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Setting The Mode Of This Recorder; Hdd Operation Mode; Mode Selection - Mitsubishi Electric DX-NV100E Installation And Operation Manual

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Setting the mode of this recorder

HDD operation mode

This recorder has 2 HDD operation modes as described
When you change the HDD operation mode, initializing
the HDD is required. After changing the HDD operation
mode, you cannot startup this recorder unless the HDD
is initialized. Note that when you initialize the HDD, the
already recorded data cannot be played any longer.
Spanning mode (factory default)
This mode regards and uses 2 built-in HDDs as 1 HDD. The
total data capacity of 2 HDDs is available.
When even one HDD fails, recording on the recorder
cannot be continued. You cannot play the data any
longer even when another HDD is normal.
Mirroring mode
This mode records the same data to 2 built-in HDDs
If one of the HDDs fail, by replacing the failed HDD, the data
stored in the other HDD is automatically copied to the newly
mounted HDD and the HDDs are restored to the original
condition before failure. (Data synchronization)
Synchronization of 500-GB data takes about 8 hours. This
time is approximate and given as a guide only, assuming that
this recorder performs no other operations during the data
synchronization. Therefore, a longer time is required for the
data synchronization when the recorder is in the playback or
recording mode.
When the data synchronization is interrupted by the operation
such as power-off, the recorder resumes the synchronization
after the power is restored.
When you replace the failed HDD in mirroring mode,
make sure to use an unused HDD. When you mount the
used HDD, the data synchronization may fail and the
data may be damaged.

Mode selection

Before you change the operation mode of this recorder
(mirroring or spanning mode), make sure to delete the
HDD management information according to the following
procedures. When you change the operation mode without
deleting the management information, the data may not be
recorded properly.
In addition, when you change the operation mode, the already
recorded data cannot be played any longer. Before changing
the operation mode, check carefully that the settings are
made correctly and there will be no problem if the data should
become unable to be played back.
It is recommended to make backups of the important data
before changing the operation mode.
Note that when you delete the management information,
the payback of the recorded data become disabled.
1 Press the POWER button on the front panel and
then turn OFF the MAIN switch on the rear of this
2 Open the front door and remove the screw.
3 Slide the front unit to the right and remove.
Do not disconnect the cable connected to the front unit.
4 Set the MODE rotary switch to 7.
• The mode is set using the MODE rotary switch inside
the front unit.
<Inside the front unit>
TEST button
MODE rotary switch