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Miele SAB 100 Accu Nova Operating Instructions Manual page 3

Battery-operated brush
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Do not let the battery-operated
brush, the battery or the charger
get wet. Clean only with a dry cloth, or
a slightly damp cloth to avoid any
moisture getting into the appliance,
which could lead to the danger of an
electric shock.
Keep the battery away from metal
components to avoid the risk of a
short circuit occurring.
Repairs may only be carried out by
a suitably qualified and competent
person in strict accordance with current
national and local safety regulations.
Repairs and other work by unqualified
persons could be dangerous. The
manufacturer cannot be held liable for
unauthorised work.
Ensure current is not supplied to the
appliance until after maintenance or
repair work has been carried out.
Safety with children
This appliance is not a toy! To
avoid the risk of injury do not let
children play with the vacuum cleaner
or with the battery-operated brush and
their controls. Supervise use by older
children and the elderly or infirm.
Never touch the roller brush while it
is rotating. Danger of injury.
Do not use the battery-operated
brush near curtains, clothing etc,
as these could be vacuumed in and
become entangled in the roller.
Do not vacuum up items which are
heavy, hard or have sharp edges.
Warning and Safety instructions
They could block the battery-operated
brush and the vacuum cleaner, and
cause damage.
extinguished. The battery-operated
brush and the vacuum cleaner might
catch fire.
do not vacuum in areas where such
substances are stored. Danger of
cause major faults and seriously impair
the functioning and electrical safety of
the vacuum cleaner and the battery-
operated brush. Wait until any freshly
cleaned or shampooed carpets or floor
coverings are completely dry before
attempting to vacuum.
Disposing of old appliances
at a recycling centre.
operated brush and the battery charger.
The manufacturer cannot be held
liable for damage caused by
non-compliance with these Warning
and Safety instructions.
Do not vacuum up ashes or coal,
whether glowing or apparently
Do not vacuum up any inflammable
or combustible liquids or gases and
Do not vacuum up any water, liquid
or damp dirt. Doing so would
When disposing of an old battery-
operated brush, first make it
Remove the battery, and dispose
of it in a responsible manner, e.g.
Make appropriate arrangements for
the safe disposal of the battery-



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