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Fitness Quest Edge 491pr Owner's Manual

Programmable recumbent exercise bike.
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Dedication to Quality
Fitness Quest warrants this product to be free from all
defects in material and workmanship when used
according to the manufacturer's instructions.
See Limited Warranty & Service for details.
If you have any comments or questions contact our
Customer Service Department, toll free at 1-800-321-9236,
Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time.
Please record the following information and keep for reference.
Serial #: ___________________
Date Of Purchase: ___________
Save your sales receipt.
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©2002 Fitness Quest® Inc. All rights reserved.
Edge™ is a trademark of Fitness Quest® Inc. Made in Taiwan.
No part of this booklet may be reproduced or utilized in any form, by any means, electronic,
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   Summary of Contents for Fitness Quest Edge 491pr

  • Page 1 (You may wish to staple it into this manual.) ©2002 Fitness Quest® Inc. All rights reserved. Edge™ is a trademark of Fitness Quest® Inc. Made in Taiwan. No part of this booklet may be reproduced or utilized in any form, by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without the express written consent of the copyright holder.
  • Page 2 Model 491pr Programmable Recumbent Exercise Bike...
  • Page 3 Be sure to read through this Owner’s Manual carefully. It is the authoritative source of information about your Edge 491pr Recumbent Bike. Retain this manual for future reference.
  • Page 4: Parts View

    FIGURE 10...
  • Page 5: Parts List

    COMPUTER INSTRUCTIONS (cont.) DIRECTIONS 1. Press START/PAUSE for 2 seconds to clear monitor. 2. Press to select desired program. Press ENTER. 3. Press to set desired time. 4. Enter AGE if program 11 or 12 was selected. 5. Press START and begin riding. 6.
  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this machine CAUTION: Exercise of a strenuous nature, as is customarily done on this equipment, should not be undertaken without first consulting a physician. No specific health claims are made or implied as they relate to the equipment. 1.
  • Page 7: Parts Identification

    Comments or Questions? Dear Customer, Congratulations on your purchase of the Edge 491PR Recumbent Bike. We're sure that you will be completely satisfied with the product and we invite your comments so that we can hear about your success. Please write or call our Customer Service Specialists at the address or phone number listed below, or contact us on our web site, with any comments or questions you may have.
  • Page 8: Graphic Lcd Display Discription And Function

    COMPUTER INSTRUCTIONS (cont.) Graphic LCD Display Discription and Function (small window) TIME: Press the MODE button until the arrow points to the TIME function. If the TIME is not set, it will count up in one- second intervals up to 99.59. To set the desired time: STEP 1 Press the ENTER button to enter the TIME setting function.
  • Page 9: Fitness Test

    COMPUTER INSTRUCTIONS (cont.) PROGRAM GRAPHICS PROGRAM 1 MANUAL PROGRAM 2 ROLLING PROGRAM 3 VALLEY PROGRAM 43 FAT BURN Operating Instructions STEP 1 Press START/ STOP key 2 seconds to clear out previous program . STEP 2 Press the "UP" or "DOWN" buttons to choose the desired Heart rate program ( program 11 or 12). STEP 3 Press ENTER for TIME mode.
  • Page 10: Assembly

    We recommend that you protect flooring, or anything else the parts may contact, with newspaper or cloth. ASSEMBLY - Foot Tube PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ASSEMBLING. FIGURE 1 Step 1. Remove the two M8 x 1.25 x 60 CAR- RIAGE BOLTS (1), M8 WASHERS (4) and M8 x 1.25 CAP NUTS (5) from the FRONT FOOT TUBE (2).
  • Page 11: Support Tube 4

    ASSEMBLY - Seat Frame FIGURE 3 Step 5. Remove BUTTON HEAD SCREW (24) and M8 WASHER (4) from end of CARRIAGE TUBE (23). Step 6. Push LOCKING ARM up, insert CARRIAGE TUBE (23) through SEAT CARRIAGE (19) and release LOCKING ARM. This will hold CARRIAGE TUBE in place. Step 7.
  • Page 12 COMPUTER INSTRUCTIONS (cont.) Buttons and Definitions MODE: This button selects functions of TIME, SPEED, DISTANCE, CALORIES, AGE, TARGET HEART RATE, and PULSE. ENTER: This button allows users to set the chosen mode for exercising. (During the STOP mode, press the enter button to enter the TIME or AGE setting. START/STOP: This button allows the user to STOP or START exercising.
  • Page 13: Functions And Features

    COMPUTER INSTRUCTIONS INTRODUCTION Your bike is equipped with a programmable computer to help you track your progress and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. This computer provides different programs designed to tailor to your fitness goals. Simply choose the program you like, set the time limit and begin exercising - your monitor will then show your pulse, approximate calories burned, elapsed time, speed and distance traveled.
  • Page 14: Assembly - Handlebar

    ASSEMBLY - Seat FIGURE 4 Step 10. Attach SEAT CUSHION (25) to SEAT CARRIAGE (19) with PHILLIPS HEAD SCREWS (27) and M6 WASHERS (28). Step 11. Attach BACK CUSHION (26) to one of "four" positions with PHILLIPS HEAD SCREWS (27) and M6 WASHERS (28).
  • Page 15: Assembly - Pedals

    ASSEMBLY - Pedals FIGURE 6 Step 13. Thread SHAFTS of PEDALS (34 RIGHT and 35 LEFT) into CRANK (36) and tighten with wrench. Step 14. Select desired slot and attach PEDAL STRAPS (37) to PEDALS (34 & 35). ASSEMBLY - Console Tube EXTENSION WIRE BUTTON...
  • Page 16: Working Out

    WARMING UP The greatest improvements are achieved when muscles are warm. Stretches should be slow, steady, and held for 15 to 30 seconds, then gradually release back to the starting position. Stretch to a point where tension is felt, not pain. Never bounce or jerk while stretching. The most important feature of balanced fitness is to be consistent.
  • Page 17 HEART RATE TARGET ZONE FOR CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS Heart Rate (Beats/Min) Exercise Warm Up Week Period 1 & 2 3 & 4 5 & 6 7 & 8 9 & 10 11 & 12 TABLE 1 AGE (YRS) TABLE 2 THR% Cool Down Minutes Period...
  • Page 18: Console & Handlebar

    ASSEMBLY - Console & Handlebar FIGURE 8 Step 18. Remove BATTERY DOOR of CONSOLE (40) and insert four "C" SIZE BATTERIES and replace BATTERY DOOR. NOTE: DO NOT use rechargeable bat- teries. Using rechargeable batter- ies will cause a short circuit and destroy CONSOLE (40).
  • Page 19: How To Begin

    HOW TO BEGIN WARNING: Prior to undertaking any exercise, or program of exercise that requires a major in- crease in physical activity, consultation with a competent medical authority is strongly recommended. In addition, anyone who has a physical handicap, who suffers from a prolonged illness, or who has increased risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, cardiocirculatory problems, etc., should consult a competent medical authority before undertaking any exercise, or engaging in a continuing program of exercise.
  • Page 20: Planning An Exercise Program

    PLANNING AN EXERCISE PROGRAM When and how much exercise to do. Probably the most important part of exercising, especially if exercise is new for you, is commitment, commitment, commitment! Maintaining a physically fit body does not require hours and hours of your time.

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  • Tony Apr 15, 2019 05:01:
    I need to speak to a live person
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    I need a phone number where I can speak to a representa​tive about my 491. Computer board not working after changing out batteries
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    Mine is giving me an E3 code. Anyone know that that is?
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    Please explain what code E-1 is and a solution
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    I have the same problem as Roger. 1-800-321-​9236 gives me garbage and is not Fitness Quest. Please give me a valid number to call where I can talk to a live person. Thank you.