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For Important Recordings - Mitsubishi Electric DX-NV100E Installation And Operation Manual

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• Gently wipe dirt off the cabinet with a soft cloth.
• When dirt persists, clean it off using a cloth soaked in water-diluted neutral detergent and wrung well and then wipe dry.
• When using a chemical cleaning cloth, follow its instructions.
• Don't use solvent such as benzene and thinner. Otherwise the surface of the product may deteriorate or the coating may
come off.
Notes for constructing a surveillance system using this unit
• When constructing a surveillance system using this unit, you are recommended to check its operation by connecting or
combining it with other devices in advance.
• Don't use the alarm function of this unit for the purpose of making serious decisions or for applications involving human
• When you unplug the power cord or turn off the breaker during recording, the HDD may be broken or recorded data may
become unable to be played back.
• When the user or any third party uses external devices wrongly, or external devices are affected by electric noise or they
are damaged or repaired, the saved data may be lost. Mitsubishi doesn't take any responsibility for damages related to
such data loss.
• Don't use the function to control the powers of external devices using the bus power of this unit.
• External devices you want to use may not be suitable for the intended application of this unit. For details, you are
recommended to contact your Mitsubishi dealer.
• Don't disconnect the cables while this unit is running. Otherwise a failure may be caused.
• Be sure to perform test recording before starting the practical operation of this unit, and also check regularly that the
recording is performed correctly according to the settings during the practical operation.
• Mitsubishi doesn't compensate for data not recorded or not played back correctly because of a failure occurring in this unit
or connected devices during the use of this unit.
• As a preparation for unexpected breakdown or accident, you are recommended to make regular backups of important
recordings. Though digital signals don't deteriorate, playback or recording may become impossible because of aging
deterioration of discs depending on the storage conditions.
• This unit records data digitally. Therefore, exercise caution in recording video images protected by copyright.
• The supplied power cord is designed for this unit only. Don't use this cord for other products.
• It is recommended to confi rm with your network administrator about the network settings in advance.
• As this unit is operated through network, you may suffer from damage as follows.
(1) Leakage or drain of information through this unit.
(2) Unauthorized operation of this unit by malicious third parties.
(3) Disturbance or deactivation of this unit by malicious third parties.
To prevent damage listed above, take suffi cient network security measures on your own responsibility.

For important recordings

Supplied power cord