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Troubleshooting - Mitsubishi Electric DX-NV100E Installation And Operation Manual

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If problems with the unit persist even after you followed the suggestions below, please stop using the recorder, disconnect the
power cord and contact the retailer from whom you purchased the recorder.
The recorder does not turn
Power is on, but the
recorder does not work.
Recording does not start.
Recording does not stop.
Alarm recording does not
Cannot access the recorder
from the personal computer.
Data acquisition is
interrupted momentarily.
The buttons do not work.


Where to check
Is the power cord properly plugged in?
Check that the MAIN switch on the rear panel is not OFF.
Check that the POWER indicator is not blinking.
The recorder does not work while the POWER indicator is blinking.
The protection functions may be working.
Reset the recorder by pressing the RESET button on the rear panel
using a pointed object such as a ballpoint pen and then turn on the
power again.
Is the ALERT indicator illuminating while the POWER indicator is
Are both the SELF TEST and POWER indicators blinking?
If so, the HDD may not be identifi ed.
Are cameras to be recorded set correctly?
Check the illumination status of the IP-CAM indicator.
During normal recording or alarm recording, press and hold down
the REC/STOP button for 2 seconds or longer.
Are the alarm recording settings made correctly?
Are the external sensors and other devices connected correctly?
Is the personal computer connected to the recorder correctly?
Are the cables connected correctly?
Are proper cables being used?
Check that the IP address of the recorder and that of the personal
computer are different.
Is the recorder able to receive a ping command from the personal
Turn off the power of this recorder by the POWER button on the
front panel and the MAIN switch on the rear panel, and then turn it
on again.
Do not use broken hubs or routers or damaged network cables.
Otherwise, the system may not operate correctly.
Is the ALERT indicator blinking?
Is the heavy load imposed on the recorder?
The HDD may have a minor error.
Check that the POWER indicator is not blinking. The recorder does
not work while the POWER indicator is blinking.
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