seconds, the display returns to the previous one after changing to the menu display. ¡Press [DISP] to return to the regular mode. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 9: Manual Preset

    Select a band (step q , w on the previous page) Press [P·SET}] or [P·SET{] / [}] or [{] to select the preset number Preset Station for tuning in the preset station. Calling Entering numbers directly from the remote control Press [1] to [6] on the remote control. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 10 Traffic Program (TP) Some RDS FM stations periodically provide traffic infor- mation. The program which broadcast the traffic information is called Traffic Program (TP). Traffic Announcement (TA) Radio announcements on traffic conditions. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 11 (Menu) If Best Station does not work properly and reception is poor when tuning in a preset station, press the same preset number button again. PI Seek will search an AF station with good reception. (Select) [BAND] (Set) (Select) CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 12 When set to TA ON with the unit in another mode (Cassette tape, CD changer, etc.) it will automatically switch to radio mode and output the traffic information. When the traffic information has finished, the unit will return to the pre- vious mode. [BAND] (TP Seek tuning) (TP auto preset memory) CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 13 Press [MENU] / [SEL] to display the DISPLAY LANGUAGE menu and press [BAND]. (PTY select) (Select) w Press [P·SET}] or [P·SET{] / [}] or [{] to select the PTY display language, and press [BAND]. (PTY select) [BAND] (PTY search/Set) (Select) CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 14 Preset buttons for more than 2 seconds to memorize. [BAND] (Preset PTY search) Preset Number Program Type * On the remote control, press and hold the preset (PTY preset call /change) buttons for more than 2 seconds. (PTY preset call/change) CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 15 EON also keeps track of locally available TP stations for quick reception. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 16: Fast Forward And Rewind

    ¡To avoid damaging the front panel, do not push it down or place objects on it while it is open. ¡ Do not pinch your finger or hand in the front panel. Do not insert foreign matter into the cassette slot. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 17: Repeat Play

    * Operation after this are the same as the opera- tions described above. Search (TPS) : Cancel : Repeat the current selection. Select Repeat Play : Cancel : Skip unrecorded portions longer than 15 seconds Select on the tape Blank Skip • SKIP : Cancel CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 18: Cd Changer Control

    CD Changer Control CD changer functions are designed for optional Panasonic CD changer unit. Connect the CD changer, and load a magazine. When the unit is connected with a CD text recognizable CD changer (CX-DP9061EN, for example), CD text can appear on the display.
  • Page 19: Random Play

    Press [4] (Random) / [5] (Scan) / [6] (Repeat) on the remote control. Press again to cancel. Press and hold [4] (Disc Random) / [5] (Disc Scan) / [6] (Disc Repeat) for more than 2 seconds on the remote control. Press and hold again for more than 2 seconds to cancel. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 20: Bass And Treble

    Press [P·SET}] or FUNCTION [P·SET{] / [}] or [{] to select. SUB WOOFER Sub-Woofer Low Pass Filter Press [BAND] to set. Select the upper limit frequency of the sound from Sub-woofer Default : 120Hz Frequency : 80Hz or 120Hz CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 21 [TUNE]] / []] : Decrease e Press [BAND] to set. q [P·SET}] / [}] or [P·SET{] / [{] : Select "LPF" w [TUNE]] / []] : No more than 80Hz [TUNE[] / [[] : No more than 120Hz e Press [BAND] to set. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 22: Spectrum Analyzer

    [P·SET{] / [}] or [{] When receiving an RDS station, the clock time to select. (CT) service automatically adjusts the time. page 10) If CT service is not available, CLOCK ADJ adjust the clock. Press [BAND] to set. Default : Not adjusted. “0:00” CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 23 Hour / Minute Switch [TUNE]] / []] : The hour display [TUNE[] / [[] : The minute display Hour / Minute Adjustment [P·SET}] / [}] : Put forward hour/minute. [P·SET{] / [{] : Put back hour/minute. Press [BAND] to set. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 24 S·LED Default : ON ACC Selection Press [P·SET}] or [P·SET{] / [}] or [{] If your car has ACC, turn it ON. Otherwise, to select. turn it off. Default : OFF CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 25 CD magazine to a CD changer. : ACC provided ¡The clock is displayed even while the power is off. : ACC not provided ¡The demonstration is displayed when the power is turned on by pressing and holding [SOURCE] for 4 seconds. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 26: Installation

    This product should be installed by a professional installer, if possible. wMounting Bolt In case of difficulty, please consult your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center. qMounting Collar 1. This system is to be used only in a 12-volt, DC battery system (car) with negative ground.
  • Page 27 (a) or (b) shown on the previous page. Insert Trim Plate t. After installation reconnect the nega- tive (–) battery terminal. Make sure that the lock lever ( C ) is flush with the mounting collar (not projecting outward). Lock Lever CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 28 Push SOURCE Remove the Trim Plate t with a screwdriver. t Trim Plate Screwdriver Pull out the unit while pushing down the lock Lock Lever lever with a screwdriver. Remove the unit pulling with both hands. Screwdriver Lock Lever CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 29: Anti-Theft System

    ¡Do not touch the contacts on the face plate or on the main unit, since this may result in poor electrical contacts. ¡If dirt or other foreign substances get on the contacts, wipe them off with clean and dry cloth. ¡To avoid damaging the front panel, do not push it down or place objects on it while it is open. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 30: Electrical Connections

    +12 V Battery (Permanent supply) (Red) (Yellow) BATTERY 15A (Yellow) (Red) A4 : IGN or ACC switched 12V supply Car Type B A7 : +12 V Battery (Permanent supply) (Red) (Red) BATTERY 15A (Yellow) (Yellow) A4 : No connection CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 31 B2 : Rear Right – B1 (Violet ) C1 : External Mute Lead B2 (Violet w/black stripe) (Orange) To the Navi Mute lead of the Panasonic car navigation system. Orange C2 : Dual CD Changer Control Lead (Brown w/white stripe)
  • Page 32 ¡This unit can be connected to an optional CD changer (CX-DP9061/DP9060EN, CX-DP88N, CX-DP801/DP803EN or CX-DP601EN) and optional extension cord. ¡For details consult your nearest authorized Panasonic Dealer. ¡For connection to a CD changer, refer to the operating instructions of the CD changer (CX-DP9061/DP9060EN, CX- DP88N, CX-DP801/DP803EN or CX-DP601EN).
  • Page 33 DIN Cord (L) (White) To the car battery, continuous +12 V (Supplied to CY-DAB2000N) CH.C-IN (R) (Red) Panasonic Panasonic Power Connector 4 Channel Power CQ-FX721N Amplifier CY-M9054EN RCA Cord (R) (Red) (Option) REAR (L) (White) Sub-Woofer (R) (Red) RCA Cord (Option)
  • Page 34 CA-CD55EN) (Red) (White) CA-CD55EN) (L)(White) CD·C-1 (R)(Red) CD·C-2 (R)(Red) CA-CD55EN TWIN CD·C-CONT CQ-FX721N Dual Changer Control Lead (Brown w/white stripe) (Red) (White) Power Connector Battery Lead (Yellow) To the car battery, con- tinuous +12 V DC Power Connector BATTERY 3A...
  • Page 35: Speaker Connections

    Chassis Chassis ¡Never connect the speaker cord to ¡Do not use a 3-wire type speaker ¡Do not connect more than one the body of the car. system having a common earth speaker to one set of speaker lead. leads. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 36 Use fuses of the same specified rating (15 A). Using different substitutes or fuses with higher ratings, or connecting the unit directly without a fuse, could cause fire or damage to the unit. If the replacement fuse fails, contact your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center. Maintenance Your product is designed and manufactured to ensure the minimum of maintenance.
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    Grounding wire is not correctly connected. aConnect the grounding wire to a metal part of your car. Fuse is burnt. aCall the store where you purchased the unit, or your nearest Panasonic Service Center and ask for fuse replacement. Mute is set to ON.
  • Page 38: Cassette Tape

    Blank tape is inserted into the unit. No sound aInsert recorded tape into the unit. Tape running mechanism is dirty or out of order. Wow and flutter is very aClean tape running mechanism, or repair it. (Ask a service representative high. for advice.) CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 39: Sound Setting

    REMOTE (sensor) on the panel. Product Service If the suggestions in the charts do not solve the problem, we recommend that you take it to your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center. The product should be serviced only by a qualified technician. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 40: Error Display Messages

    If failure persists, press the reset switch. If nor- mal operation is not restored, call the store where you purchased the unit or the nearest Panasonic Service Center to ask for repairs. The display continues if the power is not turned off automatically.
  • Page 41: Specifications

    62 dB (Dolby B NR on) Note: Specifications and design are subject to modification without notice due to improvements. Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. “DOLBY” and the double-D symbol B are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. CQ-FX721N...
  • Page 42 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Central P.O. Box 288, Osaka 542-8588, Japan YEFM283651 D0301-0 Printed in China...